A Tough Call

So my buddy from Seattle who lives down here asked me if I wanted to go to the first Thunder-Clippers game this season. Like you, my first response was, "Of course not, that would be torture." Then we thought about it and we came up with an interesting plan. What if we went decked out in Sonics gear and just booed constantly, generally creating an unpleasant experience for everyone around us. We would also bring in inflammatory signs that attacked Bennett, Schultz and Stern, maybe Nickels as well. Of course, they would probably try to confiscate these signs at the door, which is why would use the classic trick of leaving one side blank and sneaking in a marker.

However, the more I think about it, maybe I don't even want to bother giving the NBA money at this point.

So I'm looking to all of you for advice. What do you think, what would you do in my position?


Hugh Jardon said...

Yes it is too bad the Sonics moved because Clay and David Stern can get married in Washington. I am sure they do their own daisy chain on a regular basis.

Mr. F said...

I say you go, definitely decked out in Sonics gear. Tough call on the booing though... I mean it wasn't the players faults. Nick Collison has defended Seattle the entire time, and I heard somewhere the PJ says he's miserable in Oklahoma (who wouldn't be?).

Bring signs. Signs that hate on Stern mostly and some on Bennett. You should also wear a Sonics jersey and have a sign offering your jersey to one of the players. Get there for shoot arounds so they can really see it. Something like:

"Hey Durant, those jerseys suck... Want mine?"

I'll bet they take you up on it.

Erik said...

Yes, I like these suggestions, only I don't have a jersey down here, and the only ones I did have were old Kemp's.
Also, there's a slight problem, the first game the Old Sonics play down here is against the Clippers on Jan. 23. Which, of course, isn't for a while. HOWEVAH, they play the Lakers in a preseason game next Friday that will be on ESPN. Is this the one to go to? I mean there will probably be less of a crowd, so more opportunity for screen time. But, it's preseason, so it might be kind of a lame place to "make a statement."

What do you think?

Erik said...

Ok, now there's another problem with that. The game is in Ontario, Ca, which is about an hour away. And the cheapest! ticket online is $60. That's fucking outrageous. I'll try to sniff around for something cheaper. But that kind of blows.

wanamaker said...

A blank side on the sign and sneaking in a marker? That's brilliant. You should definitely do this. Why hasn't anyone thought of this earlier?

At any rate, I'm of the opinion to not give them any money, but you will for sure get on TV (They televise Clippers games right?), which would be a great FU to Oklahomans.