Brett Favre: "I Hate Football."

NEW YORK – In a stunning turn of events, Jets Quarterback Brett Favre revealed at a press conference Friday that he, in fact, hates football. "It’s just not fun," Favre announced to a throng of shocked reporters, "I can see why some people might like it, but it’s just not for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong it’s a decent job, and it pays well. But the hours aren’t that great, and working Sundays kind of blows."
The comments came as a surprise to say the least. "I always thought Brett just loved the game," said a choked up Chris Berman, "He looked like a kid out there, celebrating and running around. It always seemed like he had a peaceful, easy feeling, and that he really knew how to take it easy." Berman went on to quote the titles of 8 more songs by The Eagles. When questioned about his on-field antics Favre responded with the following. "What you mean like throwing snowballs at my teammates? I did that because I actually wanted to start a snowball fight. I was hoping other guys would join in and we could maybe stop the game for a while, I was getting pretty bored."
Some in the crowd wondered why Favre would come out of retirement if he indeed despised playing as much as he says. "I needed the cash. We’re building a new pool at my house with a waterslide and I was a little strapped, so I figured I could use a couple extra mill. It's gonna be a pretty big waterslide."


wanamaker said...

Speaking of stunning turn of events

Mr. F said...

I think I agree with Brett right now.