College Football Game Features 116 TD-Saving Tackles

EAST LANSING, MI – According to play-by-play announcer Brad Nessler, last Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Michigan State had a grand total of 116 touchdown-saving tackles. "There was a whole lotta green in front of him on that one." Nessler said over 100 times during the broadcast. "If he doesn’t get tripped up there he might still be running."
After a 3rd quarter run by Michigan St. RB Javon Ringer, Nessler remarked, "Whoa boy, he almost broke that one for 6." Ringer was gang tackled on the play after a 4-yard gain. It was unclear at the time, however, if Nessler had meant 6 yards or 6 points. He later cleared things up by saying that he did, in fact, mean 6 points.
A very peculiar play occurred in the 4th Quarter, on which Nessler commented, "Well I’ll tell ya. If they didn’t line up in that formation and snap the ball to the kneeling Quarterback, who then held it for the Kicker to kick through the uprights, they may have had a touchdown on that play."
In fact, in Nessler’s view there were only 7 plays that did not feature a touchdown-saving tackle; each play resulted in a touchdown.

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