Chicks dig HCM

If our followers are any indication, we have a fanbase that is comprised of 50% females. We are breaking down all stereotypes concerning sports and entertainment blogs. Congrats to us all on being such a revolutionary site!


Hats off to you, Dan Harmon

Who is he? He is the man with $150,000 lying around to donate to the Cougar Basketball Excellence Fund. Now our boys will be flying charter style on the road this season like they deserve.


Not everyone happy about Willingham losing his job

Upset UW Student


1st Weekly Hate Post Towards The NBA

I love how everyone thinks this home court advantage for OKC is sooooo awesome! Guess what, when our owners weren’t moving the team, we packed the Key and it was one of the toughest, if not THE toughest places to play.

Congrats OKC, you were a great home crowd for the half a season of the Hornets game two years ago. Big F'n deal!!! Try it for a couple of years and have a losing teams on your hands, and watch how many free agents you can attract to your po-dunk town. Losers.

Phew... sorry about that. It’s too bad cuz I want to root for Durant and Green, but I cant wait for this franchise to become the joke of the NBA. They're well on their way with the unis and colors. Screw you Bennet.


State of Cougar Football

I just bought NCAA Football 09 for my PS3 (I think it just came out on Tuesday) and was shocked to see how not accurate the WSu roster was. Having completed rosters in the past, I know that only the insignificant schools tend to have the least accurate rosters. I think the best example of how far we have fallen is that they didn't bother to place a kicker on the roster. Thanks EA.


Henry Cotto on Facebook

So I searched Henry Cotto on a search engine website called google.com. Our website appears on the second page of listings, however, I found some other interesting info. There was a listing for a Henry Cotto on Facebook. Now the picture is very small, so I could not be sure if it was THE Henry Cotto, but perhaps one of you could make the positive ID.


If this is actually him I would assume that we should all "friend" him instantly. Let me know what you guys think.

This has to be discussed


Can you imagine the business this palce would do?!?

Nothing gets you over a big loss like a lap dance until you mess your jeans. What better way to cap of a sweep of the Oakland A's than a lap dance until you mess your jeans! The Seahawks just won another division title? How about a lap dance until you mess your jeans?

Great news for all of us! What do you think gang?


An oldie but a goody

Emmitt Smith put Vince Young into perspective

On ESPN Monday Night Countdown, Emmitt Smith really did a good job of explaining why it was good for Vince Young to be the Titan's backup QB right now. "Vince's first 3 years were a transitional year," said Emmitt as he pointed out that Young was starting to learn an NFL offense. It looks like Vince is on his way to being a real student of the game.

Hello world...

My name is Leonard...



Biggest Disappointments in the NFL

Don't worry about the state of the Seahawks as apparently we were not supposed to be very good. The always informative crew on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown just had a discussion on the biggest disappointment this year. They discussed the Cowboys, Chargers and Colts. They al;l said Dallas was the obvious choice. It's nice to know that we don't even get a mention as being disappointed - clearly we were expected to be a horrible team this year by ESPN. This probably also explains why there are no Monday Night football games.


Request for HCM Nation

Loyal readers (we need to come up with a name for the gang... I suggest HCM hairs, but that's just off the top of my head), I remind you FOLLOW (YES!) Jake's lead, and sign up as a follower of this blog. If for nothing else, than to stroke our enormous egos.

Thank you HCM Hairs!!!


College Football Game Features 116 TD-Saving Tackles

EAST LANSING, MI – According to play-by-play announcer Brad Nessler, last Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Michigan State had a grand total of 116 touchdown-saving tackles. "There was a whole lotta green in front of him on that one." Nessler said over 100 times during the broadcast. "If he doesn’t get tripped up there he might still be running."
After a 3rd quarter run by Michigan St. RB Javon Ringer, Nessler remarked, "Whoa boy, he almost broke that one for 6." Ringer was gang tackled on the play after a 4-yard gain. It was unclear at the time, however, if Nessler had meant 6 yards or 6 points. He later cleared things up by saying that he did, in fact, mean 6 points.
A very peculiar play occurred in the 4th Quarter, on which Nessler commented, "Well I’ll tell ya. If they didn’t line up in that formation and snap the ball to the kneeling Quarterback, who then held it for the Kicker to kick through the uprights, they may have had a touchdown on that play."
In fact, in Nessler’s view there were only 7 plays that did not feature a touchdown-saving tackle; each play resulted in a touchdown.



Culpepper should sign with the hawks


looks like he wants to come back, it would be the best chance for him to play and win.


New M's GM is big news...

But I think this is bigger:

Finn (Seattle, WA): Is Loaded playing around here anytime soon?

Duff McKagan: (3:26 PM ET ) Yes, we are playing the KSRW Christmas Show on Dec. 12.

How many of you can say you chatted with a rock god on ESPN.com? Three or four of you tops!

Mariners New GM

Free season tickets for whoever can pronounce his name.

Jack Zduriencik



Nice Form (Forearm)

Im sure many of you have already seen this but I had to put it on here, for Jake.

This week's number.....


as in our beloved Cougar football team is now 118th out of 119 teams in both points scored per game (13.9) and points against per game (48.1). A special thanks to Wyoming and North Texas for keeping us out of dead last respectively.



Thanks Jake

For becoming our first follower (or mustacheer). Our blog is dedicated to the likes of you and Hugh. I doubt "mark" would ever become a follower.

SportsCenter anchor Cindy Brunson chimes in on the Cougs chances this weekend

Quick update on my ESPN chat dealings, this time with WAZZU Alumni Cindy Brunson:

Finn (Seattle, WA): 43 pt. spread for the Cougs this week. Think we can beat it?

Cindy Brunson: (12:12 PM ET ) Finn -- that game will likely go down as the WORST loss for WAZZU in school history (for a 2nd time this season!)

She doesn't like our chances. At least she responded... unlike some female anchors. I'm looking at you Michelle Bonner.


Black DE Has Non-Stop Motor

BRISTOL, CT – Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski recently made an interesting discovery in the ESPN tape library. "While watching film in preparation for this Monday’s Broncos – Patriots game I spent a great deal of time focused on Defensive End Tim Crowder. To my surprise Mr. Crowder has a non-stop motor. I had expected him to be more of a raw, natural athlete, but he proved me wrong on multiple occasions."
Non-stop motors have long been a quality held solely by Caucasian football players, however, with this monumental discovery, that racial barrier has been broken. "This is a huge day for African-American athletes," said ESPN studio analyst Tom Jackson, "When I came into the league I had to be a natural athlete just to have a chance. But after hearing that Tim Crowder has a non-stop motor, the doors are now open for a new generation of black football players."
Those open doors are exactly what local African-American man Gerald Washington is hoping to walk through. "Coming out of college, I didn’t get drafted, I couldn’t even get signed. My agent kept telling all the scouts, ‘This kid’s got a non-stop motor! Check him out.’ But they wouldn’t listen, they said to call back when I was a raw athlete." Now, however, the 27 year-old Washington sees a light at the end of the tunnel. "After hearing about Tim Crowder, I’m ready to give the NFL another shot. I mean if he can do it, so can I. Before I’m through the world is gonna know the name Gerald Washington!"

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer of this article could not recall the interviewee’s actual name. The alias "Gerald Washington" was substituted)

The impact of the Crowder news remains to be seen, however, one analyst certainly expects big changes. "The revelation that is the non-stop motor of Tim Crowder," said Jaworski, "will forever alter the way we look at the sport of football." As of press time Crowder had 0 tackles through 6 games.

Fun With Numbers

I thought that because everyone thinks top 5 lists are cool we could take a deeper look at the number 5.

I bet most of you are not aware of the difference in points allowed between our beloved Cougar football team and our even more beloved Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low Sweet 16 participant WSU basketball team. You probably guessed correctly, thanks to my huge hint at the top. 51 - 56, 5 fucking points. (that's for you La Quinta)


A Tough Call

So my buddy from Seattle who lives down here asked me if I wanted to go to the first Thunder-Clippers game this season. Like you, my first response was, "Of course not, that would be torture." Then we thought about it and we came up with an interesting plan. What if we went decked out in Sonics gear and just booed constantly, generally creating an unpleasant experience for everyone around us. We would also bring in inflammatory signs that attacked Bennett, Schultz and Stern, maybe Nickels as well. Of course, they would probably try to confiscate these signs at the door, which is why would use the classic trick of leaving one side blank and sneaking in a marker.

However, the more I think about it, maybe I don't even want to bother giving the NBA money at this point.

So I'm looking to all of you for advice. What do you think, what would you do in my position?

Jim Zorn loves ex-Seahawks


I wish we had him coaching us next year.

top 5 eighties pop songs

bizarre love triangle | new order
take on me | a-ha
tainted love | soft cell
how soon is now? | the smiths
i melt with you | modern english

top 5 lists

As sports have gained popularity and moved off the posters that adorn to the walls of young, young boys' room to the front pages of the new york times, so too has henry's stache grown in popularity enough to truly enter the world of pop culture (thanks for the post Hugh). To embark into the uncharted territory that is sports entertainment, we will be posting top 5 lists that show a clear definitive rank on very specialized pop culture topics. These lists will be ranked from best to almost best and will spark the lively debate that our sports topics regularly generate. My apologies in advance to fortune as this will all but eliminate his ability to participate.


Sports Rule!

I really don't have anything to say. Just thought we could all use a place to bitch and moan. Basically thank god for Kyle Weaver and our trip to the sweet 16 otherwise I think I'd have lost all faith in... whatever. What did we do to deserve this?!?


Brett Favre: "I Hate Football."

NEW YORK – In a stunning turn of events, Jets Quarterback Brett Favre revealed at a press conference Friday that he, in fact, hates football. "It’s just not fun," Favre announced to a throng of shocked reporters, "I can see why some people might like it, but it’s just not for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong it’s a decent job, and it pays well. But the hours aren’t that great, and working Sundays kind of blows."
The comments came as a surprise to say the least. "I always thought Brett just loved the game," said a choked up Chris Berman, "He looked like a kid out there, celebrating and running around. It always seemed like he had a peaceful, easy feeling, and that he really knew how to take it easy." Berman went on to quote the titles of 8 more songs by The Eagles. When questioned about his on-field antics Favre responded with the following. "What you mean like throwing snowballs at my teammates? I did that because I actually wanted to start a snowball fight. I was hoping other guys would join in and we could maybe stop the game for a while, I was getting pretty bored."
Some in the crowd wondered why Favre would come out of retirement if he indeed despised playing as much as he says. "I needed the cash. We’re building a new pool at my house with a waterslide and I was a little strapped, so I figured I could use a couple extra mill. It's gonna be a pretty big waterslide."


A striking Resemblance

Looks like no one warned Lane Kiffin about taking the Oakland job .....
.... IT'S A TRAP!

Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble

After multiple failed attempts to sign into this "blog" and an ingenious switch to firefox, I'm finally here.
I've sat idly by for months reading uninspired posts and petty responses. I'm prepared to put an end to the malaise by injecting some life into this stagnant cess-pool. (I thank all those who voted for me!)
As a sports watching professional I feel qualified to bring you all the hard-hitting, insightful posts that are sure to follow. With that being said my first post will probably be a silly picture.

-Erik "Mr. Sports" Andersen

Objectionable Content

According to the La Quinta hotel in San Diego - this website contains objectionable content. Now La Quinta may be my standard bearer for what is appropriate in this crazy world, but I take issue with this blatant attempt to keep the Fairmont down.

Fairmont Forever

It happened...

I was watching SportsCenter last night and I saw my first "Thunder" highlight.

I felt like someone had ripped my guts out and spit in my face. It felt awful. Oh my god this sucks.

I couldn't even change the channel. I don't know why but I couldn't. The NBA is completely ruined.


Mariners Skipper Search Ends

There is only one guy who knows what it is going to be like to watch all 162 games up close next year. (Its not the dude with the bat)



The Jump is taking the B&B Burger off the menu at the end of this month. What a heavenly run it has had. You will be missed.

Spam email

- This nothing to do with sports and/or entertainment, but I just received the most intriguing subject line to a spam email.... maybe of all time:

extreme cat rape

I didn't click in.

- In other HCM news... we're still working on getting erik his posting rights. WE DON'T FLAKE OUT! He'll be here soon.

- Also, I posted a picture at the bottom of the page that will probably go unnoticed unless mentioned. SO I'm mentioning it.

-Umm..... HOGMAN.



Congratulations to reader "erik" who, in a much closer race than I anticipated, edged out "mark in the race to join us as posters at hcm!

Wanamaker... could you get on allowing erik the correct rights to start his own threads please?

Congrats to all our other vote recipients... mark. (I'm guessing you toggled the modes)

Better luck next month.

erik... looking forward to your first thread!