#9 Varsity Blues

Great football flick. One of the best!!! Lots of TnA, HOT ladies! And I don't even think VanDerBeek's accent is all that embarrassing.

Plus, Voight is a top ten hated asshole in the history of film.... in this movie. Otherwise he's swell.

And then... there's this:

Have a great day!


Pete said...

Fire that fuckin pigskin! Wooooohooo!!

If I remember correctly, the two Todds at Scotty's bachelor party recreated the beer can off the head football throw. They were both pretty hammered but Kaloper nailed it. Then Niger recreated the whip cream bikini and things got weird.

Mr. F said...

Umm... There's another e in Neiger.

Erik said...

I was having a conversation with someone who was explaining how her uncle was an actor who was in Varsity Blues and that he had a mustache. I got very excited (probably too excited) and said, "You mean Johnny Moxon's dad!? 'Fire that fuckin' pigskin!'" Turns out that yes, that was him. Unfortunately I hadn't been drinking heavily, otherwise I would have demanded his phone number and called him to tell him the I didn't want his life.

Mr. F said...

Did you fuck this girl?