What would be more dangerous than wearing an opponents jersey to a game?

How about wearing a Lebron Miami Heat Jersey to the Jake! The best part about this video isnt even him, check out his lady friend.

Now here is something to get excited about

Congrats to Kenji Johjima for hitting 4 homers to win whatever they call the Japanese Homerun Derby.


The last time I enjoyed sports.

Seriously. Not juuuust Appleby (was that his name?) blowing Weaver during an and one... I think the Cougs Sweet Sixteen team was the last team that returned any of my fandom with some sort of success.

Please tell me I'm forgetting something else.

Oh and Dale?

<===== Kyle Weaver is the one in crimson.


First there's a brand new team oh heels to root against, and now those clowns that stole our frnachise might be on the verge of releasing the 2nd greatest college basketball player of all time (right behind "The Show") in Kyle Weaver, meaning he could soon be suiting up for another franchise?!?! Is it possible that Mr. F could be taking his fan talents back to the NBA??!?! ...

... Probably not. But at least Weaver is free... even if it means playing in Europe.


Local man shows the Mariners how he feels about the season

Local man, we'll call him "Dan", shows the Mariners how he feels about this year's season:

They'll turn it around Dan. Don't worry. Go Mariners.

Tough Enough?

Jerry Crasnick wrote about available relief pitchign at the trade deadline. The article mentions Aardsma and League, which is fine... but the first couple lines of #9 made me laugh which is why I'm posting this here:


I think we've done this before, but there's been a lot of roster turnover lately. Who's taking care of business when the shit hits the fan in a brawl for the M's?

Branyan, obviously, but who else? Smoak? Too young?


R.I.P. Lou Brown

As I'm sure you've heard by now... baseball lost one of the greats.

Former Clevelans Indians Manager Lou Brown passed away.

I don't have a ton to say here, but maybe we can get a decent thread going about this great man.

Here's a pic from one of my favorite scenes:

"Ooooh, I don't know..."

You're the best Lou!


Christian Bale vs. Mel Gibson

This has nothing to do with sports and we had nothing to do with building it.

We've all heard the epic Christian Bale Rant. Hopefully you've heard the EPIC Mel Gibson rant.


Now here's both these class acts going at it in in a mashed up prank phone call. Just fantastic stuff:


Hat Tip to NIKE

They nailed this commercial, and we realize what a bunch of douchebags the Cincinatti Reds broadcasters are.

Steinbrenner dead.

Don't worry. No mean jokes.


I'll remember him fondly... like Larry David's impression, and as a decent SNL Host. Plus, love it or hate it, he gave a shit about winning and would do whatever it took. All fans should be lucky enough to get an owner like that!

RIP George Steinbrenner


Uwwwaaauggh, I'm on a Highway to Hall

According to a reliable source Chris Berman is going to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, presumably for making those "Woop!" noises on NFL Primetime. Here's a representative from the HOF informing Berman of the news:

Anyway, I'm sure you'll hear more about this when Berman names this as his #1 "Play" of the Week, unless there was some sort of NASA mission or something, which would obviously take the top spot instead. The real suspense now comes in waiting to hear how many classic rock songs Berman quotes or hilariously alters slightly in his speech. As you can see, I've already submitted one as the title to this post, anybody else have some others?


What would you do if Ichiro elbowed you in the face?

While everyone was caught up in Lebronamania, Jason Vargas took the mound to face the Yankees. For some reason not a lot of people were watching. Here is some awesome footage:




Good thing we let this guy hang out in Cleveland for the first part of the season. Can I intereset anyone in some Casey Kotchman rookie cards?