The Arne Andersen Invitational

It's finally that time of year! The time all true red blooded American sports fans look forward to. The grandaddy of them all! Of course, I'm talking about the Arne Andersen Invitational!!!!

Now everyone wants to win the whole kit'n'caboodle... but some old farts do every year. The young (relative) bucks compete for the REAL championship... THE LONG DRIVE!

Now normally our very own Mustacheer, EP, runs away with this every year. However... this year, he's getting married or some other bullshit. That means... it's anybody's game!!!

So let's handicap the field...

30 - 1

Look, this guy isn't much of a golfer, but I think we all remember the kind of natural athlete he is. Need a reminder?

15 -1

East Coast Pete hasn't been on the course as much as he'd like, but he's dropped a few lb's and he's in the best shape of his 20's. The guys got a natural swing and has a shot at this.

 4 - 1

One of the best golfers you will ever see. Just ask him. 4 - 1 is a steal. You're taking the bookies money at these odds.

 100 - 1

I imagine he crumbles under the pressure and has about the same look on his face.

Travis Southard 17 - 1

If the odds were finding a way to get laid at the Arne Andersen Invitational he'd be the odds on favorite.

 20 - 1

Maybe he'll post something if he wins.

 55 - 1

He just turned 30. This is all he's got. He needs this. Unfortunately, I saw his wife outdrive him on some par threes a few weeks ago. OH SNAP!!! Just kidding. He kicked her ass.

 50 - 1

Remains to be seen if this dirty husky even knows how to swing a club.

 2 -3

The odds on favorite. I think he's a semi- pro or some shit.

His toughest competitors. Local favorites... The Fortune brothers

 3 - 1

He'll love these odds. Wouldn't surprise me if he bet on himself. Ego maniac. But god
damn it if he doesn't play a shit load of golf and hit the bejeezus out of the ball.

5 - 1

Here's where I'd throw my money. He's fired up. He has a goatee. He means business.

So there you have it... Who's gonna take it? You all have 100 dollars worth of Mustacheer bucks to place bets below. The winner can have their own post.

GOOD LUCK!!! And sorry you all couldn't play. Fuckin' losers.


EP said...

Enjoy gentlemen, and I mean really drink it in...Because next year I take back what is rightfully mine!!!!

EP said...

I also feel like I should be training someone for this. And then next year I take on whoever beats my student. It could be a mix of Karate Kid/Rocky IV/Dead Solid Perfect.

Mr. F said...

Yet you layed ZERO Mustacheer bucks down!?!?! C'mon Mustacheers!!!! I thought you'd get behind this!!!

Fortune said...

Ill put all 100 mustacheer bucks on rossolo. I would never bet against that guy. An underdog his whole life

Mark said...

Both Sean and Brian can attest that I am at least 20 yards longer than both of them, so I will put $1 million on myself.

Mr. F said...

Well you only get 100. SO I guess that's 100 on you. I'm putting 50 on Brian. 25 on Travis. And 25 on Chad.

Not that I can bet, but... that's where I'm laying the cash

Erik said...

I'm gonna go with:

$20 on B. Fortune.
$33 on S. Fortune.
$57 on R. Wanamaker.

Don't let me down champ.

Erik said...

Whoops. Looks like I tried to sneak in an extra $10. Ain't I a stinka.

Anyway, make it $47 on Ryan.

Pervitron 3000 said...

This is like horse racing to me. I have to go with the funniest and/or best name. That automatically means I'm putting $25 on each Wanamaker and $25 on each Fortune brother.

Those are some cool last names!

# 1 FORTUNE said...

I have never been more confident with a bet. I put all 100 on Matt Wanamaker with his 3 wood. FYI I did steal a brand new King Cobra from Desert Canyon a hit it a fuckin mile.

Adam said...

100 on East Coast Pete. But only if he wears that sweet vest.

Travman said...

99 stache bucks on Mike Miller, err, Dr T and the women: Ryan WMAKER and 1 buck on Chad. That way, if Chad wins I get 100 bucks but only $66 from Ryan if he wins. But I still feel like Im just throwing my money away betting on Chad.

Filthdawg said...

All the golfers in this long drive competition should be relieved that I am unable to play in the AAI because I would be outdriving everyone by such a great distance that my cart would probably run out of gas just to get to my ball (I'll credit S. Fortune with that last line.) That said, all my M. bucks are on Brian Fortune...because he wears a Ballard Knights hat.

Pete said...

I'll throw $30 on Rossolo, $30 on Ryan, and $40 on Chad. Maybe all he's ever needed is for someone to believe in him.

I'd like to see odds on who will be receiving gifts at the awards ceremony. I think Dennis would be an even money bet. Scott would have to be a favorite as well seeing as how he was recently married. Also, I'm pretty sure that the organizer took offense to someone who left their DVD at the house last year. I'd look for Southard to be a target because of this.

Erik said...

I'd also like to throw a nickle on a hot prospect named Kiki that I'm hearing a lot of buzz about. Since his odds aren't listed, I'll assume they're at least 1000-1.

Mr. F said...

Update: Some guy named Kiki won.

Mr. F said...

Update: We still have no fucking clue who this Kiki guy is.

wanamaker said...

99 stache bucks on Mike Miller, err, Dr T and the women: Ryan WMAKER and 1 buck on Chad. That way, if Chad wins I get 100 bucks but only $66 from Ryan if he wins. But I still feel like Im just throwing my money away betting on Chad.