NFL Picks Week 11

After joking last week that the Pats-Colts game would be a snoozefest I actually did fall asleep during the second half. Whoops! Anybody know what happened? I missed the end and haven't been able to find the highlights on ESPN.

Morning Games

Washington @ Dallas

Cowboys hosting Indians in late November. It's just like the first Thanksgiving huh? Well no, it's not, that was pilgrims not cowboys you IDIOT! I don't even know why I bother writing this every week if you're gonna say stupid shit like that.

Cowboys 27-13

Cleveland @ Detroit

Oh my God yes! Just when you thought STL @ DET would easily be the worst game of the year this gem comes along. It's like when Sting returned in his Crow make-up, was it better than the original Sting? Possibly. I'm going to throw out my Wacky pick of the week right now: This game will mark the first time that a fan runs on the field and is not arrested or apprehended. Instead, the fan will actually hang back in a Cover 2 zone, intercept a Brady Quinn pass and return it for a touchdown. But no, he won't be signed by the Lions. C'mon, that would be ridiculous.

Lions 11-8

San Francisco @ Green Bay

These teams both had solid showings on defense last week. Green Bay nearly shut out Dallas and Smiles Austin and San Fran picked off Jay Cutler 5 times. Here's the thing though, San Fran had 0 sacks of Cutler and only hit him 6 times. So what this really proves is that Cutler just sucks, and I'm convinced that the Niners do too. Last Thursday was the first time I was glad that I didn't get the NFL Network.

Packers 23-13

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City

Don't care.

Steelers 31-15

Atlanta @ New York Giants

If there's one thing we've learned about Atlanta it's that they don't perform very well on the road. This game is on the road (see above).

Giants 24-16

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Is Josh Freeman the next Vince Young? This guy just knows how to almost get the job done. In all fairness his defense blew it for him in the last minute last week, so he could easily be 2-0 as a starter. A 2-0 Freeman vs. the 9-0 Saints, something's gotta give! Oh, Josh just raised his hand, well I guess that takes care of that.

Saints 34-20

Buffalo @ Jacksonville

So apparently after firing Dick Jauron the Bills are interested in Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher. I've also heard that they're interested in Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. Honestly, who do the Bills think they are? What makes them think those guys would be interested? The shitty quarterbacks? The horrible weather? If they wanted that they could just go to Chicago ... hi-o. Side note the Jaguars are NOT good they've just hit a soft spot in the schedule that will allow them to get 6-4, maybe even 7-4 but they won't end up better than 8-8.

Jaguars 20-17

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Debatable as to who had the better win last week. Apparently Indy had a great comeback over the Pats, but if you watched the Ravens-Browns game ... nevermind, nobody watched that. Is it possible for a Monday Night game to be blacked out?

Colts 28-24

Seattle @ Minnesota

I'd be very worried about this game even if the Hawks had a healthy Walt Jones. With the O-line situation as it is I'm actually less worried, because I know it will be one of those games where I can stop being nervous after the middle of the 2nd quarter. Although .....

Seahawks 28-27

Afternoon Games

Arizona @ St. Louis

Ok, so I know that last week I said I would pick against whatever my first inclination was when it comes to the Cardinals but c'mon, I can't pick the Rams can I? Can I?

Cardinals 35-21 (I couldn't)

New York Jets @ New England

Patriots will most likely still be very angry and the Jets will most likely still be very shitty.

Patriots 38-10

Cincinnati @ Oakland

Well Bengals your season is going great what's the next step? Hire a homophobic woman-beater. Which raises the point, Larry Johnson hates gay guys and he obviously isn't very fond of women ... what's he into?

Bengals 20-6

San Diego @ Denver

I guess I underestimated the Broncos last week. A loss to the Redskins was, in fact, not too much to ask for. Clearly they'll follow that up by politely stretching this into a 4 game losing streak. Look, I don't like rooting for teams to lose ... actually nevermind I have absolutely no problem with that, never have.

Chargers 23-10

Sunday Night

Philadelphia @ Chicago

I'm just going to go against Cutler for now. The guy has thrown 17 interceptions. He now has 14 more interceptions than chins. Of course, there's still plenty of time left in the season.

Eagles 27-20

Monday Night

Tennessee @ Houston

At this point it's VY's world and we're all just living in it. Fortunately for him one of the people living in the world is Chris Johnson. I'll be honest, at this point I won't pick against the Titans. Of course, the Texans are better than any of the teams they've beaten on their 3 game winning streak, but these Titans are teaching me what it is to believe; any team that can reel off consecutive W's over Jacksonville, San Francisco, and Buffalo has to have some magic right?

Titans 26-24


Mr. F said...

I'm hoping to "accidentally" be passed out through most of the game after Travo-s Birthday Pub Crawl Bash!

Thenwake up to sweet non-stress filled victory. And a huge hangover.

Fortune said...

Do you think there is any chance Hutchinson has told Jared Allen how nice and funny of a guy Matt Hasselbeck is? And how if he dies on the field we will miss out on years of him being in the booth? Just wondering...

Bobby said...
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Erik said...

Turns out we have 3 Stingers this week. It's not just CLE @ DET but also BUF @ JAX and CIN @ OAK. 3 Stingers!? I mean we've all seen 2 before but this is crazy.

Bobby said...

Cincinatti is good Erik

Erik said...

Did I say they weren't?

Mr. F said...

Remind me what a stinger is?

Erik said...

A Stinger is when a game doesn't sell out. Ya know, just like Sting.

We can't put these games in the NFL Mix because then people that live in the blacked out markets could beat the system and watch the game. It would only be one-eighth of the screen, but they could still see it.

JamesF said...

Hey Bobby, what was that bullshit San Fransisco record you were so eagerly trying to shove down our throats this past weekend? Something about surpassing the Cardinals...whoops.