Top 30 Finishers in Wrestling History

(Oops, sort fo a first draft... we can revise after we receive input from our millions... and millions of the mustache readers)

I don't know how many of you saw the insulting YouTube video that claimed to rank the top 30 wrestling finishers of all time, but it was downright... insulting.

I found the real list, and there's no pictures or video, but it's official:

1. Stone Cold Stunner, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

2. Sweet Chin Music, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

3. Elbow Drop off the top ropes, Randy "Macho Man" Savage

4. Tombstone, The Undertaker

5. Sharpshooter, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart

6. The Crippler Crossface, Chris "The Crippler (gulp)" Benoit

7. The Pedigree, HHH

8. Rock Bottom, The Rock

9. The Perfect-Plex, Mr. Perfect

10. The F-5, Brock Lesnar

11. 5-Star Frog Splash, Rob Van Damn

12. Frog Splash, Eddie Guerrero

13. Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy

14. Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page

15. Razor's Edge, Scott Hall

16. DDT, Jake "The Snake" Roberts

17. The Walls of Jericho, Chris Jericho

18. Atomic Leg Drop, Hulk Hogan

19. Figure-Four, Ric Flair

20. Body Press/Big Splash Combo, The Ultimate Warrior

21. The Jackhammer, Bill Goldberg

22. Angle Slam, Kurt Angle

23. The Tazmission, Tazz

24. Twist of Fate, Matt Hardy

25. The UnPrettier, Christian Cage

26. Banzai Drop, Yokozuna

27. The Jackknife Powerbomb, Kevin Nash

28. The Million Dollar Dream, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

29. The Mandible Claw, Mankind

30. The Rocker Dropper, Marty Jannety


Erik said...

Alright, seems like a good list, I just have a few questions.

First off, why not number the list 30 to 1, so as to heighten the drama for the reader.

Secondly, I'm guessing tag team combo moves were not considered, otherwise Demoliton's back-breaker/elbow drop would surely have made it. As would Power and Glory's super-plex/big splash combo and LOD's.

I would say that Hogan's leg drop may have to be higher based only on its sheer effectiveness. The only people I can remember kicking out are the Warrior (Wrestlemania VI) and The Rock (Wrestlemania X-Seven), and let's be honest his legs had probably shrunk by then rendering the move far less potent. Of course, I'm not really sure what happened in WCW, I'm sure they probably had Billy Kidman kick out of it when he defeated Hogan on PPV.

The F-5 is too high on the list I say. It was fine, but not that great.

Here are some others to consider: The Camel Clutch, The Ankle Lock (Angle), the Texas Tornado's spin punch/iron claw combo. And lastly, Rowdy Roddy Piper's "Whatever Comes to Mind."

Erik said...

Oh, I also forgot to mention the Berzerker's "Throw Them to the Outside and Let Them Get Counted Out." Definitely a terrible omission by the both of us. This move was supremely effective, however, it was probably one of the main reasons Berzerker never won a title.

Mr. F said...

All fair points. I'd be willing to move around just about any of these. ANd good point about the 30 to 1.... oopsies.

ANd true to form, you've ruined another one of my upcoming threds,the tag team finishers. Buuuut... thank you for bringing up Power and Glory, cuz theirs was quite possibly the best when the excecuted it properly.

Piper... hilarious.

Let's get some more feedback and then I'll move Hogan's up, and Lesnar's down (although if we use your same criteria, I don't remember anyone ever kicking out of the f-5)

I used Angle already so Im not giving him two spots on the list. And I think the Angle Slam while probably a little easier to kick out of, was better than the Ankle lock since he took it from Shamrock anyway.

Gonna say no way to the Camel Clutch (unless a royal sceptre is involved) and Von Erich almost made it.

Mr. F said...

Wanamaker... if you can tell me what the Honkey Tonk Man's finisher was, I will gladly consider it. I'm serious... I have no idea if he ever used one.

Erik said...

Honky Tonk Man's was called "Shake Rattle and Roll" It was a swinging back-breaker of some sort.

I also just remembered the "Rude Awakening." Possibility?

And I definitely remember Angle kicking out of the F-5 at Wrestlemania XIX. In fact, I think he did it twice. Of course, you might not have such a clear memory ... glunk glunk.

Mr. F said...

Yes, Rick Rude I will add. I'll at the very least remove Marty Jannety. I thought that would cause some uproar... nope. Honky's move sucked then, and he's not going on here.

Two other's I thought about adding:

-Beefcake's sleeper hold
-Earthquake's uhm... big ass drop

Erik said...

Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything about Jannety, but he probably didn't belong. And as long as we're on Finn favorites, I'd have to say that Matt Hardy and Christian shouldn't be on there either. The moves never really achieved a high status.

I'll tell you one that did though: Sycho Sid's "Crowd Survey Power Bomb." Nothing added drama to a match like Sid turning to every side and corner of the crowd wondering if he should in fact, power bomb his opponent and win the match.
The greatest part is, I think he did it just to piss off the guy he was wrestling.

Mr. F said...

It's not like I put the Ghostbuster on there!

Twist of Fate... I guess you're right, we could lose that one too. But the UNprettier was a pretty inventive move, and he achieved quite a bit of success with in TNA. ANyway, we'll move it down.

As for Sid... well the Powerbomb is already kind of represented with Kevin Nash, but I guess we could put him in there too. Although if we're going with dickhead showboating moves, why not put Finlay's fore-arm to the face pin. If that Irish-fuck tried that shit on me he'd get a taste of the Van Exel beating I've been waiting to dish out.

Fortune said...

If you want your list to have any validity what so ever it has to have scotty-too-hotty's The Worm. Maybe it was already on there and i over looked it.

Mr. F said...

If you held that move in such high regard one would think you'd give the creator the proper respect of capitalizing his name.