Lack of Posts

Sorry been busy!

BUT!!! The Seahawks won! Yayy!!!

Cougs gave em all they could handle but came up a little short.

We'll do better on the posts soon. Promise!

I was thinking Best Player for each team should be the next series of polls.

Let's start with the Supersonics.

Who should be on the list?


Erik said...

Gary Payton
Shawn Kemp
Ray Allen
Steve Scheffler
Kevin Calabro
(I mean there's the 70s guys but I never saw them in person, so I can't really say.)

I'm not sure there's much of an argument on this one though.

Mr. F said...

Did Kemp play on the team this decade? Don't think so.

Scheffler definitely didn't.

Payton... not a huge impact, but he should still be up there.

Pete said...

If it's this decade we need to include:
Brent Barry
Jerome James (from the Kings series only)
Kevin Durant
Ibrahim Kutluay

jimi said...

we do not include Rashard. you should be ashamed of yourself Pete.

Mr. F said...

Gotta disagree Jimbo. Rashard put up some huge numbers for us. Had a great career as a Sonic. Even resigned here when his hometown team the Rockets were making a hard push. I don't blame him for bailing when Bennett took over. Who'd want to play for that fuckface anyway. And who'd want to play in the shit hole.

Besides all that... unlike my johnson, this Sonics list for the decade, is not very long and distinguished. We'll take who we can get on there.

Erik said...

For whatever reason, I was thinking all-time. So yeah, disregard most of my list.

But let's add the 2 dirtiest players in the game: Reggie Evans and Danny Fortson. And let's throw Nick Collison on there for being a badass.

jimi said...

Mr. F

First off, top notch Top Gun reference. Second, that waste of space quit on us in the playoffs. Unforgivable. He is a selfish baby punk, who should be treated as such.