I'm pretty unimpressed with the site so far, so I'm taking it upon myself to spice things up. HCM is gonna make one of our lucky readers' lives come true. Will take a poll on this site and the winner of the poll will become a full fledged hcm member with posting privileges. Thanks for reading gang, and remember to vote!!!


Fortune said...

Great idea Finn!! Speaking from experience I think we need someone in here who doesnt have a woman to bring them down. Sorry Pete, my vote goes to Eric.

Unknown said...

Wow that's kind of messed up Fortune that you would insult Pete like that and then vote for Erik and spell his name wrong. Can one of you guys send me a picture of Pete and this girl? I can't believe Pete is going to be living with a girl. Also, I think I could add a different perspective from the east coast and exponentially grow our fan base.