Mustacheer Profiles

It's time for the first of a new tradition here at HCM...


The first user I'd like to profile is Jimi:

Jimi's made quite a name for himself here at HCM for consistent bitching, and an overall shitty attitude. But we do appreciate his visit's to the site, cuz unlike most of you... at least he participates. Plus every once in a while he throws a real gem out there.

Let's get to know Jimi a little bit better.

3 fun facts you might not know about Jimi:

1) He's a dirty husky.
2) He dots the first "i" in his name with a heart, and the second one with a smiley face when signing checks.
3) He really looks like this:

So thanks Jimi for all the support and keep up the good work.

That goes for all you Mustacheers. Keep visiting and posting on the site and you might one day be the proud recipient of MUSTACHEER USER PROFILE!!!


jimi said...

now this is the kind of content that keeps me thirsty for more. I'm swelling with pride

jimi said...

cuts deep fortune. everyone knows that picture was mildly photo shopped.

Pervitron 3000 said...

This is officially the last post I will ever make, in fear of being profiled. That being said, Finn has been known to slim down photos with photoshop before posting and I wish he'd just stop. It's not a fair representation of reality.

jimi said...

One would think with a name like Pervitron 3000 you would be packin a little bit bigger set of balls. don't let Mr. F control you with fear based propaganda