Get out the Cristal

The Rays just won their 82nd game. It is officially mathmatically impossible for them to finish under .500. Unfortunately for them, that's several years shy of the M's record for years from inception to a winning record. Here's to expansion to see someone else give it a shot.


Top 5 Sonic Killers of All Time

I resisted the urge to put Stern, Bennett, and Shultz as 1 through 3...

5. Rex Chapman

4. "Thunder" Dan Marjele

3. Jim McIlvaine

2. Tony Parker

1. Matt Barnes (or maybe Michael Jordan)



This is just a good kharma post wishing Lofa the best. He made a mistake this offseason now a light sprain is a fine punishment, but nothing more.



low traffic

I didn't want it to come to this but traffic is too slow on this site. If traffic doesn't increase by weeks end I'll be going to the only subject I know that is guaranteed to get some hits... I rank my friend's wives.

What categories would you like to see gang?


Henry Cotto's Mustache

some facts about our hero. Henry Cotto has a bitchin mustache. He played for the Seattle Mariners from 1988 - 1993. He is currently the hitting coach on the Everett AquaSox. He was an original Florida Marlin. His mustache has mysterious powers.


Top 10 Tag Team Finishing manuevers

Since the last list gave us record traffic, I thought we'd try tag-teams as well.

10. Spike Piledriver, Powers of Pain

To be honest, I can't remember if this was their finisher or not. But even if it wasn't this, I mean, it had to be something bad ass. Did you see these dudes!?!? They were HUGE!!! This list was hard to make.

9. M N M, Snapshot

This move wasn't great, it's just the latest and possibly last tag team I know of that actually had a finishing move.

8. The Hardy Boys, Twist of Fate / Swanton Bomb

Can't put em any higher 'cuz it's really just two comboed single moves.

7. The Eliminators, LegSweep /Roundhouse

THis move was cool, but I guess I never really saw them do it.

6. The Rockers, Tons of shit...

I'd love to put these guys higher, but let's face it... they didn't have a signature finishing move. They could beat opponents any number of ways.

5. Demolition, Second rope elbow drop onto opponent who's being held over a knee.

Always looked painful

4. Hart Foundation, The one where the Anvil hold him up and then Hitman clotheslines the hell out of him.

3. Power & Glory, Super-Plex/Top Rope Body Splash

The most underrated finisher (until now) of all time. When they hit this timing right it was AWESOME!

2. Legion of Doom, Doomsday Device

There was always a chance that these guys would kill someone every time they tried this move.

1. The Dudley Boys, 3-D

Perfect finisher. Uses both members, and they could hit it out of nowhere. Good shit.

Thoughts gang?

Finished Top 30 Wrestling Finishers

Ok, so here's the updated final list:

30. The Rude Awakening, "Ravishing" Rick Rude
29. Sid's Insulting PowerBomb, Sid
28. The Mandible Claw, Mankind
27. The UnPrettier, Christian Cage
26. The Million Dollar Dream, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
25. The Jackhammer, Bill Goldberg
24. The Jackknife Powerbomb, Kevin Nash
23. Banzai Drop, Yokozuna
22. The Tazmission, Tazz
21. Angle Slam, Kurt Angle
20. Body Press/Big Splash Combo, The Ultimate Warrior
19. Figure-Four, Ric Flair
18. The Walls of Jericho, Chris Jericho
17. DDT, Jake "The Snake" Roberts
16. Frog Splash, Eddie Guerrero
15. The F-5, Brock Lesnar
14. Razor's Edge, Scott Hall
13. Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page
12. Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy
11. 5-Star Frog Splash, Rob Van Damn
10. Atomic Leg Drop, Hulk Hogan
9. Rock Bottom, The Rock
8. The Perfect-Plex, Mr. Perfect
7. The Pedigree, HHH
6. The Crippler Crossface, Chris "The Crippler (gulp)" Benoit
5. Sharpshooter, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart
4. Tombstone, The Undertaker
3. Elbow Drop off the top ropes, Randy "Macho Man" Savage
2. Sweet Chin Music, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
1. Stone Cold Stunner, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin


(Sorry Berzerker. Sorry Honky. Sorry Mantaur.)

MORE terrible Sonics news. Jesus.


I really hope this isn't true.



Ummm.. It seems like letting Washburn go on waivers would have been beneficial to the Ms. I'm not sure why they are convinced someone will take his salary and give good prospects in return. He is not good and in no way will help the Ms once they are ready to compete.

Is anyone else looking forward to a rotation of Washburn, Bautista, Silva, Jason Jennings, and Esteban Loiza?

Who wear jeans to a wedding part 2, revisited

Long time reader Julian Grimes did not take kindly to our polite ribbing of his wedding attire. Over the last couple of weeks he's gotten on all yoked out and is looking to kick some ass (no doubt steroids were involved, but let's save that topic for another day).

Be on the lookout for this man:


Top 30 Finishers in Wrestling History

(Oops, sort fo a first draft... we can revise after we receive input from our millions... and millions of the mustache readers)

I don't know how many of you saw the insulting YouTube video that claimed to rank the top 30 wrestling finishers of all time, but it was downright... insulting.

I found the real list, and there's no pictures or video, but it's official:

1. Stone Cold Stunner, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

2. Sweet Chin Music, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

3. Elbow Drop off the top ropes, Randy "Macho Man" Savage

4. Tombstone, The Undertaker

5. Sharpshooter, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart

6. The Crippler Crossface, Chris "The Crippler (gulp)" Benoit

7. The Pedigree, HHH

8. Rock Bottom, The Rock

9. The Perfect-Plex, Mr. Perfect

10. The F-5, Brock Lesnar

11. 5-Star Frog Splash, Rob Van Damn

12. Frog Splash, Eddie Guerrero

13. Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy

14. Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page

15. Razor's Edge, Scott Hall

16. DDT, Jake "The Snake" Roberts

17. The Walls of Jericho, Chris Jericho

18. Atomic Leg Drop, Hulk Hogan

19. Figure-Four, Ric Flair

20. Body Press/Big Splash Combo, The Ultimate Warrior

21. The Jackhammer, Bill Goldberg

22. Angle Slam, Kurt Angle

23. The Tazmission, Tazz

24. Twist of Fate, Matt Hardy

25. The UnPrettier, Christian Cage

26. Banzai Drop, Yokozuna

27. The Jackknife Powerbomb, Kevin Nash

28. The Million Dollar Dream, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

29. The Mandible Claw, Mankind

30. The Rocker Dropper, Marty Jannety

Stupid Spaniards

Has anyone seen the Spanish National Basketball team posing using their fingers to stretch back their eyes making them appear slanted. I guess this a poor attempt at racial humor by the squad.

Do yourself a favor and google the picture, as I am too lazy to hyperlink to it... it's exhausting.

But seriously...

Who in the hell thought this would be a good idea? Not one person on the team or the coachign staff or the photographer's team went: "You know what... let's hold off on the horribly racist team photo. Someone might take this blantantly racist act the wrong way."

I can't wait for the Redeem Deam to mop the floor with these racist rejects.

GO USA!!! Where racism would never exist!!


Terrible news

I don't know why I keep checking NBA pages... I guess I hope to see something about how the Sonics are coming back. Anyway, I just saw Sam Presti's latest move, and it left me feeling physically ill:


OKC Acquires Weaver

Sam Presti has added another building block to his roster. The Oklahoma City general manager on Monday acquired Kyle Weaver from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for a 2009 second-round draft pick. -- The Oklahoman

from ESPN Insider NBA Rumors page


This sucks so fucking much.

Presidential Campaign

I'd been torn on who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election until this morning when John McCain took a big lead.

Obama was on the radio doing a plug for Gregoire's campaign. If Obama supports that awful woman who helped eliminate one of my favorite things ever, well I guess he'll just have to do without my vote.

Sure he's probably just blindly supporting his party... but that's lame as well.

I hate Gregoire.

Go Sonics.


Things you notice when you are "working" from home

If you had abnormally large teeth wouldnt you find a way to not have your upper lip curl up to show them to the world. Or are his teeth normal size, they just appear to be so much larger than normal due to the fact his lip is always touching his gums?


Who wears jeans to a wedding? (part 2)

Something tells me this guy's 501's aren't quite as pricey as Nate's:


I'm not sure how I missed this, but I guess the M's finally cut Vidro. Or DFA'd him. Whatever. I think that makes me happier than the recent success of the M's.

It will be interesting to see how well the city of Seattle does with this team over the next couple of years. Hopefully management goes with the youth movement and just tries to rebuild. Knowing this city... attendance will plummet.

Maybe we can get some Diamond Club seats on the cheap!!!