The Best Idea Ever

As we all know, the Mariners improved by 24 games last year due in large part to great defensive play. This year, the M's have continued their foray into finding fantastic fielding (that's alliteration homes) with the acquistions of Kotchman, Figgins and even Eric Byrnes. This trend is actually getting quite a bit of national attention, and it was even the subject of an article in the March 1st issue of Sports Illustrated.

Now, I know many of you are planning on attending the home opener this season, and there's a good chance some buffoonery will be involved. In light of the team's mindset and your most likely drunken state, I propose you try to start the first ever DE-FENSE chant at a baseball game. If there were ever a time for it this would be it. I'm not sure what inning would be best, maybe even the 1st, I don't know, that's for you to decide. All I do know is this could work, and it could be the most important thing you ever do in your lives.


Mr. F said...

This is awesome. We will make this happen!!!

Bobby said...

I too, love this idea, but I think you need to plan it carefully. Because it doesnt make sense to randomly chant D-Fence throughout 9 innings, I think you need to find some specific criteria so fans know when to do the chant- for it to have any chance of catching on. I think it could work in the following instances:

1) If the fans chanted it every time your closer came on to save a close game, or a good middle reliever comes on to hold a lead late in the game. This way the chant could be attached to a certain player, making it more likely to stick.

2) If it used only in real tense situations in either a close game or a game when the M's are ahead. For example, top 7, M's are up 4-2, and the other team has bases loaded and one out. Would be a perfect time for a D-Fence chant.

Either way, this has about a 500% more likely chance of succeeding if you do your due dilligence and cut out a cardboard "D" and a cardboard fence.

I am letting it be known, that if the M's fail to capitalize on this, I will make sure it is implemented in San Francisco. Im thinking of also bringing this chant to the next college basketball game I go to.

Mr. F said...

I gotta disagree Bob! (anyone know that quote?)

I think just random launching into the chant is just epic. Seriously. Yours is good too though. Either way. Let's start the grass roots movement. Erik, facebook? Or wait a bit still?

Fu said...

rocket of the bottle variety?