The Warriors Are Screwed


Michelle Bonner ESPN Chat

Finn (Seattle, WA):

I'll bet those comments from Curt Schilling would really get under Manny's skin... if he knew who Curt Schilling was.

Michelle Bonner: (1:06 PM ET )

Just like most women... I've left Michelle Bonner speechless!

(and in case you think this is bs... go check the ESPN.com chat logs.... I think she digs me)

ESPN Insider is GREAT! And go Seahawks!!

Here's a quick dialogue I had with a software sales colleague about the true value of ESPN Insider:


Fortune x564 says:

i read the scouts report again... the "insider" reports and game previews we PAY for, remember how awful they were last year, and we decided that they just plug in some variables, like player names and stats, and a computer probably comes up with the article?

Fortune x564 says:

well they're already off to a hot start... not sure if they changed it yet, but they had the Titans punter returning kciks for us earlier today with varying degrees of success

Fortune x564 says:

yep still there, under keys to success # 2 for the Seahawks they link to him and everything.

Hopefully Miller can step it up this week and right the ship!

Predicition... with a few dynamite returns from Miller... Seahawks - 42 Rams - 0 (with three missed field gulls from Joshy Poo.



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He's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

Combine this with the fact that a blow out win over the Rams will more than likely get Linehan fired... well... I'm slightly excited for this weekend.


100 - 13

that's the combined score that the cougars and seahawks lost by this weekend. Sometimes I wonder why I even watch sports at all.