1st Weekly Hate Post Towards The NBA

I love how everyone thinks this home court advantage for OKC is sooooo awesome! Guess what, when our owners weren’t moving the team, we packed the Key and it was one of the toughest, if not THE toughest places to play.

Congrats OKC, you were a great home crowd for the half a season of the Hornets game two years ago. Big F'n deal!!! Try it for a couple of years and have a losing teams on your hands, and watch how many free agents you can attract to your po-dunk town. Losers.

Phew... sorry about that. It’s too bad cuz I want to root for Durant and Green, but I cant wait for this franchise to become the joke of the NBA. They're well on their way with the unis and colors. Screw you Bennet.

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Fortune said...

Not to mention their record