Ummm.. It seems like letting Washburn go on waivers would have been beneficial to the Ms. I'm not sure why they are convinced someone will take his salary and give good prospects in return. He is not good and in no way will help the Ms once they are ready to compete.

Is anyone else looking forward to a rotation of Washburn, Bautista, Silva, Jason Jennings, and Esteban Loiza?

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Mr. F said...

True. But he helped launch this site... sort of.

But in all honesty, it's indefensible that he's still a Mariner.

The worst thing about rooting for a bad team liek this is having no light at the end of the tunnel. When the Sonics were awful last year it was still fun to watch them, because they good fun young players with bright futures, and a GM who seemed to knwo what he was doing. I see none of that with the M's.

Paul Allen needs to buy this team and save us.