Henry Cotto Jr.


Apparently we drafted HCJR last year.  I can only assume Bavasi was not calling the shots on that pick.



This week's Other deals with an amazing record that the Mariners were able to achieve last month. And what was that record?


They had only 1 person attend the first game of their April 28th double-header against the Chicago White Sox. At least, that's what espn.com's records show. See for yourself.

I understand that a Jakubauskas start doesn't inspire a lot of people to head to the ballpark, but come on. You would think more than one person would show up. I mean, at the very least the one guy that went to the game would bring somebody with him.

So, how did this happen? Well, Other caught up with the one man who attended that game, his name is Dale Shit, and the following is the interview conducted with him.

Other: So you attended a game where you were the only person in the stands, how did this happen?

Dale Shit: I just love baseball. It seemed like a great day to catch a game.

O: Is your last name really Shit?

DS: Yes.

O: Well thanks for your time.

So there you have it folks. The true story of the game with one man in the stands.


Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Apparently jamming Sarah Michelle Gellar on a consistent basis wasn't enough. I think this dude may have a personal grudge against me. Or at least he's trying to make me jealous.

He just quit his job, a few months back, as a writer for the WWE. Seriously.

And now there's this:


Damn this guy.


Summer Movie Score Card

I've seen just about every "blockbuster" they've put out so far this summer. Nothing has approached Delgo territory, but Angels and Demons gave it a run.

Just saw Terminator last night. Awesome. Although Bale is in full Batman form... doesn't matter. Best one of the season.

Terminator Salvation.... 4.5 Stars
X-Men Origins: Wolverine.... 4 Stars (If Tim Riggins had pulled off the Cajun accent, we'd be looking at a 5 starer)
Star Trek.... 4 Stars
Angels and Demons.... 2 Stars

For more detailed analysis... email me.

What should I see next?

Post suggestions below... or I'm shutting down the blog.


I was really looking forward to....

Peter breaking his silence with a "Big Red National Champs" post. But they Coug'd it. Stay tuned to ESPN Classic to see a repeat.


College Baseball Playoffs

I am watching the college baseball playoff selection show - go Cougs - and the analyst actually sad, "I love tournament play because it's a chance for these teams that wear turtlenecks all year to come in and beat off a southern team."  He then awkwardly paused after saying this.  That's some in depth analysis.

Red Hats!

So, as you may or may not know, every team in MLB is wearing red hats, with the logo filled in with stars and stripes, today in honor of Memorial Day. (Note the M's version above) This was done last year for the 4th of July, however, then they used a navy blue hat. It seemed like the navy blue was a bit more neutral and blended easier with many teams' uniforms.

I'm at work right now, and there are a lot of day games springing to life, and as they do I'll be giving you the updates on how each team looks while sporting their patriotic caps.

Here's what we've got so far:

- Cincinnati & St. Louis: Both look pretty good. The Reds are wearing their red jerseys as well to really hammer things home. However, both teams' normal hats are red anyway though, so it's kind of boring.

- Houston, Detroit, & Milwaukee: I lumped these together because they all have pretty tame color schemes, and they all look stupid wearing bright red hats. Here's pictures of each teams' hats: Astros, Tigers, and Brewers

- Boston and Minnesota: These teams are playing each other, and both of them look pretty awesome (Here are the Twins. The Red Sawwwwx, were apparently too good to feature their red hat on mlb.com, they did have this one though). Both wear navy blue hats normally, but the switch to red really works. Plus the Twins are wearing their throwback unis, which really makes them pop. (Foy would be harder than Al Davis at a Compton track-meet)

- Texas: They fit perfectly. In fact, I think they should just wear these at all times. I mean, they have a star and stripes in their state flag, so that would work right?

- Kansas City: They're wearing their alternate powder blue jerseys just to make sure they clash as much as possible. Although, the combination makes for an old school Houston Oilers look, which means I give them a thumbs up. Here's their hat.

- New York Yankees: Finally, the red Yankee hat makes it to the field. Rumors that Fred Durst would start at 2nd proved to be unfounded, and in actuality, they look like shit. Sorry, no link on MLB.com, but I found a different one.

- Toronto: Ok, what the fuck is this? The Blue Jays are wearing a red hat that has a maple leaf filling up their logo. But does Memorial Day even have a meaning in Canada? What are they memorializing? Back bacon? Putting orange juice in their Shirley Temples? Multiple time tag-team champs the Quebecers?

Anyway, that's what I've seen so far. Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep you updated whenever a new game starts up. Also, this is just the beginning of a long day of sports for me. I'll be here at the MLB GameMix until 4pm, at which time I will leave to catch the re-scheduled Monday Night Raw at the Staples Center. After that, I'll be back to DirecTV for the French Open Mix from 1 - 9 in the AM. So, it's going to be a full 24 hours of action, more or less. I'm already starting hour 4, but I'll be sure to post plenty of updates on this thread. Get ready Mustacheers, your dreams are about to come true!



This week's Other doesn't deal with what I would consider to be the worst or best thing I saw this week. Although it does deal with two very annoying individuals:

Kevin Youkilis & Kit Keller

I don't like either of these people (although, after seeing this pic, Youkilis is kind of growing on me). In case you've forgotten, Kit Keller is the character played by Lori Petty in the female baseball classic "A League of Their Own." Her character is insufferable and easily gets under your skin, kind of like Youkilis. I figured this was the only thing they had in common until earlier this week, when I was watching "A League of Their Own," and I saw this. (Jump to the 7:40 mark. Sorry, it was the best clip I could find)

Did you see that? They have the same exact batting stance!

This begs the question, was Youkilis a big fan of the movie and decided to pattern his stance after Keller? I can only assume that this is the case. Either way, I still dislike them both, and now they have something in common that I can direct all of my concentrated hate on.

By the way, I still say Dottie dropped the ball on purpose.


Nothing Important Happened Today.

This used to be one of my favorite sports days. The LOTTERY! NBA teams had a chance to drastically improve their future... all by chance (unless you're the Knicks).

Well Schultz and Bennett fracked all that up too. F those guys. I hope they live miserable unfulfilled lives.

OF COURSE the Thunder moved up in the draft. OF COURSE!!!!

Go Cleveland.


Jim Leyritz


I still hate this man.

Peter... your thread please.

Peter, you've won the right to make your own thread on this page (non-draft related) and you've been lax in doing so.

The offer expires at the end of this month.

Mustacheers? Let's give him some help. Maybe he needs some suggestions.

How about (in honor the Lost finale) your 5 Greatest Hits... sports related. We don't want this site getting too sappy.

Any other suggestions?


As many of you know, at times "Other" features simply the worst thing I saw in a given week of watching baseball. This is the case for this week's entry:

Brandon Morrow.

Here are his stats for the week:

3 appearances, 1.2 IP, 7 H, 2 HR, 6 ER, 3 BB, 1 SO, 32.40 ERA, 6.00 WHIP, 1 S, 2 BS

It's been a rough week to say the least. His outing on Sunday was pretty nerve-racking, when he walked 2 men and threw 10 balls in a row at one point, but at least he ended up converting the save. Yesterday and today, however, turned out a bit different. At least, he found his control I guess.

Honestly, it's as if someone said to Morrow after Wednesday's game, "Well, it'd be hard to have a worse outing than that." Then, instead of accepting this as the put down it was, Morrow took it as a challenge, a look of steely determination formed upon his face and he set about shitting the bed even worse today. This time he didn't just shit in the bed, he rolled around in it and got it everywhere, and his mom had just cleaned the sheets after he'd messed them last night.

The other thing is, the Rangers made it look easy. Did anybody see that homer that Blalock hit today!? It had to be 450 feet. I didn't even see the ball come off the bat, he obliterated it. And then when Davis hit his a few batters later he knew immediately that it was gone. These were two games that we should have won, and they were against the division leader. If we had won them we'd be a half game back right now instead of 4 and a half, which we are.

The point? Morrow's a joke right now. So, I say we make his name into a joke with a clever nickname. Here's a few suggestions:

- WHIPmaster

- Slumpbuster

- The Model (because of all the walk-offs he's involved in)

- Balls Mahoney

That's all I've got for now. Anybody else have any nickname suggestions?


I'm not sure if you guys have heard about this food fight that took place at our very own Jackson High School earlier today, but I just saw the link and thought it was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, here it is:


The story is pretty funny, but the real hilarious part is one of the many comments that reads:

Students expelled, prom postponed......What goes around comes around....AKA Karma.

It was posted by someone claiming to be Earl Hickey.


The NBA Playoffs?!?

I know! I couldn't believe it either, but the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and here's who you should be rooting for... The Cleveland Cavaliers.

And here's why:

They are the only contender to the Throne.

What Throne you ask?

Let's just call it the Throne of the most pathetic sports town in America.

If Cleveland wins it's all ours!

Seriously. Before last year both Philly and the Clev layed claim to the Throne, but after the Phillies World Series and the upcoming Cavalier parade... it's just Seattle.

I challenge any Mustacheer to come up with a city that can even touch us on this one. I've thought long and hard about this. There isn't any. But please... make suggestions and I will shoot them down like Ricky Pierce used to bury threes.

So go Cavs!!! At least we can be first in something that way.


Drunk RamblingS

Here we go...

I love the mustahceers!

Do we suck though?

The entire point of this "blog" was to make fun ogf the fact that blogs are lame.

But... in the process have we become a real blog, much like real pinochio?


I think Jack is making a real mistake.... but I'll back him. I'm a Jack guy!

I think you give Ruskell enough rope and he won't hang himslef... in fact he'll make a neat little rope chamipionship@!!!!!!

I miss the sonics.



Alright Mustacheers, you wanted it you got it! (Fard, '03)

While I didn't think that "Other" was the best title up for vote, I can't ignore the results. Thanks for voting everyone, and eff off to the 15 of you who didn't.

Well, without further delay, here's your "Other" filing for this week:

Up until Monday Yuniesky Betancourt had a higher batting average than on-base percentage. I'm sure this comes as a shock to many of you, as it did to me, but feast your eyes, it's the truth. But how can someone get hits more often than he gets on base? That's like having sex with more girls than you meet. (or guys, for the female mustacheers and Foy)

As we all know, Yuni has never been the most patient hitter. In fact, I think I exhibited more patience on rides to the Everett Toys R' Us after not finding a Tatanka figure in Alderwood. (The analogies are really flowing now! Let's see if I can get a few more in) Case in point, Yuni walked for the first time on May 4th, after 90 ABs. For an everyday player to go a month without getting walked is quite a feat. I mean, this guy swings more wildly than a married couple who likes to have sex with multiple partners outside of their marriage. (Uh-oh, I'm fading)

But still, how does the OBP get lower than the AVG.? The only explanation I can come up with is that he's had a couple of sacrifices that count against his OBP but not against his AVG. But c'mon, penalizing a guy for his sacrifices? We're treating this guy like he's Jack Bauer! (And I'm back!)

As of right now, however, Yuni's AVG. has dipped back below his OBP, thus restoring order to the baseball world. An order that we can expect to last, unless a giant star is suspended for taking women's fertility drugs.


Carlos "Sleak" Silva

Someone needs to take this guy behind the barn and put him out of his misery.

That is all.

Mustacheer Profiles

It's time for the first of a new tradition here at HCM...


The first user I'd like to profile is Jimi:

Jimi's made quite a name for himself here at HCM for consistent bitching, and an overall shitty attitude. But we do appreciate his visit's to the site, cuz unlike most of you... at least he participates. Plus every once in a while he throws a real gem out there.

Let's get to know Jimi a little bit better.

3 fun facts you might not know about Jimi:

1) He's a dirty husky.
2) He dots the first "i" in his name with a heart, and the second one with a smiley face when signing checks.
3) He really looks like this:

So thanks Jimi for all the support and keep up the good work.

That goes for all you Mustacheers. Keep visiting and posting on the site and you might one day be the proud recipient of MUSTACHEER USER PROFILE!!!

Best Albums by Decade

I'm sure you will all agree with me on this, but I see these as the best albums of all time by decade. I know I pulled a cop out on the 1990s, but those are my two favorite albums ever and I don't distinguish between the two as to one being better

1960s - "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys
1970s - "Low" by David Bowie
1980s - "Closer" by Joy Division
1990s - "The Downward Spiral" by Nine Inch Nails
"OK Computer' by Radiohead
2000s - "Everything All the Time" by Band of Horses

Is it just me....

or when Franklin Gutierrez comes up to the plate Dave Sims reminds you of Rachel from Real World San Fran calling out for gay Pedro. Only I believe she was sort of hispanic so had a reason for rolling all her letters together. Is there a chance Dave is mexican and we just dont know it?



.... I got nothing.

Listen.... maybe what we need, is some more Mustacheers! That's sure to motivate!

We asked before and you delivered. Just give it to me one more time.