Dr. SuckBlog or How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love Sports Mediocrity.

Mediocrity is putting it lightly.

Why this blog sucks:

We're a Seattle sports blog that's doing an awesome job of reflecting the current Seattle sports climate.

The most exciting Seahawk (Josh Wilson) was just traded for a shit draft pick, and our idiot temp just pulled out King Felix so our bullpen could promptly blow the game.

Fuck my sports life.



Talk about them


Kentwan Balmer

Pete's gonna turn this guy into a superstar!!!

Somebody get Maurica Clarrett on the phone!


Bill Leavy

So Bill Leavy apologized for screwing over the Seahawks in the Superbowl today. Seriously. (Do yourself a favor and stay away from the comments unless you want to be encouraged to commit homicide.)

Oh and Bill, thanks a pantload chet! I'm glad you can't sleep at night. Cuz I'll never sleep soundly until Seattle (any team) wins a fucking championship. Here's hoping all the bottles of MacCutcheon in the world can't chase away those nightmares.

Oh and one more special message from the folks at HCM. Sleep tight asshole.


or the Seahawks "Let's Compete" "Fired Up" thread...


Okung signs. Let's get it on!


The People Have Spoken

Here's an ESPN.com poll that's sure to draw Mustacheer "Bobby's" ire.

So it looks like we weren't just being unabashed homers.