low traffic

I didn't want it to come to this but traffic is too slow on this site. If traffic doesn't increase by weeks end I'll be going to the only subject I know that is guaranteed to get some hits... I rank my friend's wives.

What categories would you like to see gang?


Pete said...

Hottest Tits!!

Pete said...

Best Ass!!

Pete said...

Most Caring!!

Mr. F said...


Erik said...

No, no I don't like this one bit. Here's some other lists you could do, because lists are the only fun thing to read.

-All-time Mariner or Sonics killers
-Best signs at wrestling events
-Best/worst things you've overheard other fans yell or say.
-Loudest cheers
-Chill-inducing moments
-Ideal Rumble (take wrestlers from any era and put them in at the numbers that best fit them)
-Worst Arne Andersen calls (times he said that a guy in public looked like someone, a guy in a movie was the same guy from another movie, or times he prematurely forecasted doom for any sports team).

These are just thoughts, great thoughts.

Mr. F said...

Solid stuff Erik... not as racy... but good ideas nonetheless. Especially the first one. I'll get ot work on it.