As many of you know, at times "Other" features simply the worst thing I saw in a given week of watching baseball. This is the case for this week's entry:

Brandon Morrow.

Here are his stats for the week:

3 appearances, 1.2 IP, 7 H, 2 HR, 6 ER, 3 BB, 1 SO, 32.40 ERA, 6.00 WHIP, 1 S, 2 BS

It's been a rough week to say the least. His outing on Sunday was pretty nerve-racking, when he walked 2 men and threw 10 balls in a row at one point, but at least he ended up converting the save. Yesterday and today, however, turned out a bit different. At least, he found his control I guess.

Honestly, it's as if someone said to Morrow after Wednesday's game, "Well, it'd be hard to have a worse outing than that." Then, instead of accepting this as the put down it was, Morrow took it as a challenge, a look of steely determination formed upon his face and he set about shitting the bed even worse today. This time he didn't just shit in the bed, he rolled around in it and got it everywhere, and his mom had just cleaned the sheets after he'd messed them last night.

The other thing is, the Rangers made it look easy. Did anybody see that homer that Blalock hit today!? It had to be 450 feet. I didn't even see the ball come off the bat, he obliterated it. And then when Davis hit his a few batters later he knew immediately that it was gone. These were two games that we should have won, and they were against the division leader. If we had won them we'd be a half game back right now instead of 4 and a half, which we are.

The point? Morrow's a joke right now. So, I say we make his name into a joke with a clever nickname. Here's a few suggestions:

- WHIPmaster

- Slumpbuster

- The Model (because of all the walk-offs he's involved in)

- Balls Mahoney

That's all I've got for now. Anybody else have any nickname suggestions?


Pervitron 3000 said...

Brandon Sorrow

Pete said...

I'm a big fan of The Model, but there's only one man who can pull off that nickname. I vote for the WHIPmaster.

Or Brandon There's Always ToMorrow

Or maybe just Shit Sandwich

Pervitron 3000 said...

Giant Deuche is way funnier than Shit Sandwich. I call for a vote.

Mr. F said...

Mitchell Freedman?!?

RICK said...

Pete Anderson that would be funny he sucks.

Mr. F said...

Who the frack is Pete Anderson?