NFL Picks 12

I really procrastinated this week so I've got no time for my usual wit.

Morning Games

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Atlanta's at home, sounds good.

Falcons 31-19

Miami @ Buffalo

Miami's always solid.

Dolphins 23-20

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Brown is the color of poop.

Bengals 28-10

Seattle @ St. Louis

Thanks to the lame-o's in St. Louis this game is a Stinger. It's probably best that not a lot of people see this one.

Seahwaks 24-14

Carolina @ New York Jets

Delhomme vs. Sanchez. I can't tell if this will be fun or just really really awful to watch.

Panthers 17-16

Washington @ Philadelphia

I got nothing.

Eagles 26-13

Indianapolis @ Houston

Houston almost beat Indy last time, and now they're at home. Upset City one way or the other. If the Texans lose Houston will be an upset city.

Texans 24-22

Afternoon Games

Kansas City @ San Diego


Chargers 35-13

Jacksonville @ San Francisco

Like I said last week, the Jags record is becoming pretty inflated, and here's another win for them ... maybe.

Jaguars 20-17

Chicago @ Minnesota

Can't go with Cutler. The rule is still in effect.

Vikings 31-14

Arizona @ Tennessee

VY! God bless him.

Titans 24-21

Sunday Night

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

I'm not sure I can get behind Dennis Dixon, but I'll bet the Steelers can get behind with Dennis Dixon.

Ravens 20-13

Monday Night

New England @ New Orleans

Saints 42-31

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Mr. F said...

VY! God blessED him.