Day 3

Finally Day 3 is here! After a trade yesterday the Seahawks now have 7 picks today, including 2 in the first 10 picks.


Round 3

The 3rd round actually matters know since the Seahawks have traded into it.

Day 2 Coverage

Michael Lombardi thinks Colin Kaepernick will go in the first three picks of the 2nd round.


Day One Review and PPTWs for Days 2 & 3

The first round has come and gone and as expected there were a few surprises. The running thread has all the thoughts as the round went along, but it's probably best to take a look at one of the bigger surprises: James Carpenter at #25.

Running Draft Thread

Only 12 minutes to go! I'll be posting any comments from here on out on this thread. Please share your thoughts too.

Atlanta and Cleveland

It looks like Atlanta might trade up to #6 to select one of the top two WRs. AJ Green will likely be gone, but Julio Jones should be there.

The Final Mock

It is finally here: The Final Mock.

This is the one that is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. So without any further ado:

1. Carolina – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

2. Denver – Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

3. Buffalo – Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

4. Cincinnati – A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

5. Arizona – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

Click read more for picks 6 - 32 and Round 2

Potential Seahawks

With the draft just hours away, I thought I would take a look at how each of the Seahawks' picks could shake out.

Cowboys and Patriots?

Mort's reporting that the Cowboys and Patriots are talking about a possible swap with the idea being the Pats want Cameron Jordan.


Jason LaCanfora thinks that Andy Dalton could go #8 to the Titans. Not sure about that one. Sounds like Dave Razzano may have been his source on this one.

Early Draft Day Buzz

It sounds like the Bengals are actively shopping the #4 pick. It seems that they want to move down and take Andy Dalton.

Patriots aren't very high on any of the 3-4 DEs at #17. Might look to the o-line.


Draft Mailbag

We had an overwhelming number of questions mailed in from the Mustacheers regarding all sorts of draft topics. I have selected the very best and answered them in this year's Draft Mailbag


Draft Guru Pete - taking it to a whole new level!!!

I've just gotten confirmation that Draft Guru Pete has FINISHED his FINAL mock draft for the 2011 NFL Draft!!!

I know, I know settle down. It will be released tomorrow evening in time for Thursday's opening round. Until then... this will just have to quench your thirst for draft info:

Ok... so you might not have learned a ton watching THAT... but it's pretty clear DGP has taken things to entirely new heights.

Check back tomorrow for Draft Guru Pete's final mock draft, and then continue to follow the number one draft site (.... it's us you fools!) all draft weekend long while DGP brings you running diaries, draft day recaps, winners, losers, surprises, and the always exciting PPTW (Pete's Players to Watch).

Stay tuned for all the hot draft action!


The Official HCM Mock Draft

Your party hosts all got together and did a crazy make-em-up where we were the GMs of the teams in the NFL. I took the AFC, Mr. F had the NFC East, Sean had the NFC West, Matt had the NFC North, and Erik had the NFC South. We mocked the first round and had a great time doing it (except for when Sean set the Seahawks back three years with his pick). Enjoy!


With the #1 pick I select Patrick Peterson CB, LSU.

Might seem crazy but let's think about this. From what I've read the consensus is that Peterson or Marcell Dareus is the best player in the draft. With the league as it is, someone who can help shut down the opposing team's passing game is more valuable than someone who can help shut down the run game. So why not just draft the best player first?

Also, I don't want some guy with a fake smile or the first name Blaine.


Welcome to The Mock

The Draft is just 10 days away. There are still a lot of questions to be answered between now and then. Please send me any questions that you may have and I will answer them in my fan-favorite Annual Draft Mailbag post. But for now, let's get to the new Mock Draft:

1. Carolina – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
Let's get Da Schwam's take on this pick: "Cam 'Wayne' Newton says 'danke schon' to the Panthers for taking him first overall. What a long strange trip it's been for Cam. Normally I would say that's the way the cookie crumbles, but Cam 'Fig' Newton isn't a cookie, he's fruit and cake."

2. Denver – Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama
A good pick for the shitty Broncos.

3. Buffalo – Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M
I think the Bills will make the right choice and go with the impact defender. He would be an upgrade over any of the current pass rushers on their roster. They can take Miller here and then look for a QB at the start of Round 2.


The 12th man, eh?

This was forward to the HCM offices just moments ago, and is to be considered BREAKING NEWS!!! (well... almost two years old... but... whatever...).

"Brought to my attention by a friend after I told him about Josh Lucas being a Hawks fan and delivering an epic flag raising....

Per Wikipedia...

"On Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 16, 2009, he said he was an avid fan of the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League, even joining the Bills Backers of LA.[17]"

What a punch to the nuts"

Thanks to Mustacheer EP for forwarding this tragic news.

I propose a boycott of Mr. Lucas's next steamy pile of shit movie.


Interesting Masters Photo

Most of you heard that Rory McIlroy choked on Sunday, shot 80, and blew his chance at getting to wear a green jacket. I remember how pissed I was the last time I shot 80, and I wasnt even playing in the Masters.  But big frickin deal, like me, he probably wont shoot 80 again and he will get to wear a green jacket someday The most interesting thing to come out of Augusta passed on to us by loyal mustacheer Polson:

Who is that giving Rory a two handed hand-shake?  Sure as hell looks like WWE Superstar Shane McMahon to me.  There are two possible things going on in this picture.

1.  If you look at Shane's right bicep you will notice it is huge.  He is obviously flexing trying to crush Rory's hand and any future shot at being a champion.  He's telling him "I retired the undefeated European Champ and I expect to die that way!"

2. Most people dont know this but Holywood, Northern Ireland is widely known as the Greenwich, Connecticut of Northern Ireland.  What wrestler would be your idol if you were a ten year old growing up in Holywood, Northern Ireland.  Maybe the European Champ who grew up in your sister city and had the baddest group of buddies ever.  I think Rory was walking away after blowing the most prestigious golf tournament and was blinded by the setting sun reflecting off that right bicep.  He looked over and saw that is was Shane McMahon, his boyhood idol.  He ran over and told him that he always dreamed about being the 5th member of the Mean Street Posse.  Shane, feeling so sorry for this guy, called Pete Gas, who called Rodney, who called Joey Abs.  Luckily for Rory they were just outside the gates of the Augusta, GA golf course since Shane wouldnt buy them tickets.  And then Shane McMahon made Rory McIlroy the happiest depressed little Irishman on Earth:


Pineda first impressions

Dude works fast. So even if he ends up NOT being the next Felix I'll still kind of like him.

Let's just hope that's a plus and not the only reason we like him like another HCM fave. (see one of the first posts ever on this site)

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I didn't read the article... cuz who has time for that kind of nonsense... but the headline suggested that Bedard didn't pitch well. Now I have to admit... I didn't watch the game. I was watchignt hat clinic of a championship hoops game. I know he gave up some runs... but it was against the hottest lineup in baseball. Did he really look all that bad?



Watching 'Mania with my bros. The Rock opened things up and now they've started the matches a world heavyweight title match.

A poor man's Razor Ramon called Alberto DelRio and a sloooooow Edge.

Off to a bad start.

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Opening day thoughts

Here we go...

I'll bet the Oakland faithful are really gonna let jack cust have it.

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