Are We There Yet?

I assume you've all seen the commercials for the new TBS series "Are We There Yet" starring Terry Crews. Is anybody else at least slightly intrigued by the commercials in which Crews is sporting multiple Seattle sports shirts? Honestly, I might watch the first episode just to figure out why he's wearing them. On the different ads I've seen two separate Seahawks shirts and a Mariners jersey/shirt, so it would appear that it's not a rare occurrence. I'm assuming the show is just set in Seattle and he just likes to sport the gear, a la John Lithgow in Harry and the Hendersons. But still, I feel like we need to investigate this further.

Let's show starbucks how much we care

Im not sure who was behind this brilliant marketing idea. I guess Bucks is going to be giving out free tickets to the seattle film festival. They decided that one good way to spread to word would be to create a Facebook page called "We Love You Seattle". Lets just say people arent looking for tickets to a lame film festival.



Just Checking ...

We're all aware that Carlos Silva is 6-0 right? I mean, everybody knows this? Ok, just wanted to make sure.


Jack Bauer

Not sure if any of you have noticed... and judging by their ratings... you haven't... but Jack is most certainly BACK! I've updated the kill count, and I'd encourage you all to watch Jack go out with a bang next Monday or the SERIES finale!


Um ...

Anybody catch what just happened? Maybe we should start a new meter next to Milton that measures how furious we are. Although, at this point it's almost boiled over into apathy.

Maybe we should also start a side-by-side daily comparison of this team's record to the '08 team, because they basically feel like the same exact team.