The Best Idea Ever

As we all know, the Mariners improved by 24 games last year due in large part to great defensive play. This year, the M's have continued their foray into finding fantastic fielding (that's alliteration homes) with the acquistions of Kotchman, Figgins and even Eric Byrnes. This trend is actually getting quite a bit of national attention, and it was even the subject of an article in the March 1st issue of Sports Illustrated.

Now, I know many of you are planning on attending the home opener this season, and there's a good chance some buffoonery will be involved. In light of the team's mindset and your most likely drunken state, I propose you try to start the first ever DE-FENSE chant at a baseball game. If there were ever a time for it this would be it. I'm not sure what inning would be best, maybe even the 1st, I don't know, that's for you to decide. All I do know is this could work, and it could be the most important thing you ever do in your lives.


Lack of Posts

Sorry been busy!

BUT!!! The Seahawks won! Yayy!!!

Cougs gave em all they could handle but came up a little short.

We'll do better on the posts soon. Promise!

I was thinking Best Player for each team should be the next series of polls.

Let's start with the Supersonics.

Who should be on the list?


He's Heating Up!

After getting off to a slow start Bauer's been getting down to business lately. 4 kills last night and 6 in the last 2 weeks. This brings him to 9 for the day, which is now 1/3 of the way done. That puts him on track for 27 kills for the day, which would be a little under our consensus. So, even with his ramped up efforts of late, he could still use a warehouse full of terrorists here or there. (5,8 & 0. There, now I've used all the number keys in this post.)


Best of the Decade

We're a month off... but let's get started with Best of the Decade!!!!

I decided start off with best teams!

Only problem is...

Each sport: MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB... each team had a pretty clear cut best team. (with a few exceptions). So I just lumped them all together for one big Best Team of the Decade survey.

Here are the nominees:

- Seattle Mariners 2001, 116 wins ties an all time record
- Seattle Supersonics 2004-05, surprised everyone and won the division and advanced to the second round of the playoffs
- Washington Huskies 2005, underachieving #1 seed
- Washington Huskies 2006, sweet 16 team
- Washington State Cougars 2007, sweet 16 team
- Washington Huskies 2001, Rose Bowl win
- Washington State Cougars 2003, lost the Rose Bowl, rebounded to win the Holiday Bowl... all in one year! It's true look it up!
- Seattle Seahawks 2005, got screwed over in the Superbowl.

Ok, so there are the nominees. Let's get some serious participation going to get this party started right! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


What now?

Seriously, what now?

Should we get into those best of the decade lists? No one seemed real interested. Then again, no one seems real interested about anything on here.




So in the end we pretty much got what we all expected as the Super Bowl match-up. All of us except for this guy of course. You might think that a match-up of the 1 seeds in the Super Bowl is very predictable, however, this is the first time it's happened since Super Bowl XXVIII, so stop thinking stupid shit like that ok? The Colts and Saints have proven once and for all that it's always best to back your way into the playoffs and respect the integrity of the game as little as possible. Their seasons have mirrored each other in many ways. Both won at least their first 13 games, both had prolific passing attacks led by top-notch QBs, both of them played indoors, both of them have Pierres (not enough has been made of this), both of them fielded 53 players each week, all of their players wore helmets while playing (except for the Saints' long snapper Shecky Ferguson who has stated that playing without a helmet is "All he knows"). So, as you can see, these teams have been inexorably linked all year. So who will win?

Colts 31-20

Why? They haven't really lost yet; and we all know that teams that come in to the Super Bowl undefeated always win.

And now for some extra picks (I got the lines from a reputable sports gaming website. Well most of them anyway.):

-Over/Under 57: Obviously I'm going Under here.
-MVP: Peyton Manning. Why overthink this? If they win it's because of him.
-Coin Toss: I'm feeling Saints on this one.
-Brees's 1st Pass: Complete!
-Over/Under 1:42 on the National Anthem: Under. I think Underwood takes care of business.
-Player to Score 1st TD: Joseph Addai (Although Shecky Ferguson is getting good odds.)
-Over/Under 1.5 Times CBS Will Show Tony Dungy: Over. This is my lock of the week, I mean, this might be a winner before kick-off, assuming he's going to be at the game of course ...
-Over/Under .5 Times Anyone Mentions Super Bowl XL At Any Time. Pre-game Included: Under. This game has more or less been forgotten by the general public, and thank God for that.
-Over/Under 9.5 Beers I Drink: I'm gonna go over. Especially if I'm wrong about that last pick.

Ok, so there ya go. Please comment with your picks.


Who says Freddy is past his Prime?

It's February which means baseball is right around the corner. To celebrate this fact teams around the country are having "Fanfests". You and I had the opportunity to stand in line for 3 hours last weekend to trot around the bases, or even catch a pop fly! Maybe if we were really lucky we wouldve bumped into Doug Fister. Some lucky White Sox fans had their dream of meeting Freddy Garcia come true


137,000,000 to 1

I was scanning through some US Census data at work this morning. After crunching some numbers, I discovered that these would be the odds that somebody named Pierre would be looking at when dreaming about becoming an NFL Player. For those of you who don't know, the New Orleans Saints have a running back named Pierre Thomas. Couple that with the fact that Pierre Garcon (sorry I dont know how to do that squiggly thing) catches balls from Peyton Manning and we have quite a Superbowl subplot. Both of these guys have to be considered fortunate to even be in the NFL, correct? I tried to not only calculate the odds of multiple Pierres being in the NFL, and then playing each other in the championship game. Too bad my calculator has a character limit. I guess it doesn't matter what that number is, we know it's huge. A billion? A trillion?

As the clock winds down on Sunday night, and a champion is crowned, we will know once and for all who is the Luckiest Pierre.


Bauer Kills

Sorry for the lack of posts... been moving the home offices of HenryCottosMustache.com and now that we're situated you can count on the top notch blogging that you've come to know and respect to return FAST!

Anyway, Bauer had ZERO kills again.


I counted 3 kills for Delgo!

The writer's are really bringing Cole Ortiz along nicely! A real asset to the show so far.