He's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

Combine this with the fact that a blow out win over the Rams will more than likely get Linehan fired... well... I'm slightly excited for this weekend.


Fortune said...

How about a couple Josh Brown blocked FGs? Or just one would be fine

Erik said...

I know this is sort of unrelated to the post, but I can't start my own threads, so I'll just mention it here.

Sportscenter just had a little blurb/graphic about how terrible sports in Seattle are right now. It was pretty funny, oh wait, I meant to say very very sad. They even made a joke about how we can take solace in the fact that the Storm are in the WNBA playoffs. You know it has to be bad when the national media is actually taking notice.

This begs the question: What have we done to deserve this? And, what started this terrible streak?

Well, the answer is clear: the inception of this website has triggered the demise of every sports team in the state of Washington. You have doomed us all. Dismantle it now, while we still have a chance.

Mr. F said...

Ha. Nice try erik! But we here at henrycottosmustache.com can see a reverse psychology post when spot one.

But don't worry, you, and the rest of the hcm nation have nothing to worry about. henrycottosmustache.com is gonna be around for a very, very long time.

Thanks for readin' big guy!