I don't even own this movie. And for that I am ashamed. I guess I always just get a little pissed because people try and tell me this is a better baseball movie than the ACTUAL best baseball movie of all time...

But that's not Bull Durham's fault.

#6: Bull Durham

A few things about this flick:

- Susan Sarandon at her finest... can you see boob in this movie? I can't remember.

- Another Costner appearance (SPOILER ALERT: it won't be his last). He makes good baseball movies.

Here's arguably... go ahead, argue it.... the most memorable seen:



The Cougs went .500 yesterday! Sure we lost a meaningless football game, but we won the Greta Alaska Shootout, and Klay Thompson might be the best player in the Pac 10. Seriously. But enough about the Cougs. Let's get down to the real reason you all come to this site. The top 50 Sports Films of All time!!!

#7: Happy Gilmore

Another reason our countdown whoops balls and others blow. Here's a quick clip of one of my favorite moments. (let's face it, Shooter McGavin might be one of the greatest movie characters of all time. FACE IT! FACE IT TOGETHER!!!!)

Too many moments to get to here. Maybe some of you will actually comment and... well that could be fun.

Go Seahawks by the way. We don't lose to Rams.

NFL Picks 12

I really procrastinated this week so I've got no time for my usual wit.

Morning Games

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Atlanta's at home, sounds good.

Falcons 31-19

Miami @ Buffalo

Miami's always solid.

Dolphins 23-20

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Brown is the color of poop.

Bengals 28-10

Seattle @ St. Louis

Thanks to the lame-o's in St. Louis this game is a Stinger. It's probably best that not a lot of people see this one.

Seahwaks 24-14

Carolina @ New York Jets

Delhomme vs. Sanchez. I can't tell if this will be fun or just really really awful to watch.

Panthers 17-16

Washington @ Philadelphia

I got nothing.

Eagles 26-13

Indianapolis @ Houston

Houston almost beat Indy last time, and now they're at home. Upset City one way or the other. If the Texans lose Houston will be an upset city.

Texans 24-22

Afternoon Games

Kansas City @ San Diego


Chargers 35-13

Jacksonville @ San Francisco

Like I said last week, the Jags record is becoming pretty inflated, and here's another win for them ... maybe.

Jaguars 20-17

Chicago @ Minnesota

Can't go with Cutler. The rule is still in effect.

Vikings 31-14

Arizona @ Tennessee

VY! God bless him.

Titans 24-21

Sunday Night

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

I'm not sure I can get behind Dennis Dixon, but I'll bet the Steelers can get behind with Dennis Dixon.

Ravens 20-13

Monday Night

New England @ New Orleans

Saints 42-31


Yahoo! Prognosticator

After I submitted my picks for this weeks game, Yahoo gave me 1 point for Green Bay's 26-0 victory over the Lions. Looks like somebody really doesn't want to have to go into the office tomorrow.



#8 Rudy

Some stories transcend time.

Some movies are timeless.

Some legends never die...

and some bloggers are lazy. Here's a clip from Rudy:


Ok... i was gonna blow this post off, ya know not give it the attention I do the rest of these fine films... cuz I was tired... but damnit all ta hell... just watching that clip alone... Rudy ranks right up there with Braveheart as the most chill inducing movies of all time (and one other one still to come)...

I don't even want to make jokes about this one... but a few things:

1) Did Favs and Vince Vaughn meet on this film?

2) Why are Rudy's Dad and Brother looking in completely different directions while celebrating Rudy's sack?

3) I like to think Rudy never saw Roc again.


4) You think Charlie Weiss watches this clip and just feels the need to punch himself squarely in the junk. "I (wheeeez) deserve (wheeeeez) that (weeehhheeeeeeheehehzz huff and puff)/

I'm gonna watch the clip again and cry myself to sleep.

Huskies are so rad.

It's been posted on many blogs and newspaper sites, and here's a link to the whole article:


Some Husky player chirping about putting up 50 against the Cougs.


That's fine good luck... or in this case join the party! We suck. Big deal. The part of his quote that cracks me up is this:

"Run the score up. Put on a show. We're just trying to make a statement that we are the real deal."

What universe is this guy living in where running up the score on a 1 - whatever team makes you the real deal?!?

Honestly, even if it weren't against the Cougs, this would've cracked me up.

Here's another example of Huskies proving they're the real deal:


Those old folks needed to recognize!!!


NFL Picks Week 11

After joking last week that the Pats-Colts game would be a snoozefest I actually did fall asleep during the second half. Whoops! Anybody know what happened? I missed the end and haven't been able to find the highlights on ESPN.

Morning Games

Washington @ Dallas

Cowboys hosting Indians in late November. It's just like the first Thanksgiving huh? Well no, it's not, that was pilgrims not cowboys you IDIOT! I don't even know why I bother writing this every week if you're gonna say stupid shit like that.

Cowboys 27-13

Cleveland @ Detroit

Oh my God yes! Just when you thought STL @ DET would easily be the worst game of the year this gem comes along. It's like when Sting returned in his Crow make-up, was it better than the original Sting? Possibly. I'm going to throw out my Wacky pick of the week right now: This game will mark the first time that a fan runs on the field and is not arrested or apprehended. Instead, the fan will actually hang back in a Cover 2 zone, intercept a Brady Quinn pass and return it for a touchdown. But no, he won't be signed by the Lions. C'mon, that would be ridiculous.

Lions 11-8

San Francisco @ Green Bay

These teams both had solid showings on defense last week. Green Bay nearly shut out Dallas and Smiles Austin and San Fran picked off Jay Cutler 5 times. Here's the thing though, San Fran had 0 sacks of Cutler and only hit him 6 times. So what this really proves is that Cutler just sucks, and I'm convinced that the Niners do too. Last Thursday was the first time I was glad that I didn't get the NFL Network.

Packers 23-13

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City

Don't care.

Steelers 31-15

Atlanta @ New York Giants

If there's one thing we've learned about Atlanta it's that they don't perform very well on the road. This game is on the road (see above).

Giants 24-16

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Is Josh Freeman the next Vince Young? This guy just knows how to almost get the job done. In all fairness his defense blew it for him in the last minute last week, so he could easily be 2-0 as a starter. A 2-0 Freeman vs. the 9-0 Saints, something's gotta give! Oh, Josh just raised his hand, well I guess that takes care of that.

Saints 34-20

Buffalo @ Jacksonville

So apparently after firing Dick Jauron the Bills are interested in Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher. I've also heard that they're interested in Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. Honestly, who do the Bills think they are? What makes them think those guys would be interested? The shitty quarterbacks? The horrible weather? If they wanted that they could just go to Chicago ... hi-o. Side note the Jaguars are NOT good they've just hit a soft spot in the schedule that will allow them to get 6-4, maybe even 7-4 but they won't end up better than 8-8.

Jaguars 20-17

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Debatable as to who had the better win last week. Apparently Indy had a great comeback over the Pats, but if you watched the Ravens-Browns game ... nevermind, nobody watched that. Is it possible for a Monday Night game to be blacked out?

Colts 28-24

Seattle @ Minnesota

I'd be very worried about this game even if the Hawks had a healthy Walt Jones. With the O-line situation as it is I'm actually less worried, because I know it will be one of those games where I can stop being nervous after the middle of the 2nd quarter. Although .....

Seahawks 28-27

Afternoon Games

Arizona @ St. Louis

Ok, so I know that last week I said I would pick against whatever my first inclination was when it comes to the Cardinals but c'mon, I can't pick the Rams can I? Can I?

Cardinals 35-21 (I couldn't)

New York Jets @ New England

Patriots will most likely still be very angry and the Jets will most likely still be very shitty.

Patriots 38-10

Cincinnati @ Oakland

Well Bengals your season is going great what's the next step? Hire a homophobic woman-beater. Which raises the point, Larry Johnson hates gay guys and he obviously isn't very fond of women ... what's he into?

Bengals 20-6

San Diego @ Denver

I guess I underestimated the Broncos last week. A loss to the Redskins was, in fact, not too much to ask for. Clearly they'll follow that up by politely stretching this into a 4 game losing streak. Look, I don't like rooting for teams to lose ... actually nevermind I have absolutely no problem with that, never have.

Chargers 23-10

Sunday Night

Philadelphia @ Chicago

I'm just going to go against Cutler for now. The guy has thrown 17 interceptions. He now has 14 more interceptions than chins. Of course, there's still plenty of time left in the season.

Eagles 27-20

Monday Night

Tennessee @ Houston

At this point it's VY's world and we're all just living in it. Fortunately for him one of the people living in the world is Chris Johnson. I'll be honest, at this point I won't pick against the Titans. Of course, the Texans are better than any of the teams they've beaten on their 3 game winning streak, but these Titans are teaching me what it is to believe; any team that can reel off consecutive W's over Jacksonville, San Francisco, and Buffalo has to have some magic right?

Titans 26-24



#9 Varsity Blues

Great football flick. One of the best!!! Lots of TnA, HOT ladies! And I don't even think VanDerBeek's accent is all that embarrassing.

Plus, Voight is a top ten hated asshole in the history of film.... in this movie. Otherwise he's swell.

And then... there's this:

Have a great day!

Lyla always looked like a baseball gal

It had nothing to do with Street's paralysis. Or Riggins' alcoholic tendencies.


The Top 10: #10

(we tossed a little Affleck in there, cuz he's the bomb)

The final countdown... the Top Ten Greatest Sports Films of All Time!

#10. Jerry Maguire

If nothing else, this film bought us the greatness that is Jonathan Lipnicki. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong JL!)

Let's go to a clip...

Alright... 9 to go. You can cut the tension with a wet noodle.


The Real Season Begins

With the NFL regular season now over, we enter into the time that most fans consider more exciting than the regular season: Draft Positioning Season. During this exciting time teams compete to see who will get the chance to pick sleepers at the end of each round in the draft. The better teams go to a playoff system with the winner of the 32nd Pick Bowl getting the special right to pick at the end of the round. The not-so-good teams compete for the right to pay their draft pick less money. As you may have noticed, teams looking to save some cash like Tennessee have really tried to turn their season around and get a middle of the round pick. Other teams, like Oakland, have blown so many high draft picks, that they throw games to get another chance at righting their many wrongs.

With a huge #1 vs. #2 matchup looming on Sunday, I feel now is the perfect time to debut the draft standings.

Currently, the draft standings are as such:
1. Detroit
2. Cleveland
3. Tampa Bay
4. St. Louis
5. Oakland
6. Kansas City
7. Buffalo
8. Seattle
9. Tennessee
10. Washington
11. Chicago
12. Jets
13. Carolina
14. Miami
15. San Fran
16. Houston
17. Giants
18. Baltimore
19. Green Bay
20. Jacksonville
21. Atlanta
22. Philadelphia
23. New England
24. San Diego
25. Arizona
26. Denver (pick belongs to Seattle)
27. Pittsburgh
28. Dallas
29. Cincinnati
30. Minnesota
31. New Orleans
32. Indianapolis

To get this draft talk started, I'd like to see what position you, the Mustacheers, would most like to see the Hawks address in the first round.


New Mustacheers

Looks like we finally got a few new Mustacheers. (must have been the movie list)


Use this thread to tell us a little about yourselves! (or don't. no big whoop.)


Don't worry the Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time is right around the corner, just using the anticipation to work all of the rest of you Mustacheers into a rabid frenzy!

NFL Picks Week 10

Alright, so last week wasn't too hot. I went 8-5 and didn't get too close on any of the games. Although, if we forget about the 1st quarter, which apparently the Hawks did, the score of their game was 32-3, not far off from my 31-0 prediction. Close enough for me! Still riding the hot streak!

Morning Games

New Orleans @ St. Louis

Oh boy. How ugly could this one get? This ugly? Or just this ugly?

Saints 41-10

Tampa Bay @ Miami

Miami puts up a solid effort every week, and that's exactly what it's going to take to beat a Raheem Morris coached team when they're on a winning streak. Has an NFL team ever had 3 people rush for 100 yards in the same game? I think Brown-Williams-White could do it.

Dolphins 35-17

Detroit @ Minnesota

If there's one thing we learned about the Lions last week it's that they absolutely cannot defend the short pass, and this year that has been Favre's specialty. I'm not sure if that's entirely true but it sounds right. What does it matter anyway, this is a squash match. In fact, the Lions aren't even going to get entrance music, they'll just be on the field when Fox comes back from commercial, and they'll probably have wrestling jackets on just for good measure.

Vikings 34-7

Jacksonville @ New York Jets

Anybody else getting tired of Rex Ryan thinking his team is really good for some reason? How about they just let him coach the Chargers so that the whole organization can just be cocky a-holes. That being said, they'll probably win this week because Jacksonville is not good.

Jets 20-13

Buffalo @ Tennessee

I'll say it again, VY just knows how to get the job done. either that or his first two games were against Jacksonville and San Francisco. And now he gets Buffalo at home. Oh, and Chris Johnson is ridiculous. Other than that it's all VY, and he's gonna do it again this week.

Titans 24-16

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

Alright, I made a mistake going against the Bengals at home last week, but I'm not going to do it again this week! That's because they're playing on the road.

Steelers 27-20

Denver @ Washington

Good news! Ever since I asked the Broncos to lose out a couple weeks ago they have kindly obliged. This is going to be a bit of a tall order though. Honestly, if you played for the Skins what would you be more ashamed of, your play on the field or the fact that your team name is a racial slur? Trick question, they're actually most ashamed of the Scientologists in their luxury box.

Broncos 26-14

Atlanta @ Carolina

What did I tell you about the heat that DeAngelo Hall would generate in his return to Atlanta. This leads me to my Wacky Pick of the Week. Hall will sneak onto the field in a Panthers uniform and attempt to sneak attack Falcons coach Mike Smith in a response to their altercation last week. However, Smith will see him coming and be like, "Oh hell no!" Then he'll beat him down Finn on Nick Van Exel style. Aside from that though, has anybody noticed that Matt Ryan isn't that good this year? I smell a mild upset.

Panthers 23-21

Afternoon Games

Kansas City @ Oakland

He does this, he does that.
He big as a bull and quick as a cat.

Those are some lyrics from "Man Called Sting," ironically it was also the scouting report on JeMarcus Russell coming out of LSU.

Winner: The people at home in the Oakland area. Ok fine, Chiefs 14-13

Seattle @ Arizona

I've learned that when it comes to the Cardinals I should just pick against whatever my first inclination is. Which means I get to pick the Hawks again!

Seahawks 30-28

Dallas @ Green Bay

Up until last week Aaron Rodgers had only thrown 2 interceptions. That seems like a really good stat until you realize that he's now been sacked 37 times. That's almost 5 a game. Might be time to start slingin' the pigskin as if he were out in the backyard playin' ball with the boys all while wearing a comfortable pair of jeans.

Cowboys 31-26

Philadelphia @ San Diego

I think this will be a big win for San Diego. And if we see LaDanian Tomlinson making his pouty face on the sideline at the end of the game we'll know that Darren Sproles has helped them get that win.

Chargers 27-24

Sunday Night

New England @ Indianapolis


Patriots 24-20

Monday Night

Baltimore @ Cleveland

Oh what a game! Did you know that the Saints defense has scored more touchdowns than the Browns offense? There's no joke here, well except for the Browns of course.

Ravens 30-13


Griffey re-signs with the M's

At least that's what Larry stone says.  I really didn't expect this to happen so fast.  I guess this rules out the possibilities of Matsui coming to the M's(Begin typing here for after the break) I don't think I like this move.


Countdown recap

Here's your countdown recap, just so all of you tools can catch up... and really come out firing down the top-10 stretch...

11 Karate Kid
12 A League of Their Own
13 The Wrestler
14 The Natural
15 The Program
16 Eight Men Out
17 Baseketball
18 Bad News Bears
19 Hoosiers
20 The Sandlot
21 Talladega Nights
22 Raging Bull
23 Miracle
24 Cool Runnings
25 Days of Thunder
26 Tin Cup
27 Necessary Roughness
28 Teen Wolf
29 8 Seconds
30 Slap Shot
31 Little Big League
32 Mr. Baseball
33 He Got Game
34 Friday Night Lights
35 Rookie of the Year
36 Mighty Ducks
37 The Best of Times
38 Ali
39 Bend It Like Beckham
40 The Cutting Edge
41 Lady Bugs
42 Wildcats
43 The Rookie
44 Everybody's All American
45 Green Street Hooligans
46 White Men Can't Jump
47 The Waterboy
48 Cinderella Man
49 For Love of the Game
50 Rad


Why I love Soccer

This is all from the same game.

NFL Picks Week 9

So last week didn't turn out too well. I was only 7-6 in straight up picking games, which, quite frankly, is Jimmy Johnson-esque. And if I remember correctly, part of the mission statement of this website was to be be better than Jimmy Johnson, so I'll have to step it up this time around. On the bright side I had some close calls on the NO-ATL game (mine: 34-27 actual: 35-27) and the MIA-NYJ game (mine: 28-25 actual: 30-25) so I'm still obviously a credible source of football pickery.

The Early Games:

Washington @ Atlanta

Oh baby, it's finally here, DeAngelo Hall's return to Atlanta. In what is no doubt the most anticipated game featuring a player versus his former team since that one time that the Rams signed Isaiah Kacyvenski the week they played the Hawks (what a bunch of Harley riders). I don't know about you folks but I'll have my browser open to the "Hall Cam" on foxsports.com.

Falcons 24-12

Arizona @ Chicago

Was it some sort of "Freaky Friday" scenario last week when Kurt Warner threw 5 picks against Carolina? Did he and Jake Delhomme change bodies somehow? It sure seemed like it. The Cardinals are 3-0 on the road this year, but the Bears are 3-0 at home. In fact, when you look at their team stats these two are remarkably similar, almost identical ... identical, hmm ... identical twins ... The Parent Trap ... is it possible Kurt Warner has become involved in some sort of Disney movie curse? What's next a Bedknobs and Broomsticks game? (No, I don't know how that would work.)

Bears 27-23

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

Are the Bengals for real? I say no. Most likely they're holograms. And while they're very technologically advanced and hard to tackle as a result, I'm not sure they're going to win this one.

Ravens 20-16

Houston @ Indianapolis

I've heard this be called the biggest game in the history of the Texans, and I'm sure if you asked him Peyton Manning would say this is the biggest game of his career as well. I actually think the Texans will put up a fight because the Colts have little to no homefield advantage due to the sun coming through giant windows on either end of their stadium and blinding everyone on the field. Honestly what were they thinking when they built this place? "It'll be a good thing to blind the players. And these windows will make it look like a basketball fieldhouse, and we're in Indiana, and we like basketball." Honestly, I'll bet you someone said that verbatim.

Colts 29-24

Miami @ New England

It was during this game last year that the Wildcat broke onto the scene, and I honestly don't think I've gone a day in my life since without hearing that word. New England is coming off a bye week, but have actually had about 3 weeks off after playing Tennessee and Tampa Bay. In other words they're well rested.

Patriots 30-20

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay

Tampa is the only winless team left in the league. This isn't what you'd expect from a Raheem Morris coached group.

Packers 34-16

Kansas City @ Jacksonville

He's a man called Sting! A man called Sting!

Jaguars 24-10

Afternoon Games

Carolina @ New Orleans

The Saints are looking pretty unstoppable. Well, Unstoppable is Jake Delhomme's middle name. Oh, wait a minute, it's actually Christopher. Nevermind then, I guess I'll take the Saints.

Saints 38-17

Detroit @ Seattle

So apparently the only way the Hawks can win a game is by shutting the other team out. Thank God the Lions are coming to town.

Seahawks 31-0

Tennessee @ San Francisco

So Vince Young actually captained the Titans to their first win last week. Sure he only threw for 125 yards, but he was 15 for 18 which isn't bad for a guy with crippling depression. Maybe this guy just knows how to win, more importantly, maybe Alex Smith doesn't.

Titans 23-20 (OT)

San Diego @ New York

Here's my wacky pick of the week: Because both teams are riddled with assholes, the referees will kick everyone out of the game for egregious unsportsmanlike conduct. The game will then be decided in a Quarterback's Challenge between Phil Rivers and Eli. This will also settle the score on who got the better of the '04 draft day trade and which one is more hateable.

Giants 24-21

Sunday Night

Dallas @ Philadelphia

I talked about this with Pete (Draft Guru) on Sunday, but how long did it take the rest of you to develop a deep hatred for Miles Austin? Was it the first shot of him with a shit-eating grin on his face? The 15th? I hate this guy even more than Houshmandzadeh, and that's saying something.

Eagles 34-31

Monday Night

Pittsburgh @ Denver

At the end of every Monday night game ESPN does a little vignette with Bocephus and some cheerleaders in which he says, "See ya in (whatever city is next)" Then they show a page in a book with the next match-up written on it. At the end of last week's game it said Pittsburg at Denver. This begs the question was Bocephus in charge of the spelling?

Steelers 21-18



This should have been higher. But that's just how amazing this list is!!!

# 11: The Karate Kid

There's nothing else for you here. I'm just gonna go through the motions until someone else comments other than Erik. But no one is ruining my plan for #1. NOBODY!!!!



Most people think this movie is a chick flick... but they're wrong! Or maybe they're right... but it's actually pretty funny.

#12 A League of Their Own

Tom Hanks is real funny in this flick. Rosie O'Donell AND Madonna at their hottest!

Favorite line: " "Avoid the clap. - Jimmy Duggan" ... IT'S GOOD ADVICE!"

It's also great when Hanks calls the ump a penis with a little hat on. Or when Hanks nails the kid in the face with the mit. Watch that scene again, he really smacks him.

Anyway, nobody reads these anyway, so they'll be getting shorter and sweeter. Too bad since we're so close to the top ten. Boo hoo, waaaaaa.

Game 6

With Game 6 underway, I felt I should chime in with some more of my outstanding World Series coverage. This Series has had some very interesting individual performances. Just some quick notes about a few of them:

- Chase Utley
He's been so good that one Mustacheer actually texted me to claim he wants the M's to trade Jose Lopez and Rob Johnson for him. At first I thought he was crazy, but that was before he hit home runs 4 and 5. Barring any amazing performances from a Yankee over the two (maybe) games, Utley really deserves to be MVP regardless of who wins.

- A-Rod
He started out having an awful series. Then the Phillies beaned him three times and it woke him up. What's funny about that is he really seems like the type of guy who would have an opposite scenario play out. He's killing them through 2 games and then they bean him and he gets scared. Maybe Kate Hudson has made a real man out of him.

- Hideki Matsui
He's hammering ball like it's chicken or cow.

- Cliff Lee
I really underestimated how good this guy was. I thought he was one of those guys who had one or two lucky seasons, but he's looked like one of the best pitchers in the league.

- Kurt Russell
It looks like he is loving life right now. Hudson gets him awesome seats to every World Series game. Every time they show him he's either cracking up or has a huge smile on his face. He had a Bud Light in his hand at the end of Game 5 (guess they don't cut off movie stars in the 8th). It must be a nice change of pace from his normal routine of getting drunk on his couch while watching Overboard and wondering what happened to Goldie Hawn.

- Raul Ibanez
Good to see Raul playing well

- Matt Stairs
I love that some fat old man from Canada can be a professional athlete.
He's a true Canadian sports hero, which brings me to the ranking of Canada's All-Time Sports Heroes:
1. Gretzky
2. Terry Fox
3. Steve Nash
4. Bret Hart
5. Matt Stairs



Fitting that this film is #13, cuz the Ram had a string of bad luck towards the end of the road...

Ok, that was corny, but shockingly to most (not me) a movie about a professional wrestler wasnt:

#13 The Wrestler

I really loved this movie, and not just cuz it's about wrasslin'. If you haven't seen it, DO IT ASSHOLE!

Did it deserve Best Picture... probably not, and it didn't win, so there. But I thought all three leading roles deserved Oscars. Rourke, Tomei, and Rachel Wood. All fantastic performances. No joke here.

I had two small problems with this movie...

1) They changed Randy's theme music at the end to Sweet Child of Mine. He came out all movie to Bang your Head by Quiet Riot. No way a wrestler ever would do this. (back story is Axl Rose gave them a shitload of money to finish the film, and they did it as a thank you... Rourke even thanked him when he won the Golden Globe). And if you HAVE to use a Guns song (which otherwise, I'd have no problem with) was Sweet Child, really the right call? How about Paradise City or Welcome to the Jungle? Maybe Mr. Brownstone if you wanna get a little more poetic.



Still here?

I think Randy should have died a wrestler's death at the end. Someone should have found him in his hotel room, alone, dead from heart failure. It would have been a nice little tribute to so many of the fallen wrestlers of the past. Sounds corny again, but I'm being serious.

Anyway, whattya think of The Wrestler?

whoa, whoa, not all at once


Jim Mora

I can't find a link to Mora's press conference, but let me TRY and paraphrase. He basically said the next few weeks will be about how the Seahawks deal with adversity. They'll either start finger pointing and complaining or band together and be great men.

A quick follow up question, from I believe Art Thiel "Where is this coming from?" (and again, I'm paraphrasing). Mora replied that it wasn't coming from anywhere and he'd seen no indications that the Hawks were heading down that dark path.

There should have been another follow up question...

"Isn't that the norm then? Shouldn't we expect these players to be decent human beings who will try their best? otherwise, why even bring this to the media's attention coach Mora?"

I don't hold press conferences telling people I have no plans to shit my pants today. Why? Because no one expects me to. (or they shouldn't, anyway). Mora sounded like he was going on the offensive and maybe trying to diffuse a situation before it even got started.

I have two comments: 1) I REALLY do not like where this season is headed (see previous post about jerkface WRs) 2) I don't trust Jim Mora.

I think we're in a lot of trouble.

That being said... GO SEAHAWKS!!!

Dear Seahawks WRs -

Just a quick shout out to our AWESOME wide receivers...

TJ - don't ever try and show up our hero MH on the sidelines again. We get it you think you're great. I hope you are. Your ponytail is certainly impressive. But maybe quit complaining and get open. Shut the fuck up.

Deion - Cool declaration on the sidelines after your touchdown. You were either trying to orchestrate a trade... or just talking shit about how great of a player you are. Either way, it's ridiculous. Stay on the field for a few games in a row and then talk to us. Shut the fuck up.


This would be higher up on a lot of movie lists... but not here baby! Still a sweet flick though:

All around good movie... but I think we all know why it's on the list.
And it's this scene right here:

Plus it inspired the Simpsons parody with Homer bowling the 300 game here:

Ok... I couldn't find that on youtube, which is a shame.