Top 5 Sonic Killers of All Time

I resisted the urge to put Stern, Bennett, and Shultz as 1 through 3...

5. Rex Chapman

4. "Thunder" Dan Marjele

3. Jim McIlvaine

2. Tony Parker

1. Matt Barnes (or maybe Michael Jordan)


Erik said...

Is the Matt Barnes one a joke?

I've got a few for you, based mostly on playoffs of course.

-Anthony Peeler. I don't remember why exactly, but I remember that during the mid to late 90s we always said, "Oh great Peeler's playing, he's gonna kill us again."

-Jeff Hornacek. A few of those games in the Conference finals he went nuts-o on us, including Game 6 when he forced Dad to slam a hole in the wall.

-Robert Pack. I can't believe you didn't put him on here. I don't think anyone epitomized the absolute ridiculousness of that series like this guy. Where did he come from? How is he doing this? What the fuck is going on?

I'll let you know if I think of more.

Fortune said...

That's 5 too many on your list there pal. I think Clayton Bennett might be the ultimate Sonic Killer?

Don't Call Me Gabe said...

How about Howard Schultz?...maybe even throw the city of Seattle on there.

Mr. F said...

I sort of covered the Bennet and Shultz stuff in my opening post... thanks for reading boys. Although good point about the city of Seattle. I should have put Travis Southard on the Sonics Killer list since he didn't go to any games for the last couple of years. It's fans like him that cost our beautiful city it's most storied franchise. Dear god I hope he doesnt read this.

Also... Sean... I went top 10... so sue me. Thanks for stopping by though. Maybe ask your wife later if it's alright to make a post.

Julian said...

Nobody mentioned Vin Baker. Or does that go under top 5 fat worthless alcoholics with big contracts?

wanamaker said...

How about Howard Schultz?...maybe even throw the city of Seattle on there.