The Arne Andersen Invitational

The showcase of the immortals!!!! No not Wrestlemania, who the fuck watches that shit anymore now that HBK retired?!? Am I right?

The Arne Andersen Invitational is upon us and that means more wagering on the Long Drive competition (nobody gives a shit about closest to the pin... that's for danties, not powerhouse doughboys)

So let's handicap the field...

 25 - 1

This man is twiseted steel and sex appeal. He still isn't much of a golfer, but I've personally witnessed him hit at least 10% of his drives straight, and FAR.

 15 -1

Pete's odds haven't changed and neither has he. Cool, calculated.. a real sleeper if he connects. This guy takes this tournament VERY seriously.


He's a father now. For the record... half the pool is.

 17 - 1

He's going to fuck the the ball up good.

7r 20 - 1

Maybe he'll post something if he wins. But he didn't the last time I made this threat so....

7t 55 - 1

Don't bet on Adam. He's preoccupied with work. He is however the odds-on favorite to puke in the gumbo pot at the after party.

 2 -3

The odds on favorite again this year. Hopefully Kiki doesn't show up to rain on his parade again, eh Ry Guy?

 5 - 1

He's won a few long drives... but he's choked when the pressure's on before (299 anyone). Still... an intriguing pick.

8 - 1

This guy is an athlete pure and simple. He was All Wesco in baseball and he only played like 8 games. The guy is gamer.

And now everyone's favorite guy to have a beer with and their least favorite to play with... unless he's playing well...

Mark Rossolo 2-1

I think it's his year!

As we did last year... You all have 100 dollars worth of Mustacheer bucks to place bets below. The winner can have their own post.

GOOD LUCK!!! And sorry you all couldn't play. Fuckin' losers.


wanamaker said...

I always think it's best to put my money on the guy who didn't tell his wife he's playing since he's playing scared. Put me down for $50 on Brian Fortune.

I will also put $50 Finn being listed as winner of KP

Pete said...

$100 on Mark.

My guess is that Chad will actually hit the long drive, but Mark will make him write his name on the sheet.

Fortune said...

Mark has been bragging about how long he he is since I met him. I have yet to see it. Lets pool all our money together and see if we cant get this thing done.

Pervitron 3000 said...

That photo of Southard is copyright John Shultz (around about 2004 or so I think). The man hasn't changed a bit