#9 Varsity Blues

Great football flick. One of the best!!! Lots of TnA, HOT ladies! And I don't even think VanDerBeek's accent is all that embarrassing.

Plus, Voight is a top ten hated asshole in the history of film.... in this movie. Otherwise he's swell.

And then... there's this:

Have a great day!


Mr. F said...

Umm... There's another e in Neiger.

Erik said...

I was having a conversation with someone who was explaining how her uncle was an actor who was in Varsity Blues and that he had a mustache. I got very excited (probably too excited) and said, "You mean Johnny Moxon's dad!? 'Fire that fuckin' pigskin!'" Turns out that yes, that was him. Unfortunately I hadn't been drinking heavily, otherwise I would have demanded his phone number and called him to tell him the I didn't want his life.