Happy New Year!!!

Well... maybe not for you, fat-faced Mike Martz:


Couldn't happen to a more beloved (by HCM.com) person.


A Christmas Miracle

Let me tell you the story of a disillusioned gentleman who during the holiday season had been horribly burned by a couple of "friends", to the tune of being lied to, forced to stand in the freezing snow, and miss a quarter of football (not to mention the 12th Man Flag raising), all the while this disillusioned gentleman's "friends" sat comfortably in their car drinking spirits and beers... probably laughing at the disillusioned gentleman's poor fortune (pun intended).

Needless to say this disillusioned gentleman felt betrayed, disrespected, and most importantly hurt. He had lost most of his faith in humanity not to mention friendship.

And then... a Christmas miracle... he was bestowed a Christmas gift by one of these "friends", the likes of which could only be dreamed (or dreamt (or whatever)):

The pain is still there. Who knows if it will ever go away... but now the healing process can begin.

Merry Christmas... EVERYONE!!!

McRib. Out.

Well the McRib has come and gone... but what a magical ride we all had.

I think we can all look back in fondness at the memories we shared with the McRib.

My favorites:

- Sean almost puking himself trying to put down 5, and barely making it to 3 1/2.
- Yours truly putting down 4 with no problems.
- Pete (as in O'brien) making up a fake personal challenge because time has passed him by.
- The list is endless...

Special thanks go out to Ronald McDonald and the rest of the shit lickers at Mickey D's. Thanks for the month of greatness. See ya next time you bring the sum bitch back.

One last look:

"God damn you McRib"

Happy Holidays from HCM

Happy Holidays!

What would all of you Mustacheers like for Christmas this year?

I want a Nintendo Wii and 45 million dollars.... and the Sonics back.

What about you losers?

(these fools just don't want to run into the River Bottom Nightmare Band)


Thanks for your Participation

Survey is now closed and it has come to my attention that people voted multiple times therefore invalidating the results. I hope you are proud of yourself.


Local High School Stripped of Basketball Championship Due to Use of Wolfman

BEACONTOWN – In a move that had been rumored for weeks, the Beacontown High School Beavers have been stripped of their Conference Championship. “It’s a shame that it had to be done,” said conference chairman Steve Nordick, “But it really wasn’t fair to the rest of the teams. The reason being, of course, that Beacontown had a wolfman playing point guard.” The werewolf player, Scott Howard, has been retroactively suspended, causing all of his team's wins to be voided. “Look, it would be one thing if wolfmen weren’t fantastic at basketball,” said Nordick, “But the fact is that they are. Wolfmen can steal the ball at will and do any number of reverse slam dunks. Scott Howard was tearing other teams apart on the court. No, literally. 38 opposing players suffered deep lacerations.”
Apparently the idea of suspending Howard was not a new one to Beacontown coach Bobby Finstock. “I had considered suspending him due to some off the court stuff. But he just played too damn well for me to do it. I mean he is a werewolf.” Finstock is most likely referring to one of two incidents involving the teenage wolf. The first involved Howard cruising the streets of Beacontown on top of Rupert “Stiles” Stilinski’s van doing multiple back-flips and prolonged handstands. Stilinski is Howard’s best friend, and a local drug dealer. The other issue was a scuffle between Howard and an opposing player at a school dance that took place shortly after the werewolf led a choreographed dance that his classmates had rehearsed for weeks. “I knew I shouldn’t have allowed him to act out like that,” laments Finstock, “It’s just that he was so much better as a wolf. I mean he was pitiful when he was a human. He would just run around the court clapping a lot and jumping all over his teammates. Not to mention all the lane violations he would get called for when he’d jump over the free throw line on his foul shots.”
Scott Howard could not be reached for comment. It is likely that at press time he is driving fast cars and hanging around attractive girls, activities that are very common for werewolves.


I know we've been on a movie kick lately...

but, I know there are a few cominc book fans on here, and I haven't this exicted about a trailer in a while:

Wolverine: Origins

A couple of concerns...

The comics took around 20 or 30 years to explain Logan's past, and (although I've regretably stopped reading comics), I'm still not sure they've completely explained it. So we'll see how the movie does it in 2 to 3 hours.

No concern about our boy Tim Riggins playing Gambit... but he shouldn't be as old as Wolverine... hopefully this part is closer to the present. Gambit woudl fit in nicely with a role in the next X-Men film, rumore to be skewered towards the younger X-Men and helmed by Josh Schwartz (The OC, Gossip Girl, Chuck)... either way... I'm rambling... but this trailer looks awesome.

Follow up on Delgo...

The Delgo Experience:

After reporting (or stealing the report off another website) about the tragic failure of the holiday epic, "Delgo", I felt like I owed it to myself to watch this trainwreck myself. Or in the immortal words of one Mike Awesome: this was one party, I was NOT gonna miss!

Luckily, fellow HCMer Erik was also ready to party with Delgo. Here are the photos that document our journey (which was unfortunately on par with the level of excitement experienced in Delgo).

Here's the movie poster. Innocent enough. That's Delgo in the middle voiced by wrestling writer Freddie Prinze, Jr., with his love interest Jennifer Love Hewett on his right. Maybe they were banking on the I Know What You Did Last Summer fanbase to pack the theaters as a chance to see a reunion of sorts. I don't know. Oh, and that other character is Delgo's gay friend Filho, voiced by Chris Kattan. Quite a stretch.

The stage was set for movie magic! And at least one patron was pretty jazzed to say the least!

Maximum Theater Occupancy

Actual Theater Occupancy. (seriously).

Look, I'll spare you any plot details, but just think Star Wars meets Lord of The Rings meets The Snorks meets Fecal Matter.

In actuality, the movie isn't THAT bad. It just isn't anywhere near good. I even chuckled two or three times. I'm sure there are kids out there who would enjoy this. Stupid kids. Looks like a marketing budget gone wrong (or missing).

Sorry, Delgo. At least you've been immortalized on HenryCottosMustache.com
So ya got that going for you... which is nice.

Happy Holidays everyone... even you Delgo.



Congrats to Big Walt. He's our only Pro-Bowler!


Now let's just root for an injury (non-career threatening) to Cooley or Witten, cuz I gotta imagine Carlson is the first alternate there.

Trufant... he'll need a few injuries I'm guessing.



I know we don't want this to become a link-fest, but this was... awesome:

These waves are his.

Season's Greetings!!!

Here's a heart warming holiday story of inspiration and a lesson to all the little Mustacheers out there... always believe and never give up:


Wow. Didn't see that coming.


Walter Jones

Mike Sando wrote a really cool little piece on Walter Jones in his NFC West blog on ESPN:


I want to apologize for being harsh on Walter this season. And while I still feel his overall play is slipping, it's through no fault of his. Players get older, that's just how it goes. Anyway... Walter Jones will always be the man, and probably deserves to go up there next to Steve Largent at Qwest. I ain't talkin' ring of honor (which is cool)... I'm talking retired number. #80 and the #71.


New Survey (vote on the right)

If the season ended today the Hawks would get the number 3 pick in this years draft. Lets take Rick Mirer out of the equation and assume that whoever we draft will be a pro-bowler. Now don't think of any person in particular, just think of what position we need the largest upgrade at. We will forward the results on to Tim.


At least he spells it right!!

This cracked me up too...

A little blurb underneath a picture accompanying a story about kicker Morten AndersEn's retirement:

"Morten Andersen cited old knees and lack of a contract Monday when announcing his retirement in his native Denmark."


I'd like to announce my retirement from the NFL as well, much like Morten, it's due to the lack of a contract. Although, now that I think about it, I'd be prepared to come out of retirement as soon as a contract presents itself.

Well this cheered me up...

The title on this post from cnnsi: Here!

I have no ill feelings towards McCallister, but that's classic.


Really thought we had 'em there. That was 3 great quarters and one stinker.

Sort of bugs me that the press is talking about the "gutsy" performance from teh injury depleted Patriots. We played one starting O-lineman and he was out of position. Oh well...

Good news is, I've acquired the services of a special guest poster that will be taking a look at the NFL draft over the next couple of months. This guy is legit. If you need more proof just take a look at this picture at the bottom of this site. That's him.

Also, would like to welcome our newest Mustacheer, named Fu. Looks like a dude I went to highschool with. I'm guessing that profile pic is him standing outside the window of the room you're in right now. Whatever it is... come on in... it looks cold outside. Maybe try a post or two. We're having a soopar time.


How'd everyone else's weekend go?


I Love This Man

I'm not sure if this story is making it's way around the local airwaves, so it might be old news to all of you. Anyhow, I was watching PTI today and they had a story about Hasselbeck going to school with a 6th grader earlier this week. One of the girls in the class asked him if he thought girls would ever be able to play in the NFL. Hasselbeck responded with this:

"Sure, girls could play in the NFL, girls can definitely play in the NFL ... Ben Roethlisberger plays in the NFL."

Oh snap!

Speaking of Movies with Awesome Umpires

Looks like the Wakamatsu has finished putting together his staff. Here is all you need to know about our new 3rd Base Coach: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0385640

The Juice is no longer loose

Looks like we'll have to wait at least 15 more years for Naked Gun 444 1/4:


So long Juice. You had a good run.


Z-Man Makes a Splash

He just signed Russell Branyan! Obviously Zduriencik played a lot of High Heat Baseball 2002, because Branyan always killed it on that game.

Pro Bowl

I just read the fan votes for the Pro Bowl so far, and not surprisingly, there isn't a Seahawk listed in the the top 5 for any position. Ryan Plackemeir however is currently second in fan voting for NFC punters. So that was a nice kick in the junk.

Raises an interesting question though... will we even have a Pro Bowler this year? Do we even deserve one?

Without doing any (ZERO) research, I'm having a tough time coming up with someone.

Special Teams:

Mare? I think he'd need to have at least 1 high profile kick this year to get any conisderation. Too many great return men for Wilson to get a look, and I don't even know who they'd name as our "Special Teams" player.


No one even comes close. Well, maybe Carlson. But there are some pretty high profile TE's in the NFC so I doubt he makes it. Future though! RB's have been decent but splitting time doesn't help. Weaver's been hurt too much, and every one else has pretty much eaten it.


I still say Trufant is an elite DB, but the INT's aren't there this year to pump his rep up. The LB's have all played down and LeeeeeeeeRoy Hill still doesn't get respect.

I think we're gonna get shut out.

Any thoughts Mustacheers?



So not sure if any of you have heard, but Plaxico Buress shot himself in the leg... WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT!?!?!

But, seriously... I got nothing.

The good news is we're under 50 days away from the Season 5 premier of Lost. Which means my Lost Recaps will be the weekly highlight of the sports and ENTERTAINMENT site. I've got a list of questions I'd like to see answered before the show ends next season, and I'll try and have that posted within the next few weeks. Pins and needles, I know.

Anyway.... How've you been?


Crapple Cup My Ass


"4th and 3, we've only been giving up 5 yards per rush, don't worry they're gonna punt"










Brent Musburger: What a Man

Last night during the end of the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game, the following exchange took place (not verbatim):

Brent Musburger: Well it looks like a lot of fans are leaving. Hey speaking of leaving, did you see what happened to my friend P.J. Carlesimo?

Kirk Herbstreit: Ha ha, yeah he's outta there.

BM: Yeah it's too bad. Well Oklahoma City's got that aggressive new owner that brought the team .... actually, I'm sorry, stole the team from Seattle.

After hearing this I was thrilled. I've always been a Musburger fan anyway (great call on Edgar's double) , but now he's easily my favorite national broadcaster. Then I though about the situation a little bit more. Musburger was announcing the end of an Oklahoma game that's score was 65-14 at the time. Who's watching that game at that point? Pretty much only people that live in Oklahoma. Musburger didn't care though, he stuck it right to them. I know there's a list of our heroes on the side of this page, well here's my vote for adding the man pictured above to that list.

P.S. Herbstreit actually was laughing about the Carlesimo firing, which I found hilarious.


Parts Unknown Revealed to be Shaker Heights, Ohio

SHAKER HEIGHTS – A long disputed and mysterious question in professional wrestling circles was finally answered Wednesday when "Parts Unknown" were finally identified as Shaker Heights, Ohio. "This announcement has been a long time coming," said former P.U. resident the Ultimate Warrior, "The lies have gone on too long." When asked why his true place of origin was kept under wraps for so long, he had this to say, "They were ashamed of us. They said any man that paints his face could not name Shaker Heights as his hometown. Look, I’ve got as much civic pride as anyone, but ain’t no way I’m gonna walk to that ring without paint on my face. That ain’t the Warrior."
Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, with a population of over 29,000 has been home to other notable celebrities such as Paul Newman. "It’s time to uncover Shaker Heights, Ohio for what it really is," said Warrior, "A hot-bed for some of the most bizarre wrestlers to ever compete at the professional level." The number of wrestlers that the Ultimate Warrior refers to includes the likes of Demolition, Papa Shango, and Chainsaw Charlie.
Speaking of Papa Shango, the Ultimate Warrior bristled at the mere mention of him, saying that he can no longer utter Shango’s name out loud for fear that his insides will turn to mush causing him to vomit green liquid. Apparently the feud between the two existed long before their days in the WWF. "Yeah, me and (Papa Shango) were at each other’s throats throughout most of high school. In fact, we went back and forth so much that around these parts our rivalry became known as ‘The Battle of Shaker Heights.’" Upon being told of the movie of the same name, the Ultimate Warrior stormed out of the interview muttering plans for hijacking Shia LaBeouf’s private jet and crashing it. The current location of the Ultimate Warrior remains unknown; however, the same can no longer be said for his hometown.


M's New Manager

Don Wakamatsu. This guy sounds like a winner.

Actually he sounds like a made-up player on a video game.

Great Radio

I was driving home from Ivars with dinner for my family on Sunday Night (5 piece cajun and a small chow for me, bread bowl of chowder for the wifey) when I tuned my radio to the Dallas at Washington game. It was a 3rd and long for Washington and our beloved Dave Sims commented that Portis was on the sidelines and Shaun Alexader was in the game. Whoever was the color guy was started talking about how great of a blocker and pass catcher out of the backfield he is, a real asset for the Skins. Then there was about 3 seconds of silence before the play started where I hope Sims cut the feed of their mics and punched him in the face for being an idiot.


Mexico Staying Strong

Earlier this weekend, Friday to be exact, I was enjoying a hearty dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The TV in the establishment was tuned to a Mexican sports network that was airing soccer. At the bottom of the screen, scores from the NBA scrolled by. I was generally ignoring the scores, seeing as how they don't matter anymore, however, something caught my eye. The ticker listed an interesting game: Seattle @ New York.
A short burst of hope swelled in my soul, until I realized that they had just made a mistake, I then got very sad. Then I thought, no, Mexico didn't make a mistake, they were refusing to accept that the Sonics no longer existed. Mexico is standing strong against tyrants like David Stern and the government officials in the city of Seattle, who clearly cared less about the Sonics than the great people of Mexico.

Thank you Mexico, you're what the U.S. could've been.


We're #1!

Good news everyone, I just searched Henry Cotto on Google, and this site now enjoys the top spot.

See for yourself: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=henry+cotto&aq=f&oq=

We did it. And I think we know who we have to thank. I mean just look at the record posting volume starting in October. I wonder what else started in October. Look, I'm not asking for a thank you, but you're welcome.


November 23rd 2008

November 23rd is shaping up to be the greatest of all they days... ever.

The world will wake up fresh from a Cougar Apple Cup victory and rush to Best Buy to purchase Chinese Democracy (thank you Axl). THEN, head over to Tailgater's Heaven to pair-ty before the Seahawks wipe the field with our personal whipping boys the Washington Racist-team-name-that-i-can't-even-believe-is-still-alloweds.

If that wasn't enough, humans can then head back home to wind down with the return Jack Bauer in a special 2-hour movie version of 24.

It's also TS Tariyah's birthday.

It shall be epic.

I don't see how anything could go wrong!!!



Well... not a physical presence... but we're totally getting the PPV and it's gonna be bitchin'!! Lots of good fights on this one, but the one every one is waiting for is:

Tale of the Tape:
Bruce Barrett............Skyscraper
Height: 5' 3''.............Height: 6' 10''
Weight: 215 lbs.............Weight: 265 lbs.
Reach: 60''............Reach: 82""
Fighting Style: Kempo............Fighting Style: He brawls like a big boy

This one is going to be a barn burner!!!! They've tried to lockdown this fight for years and now it's happening, I can't believe it.


J. Hutt Crushes Record 575 Ft. HR in Controversial Game

NEW YORK – Hulking Mariners slugger J. Hutt blasted a mammoth home run out of Yankee Stadium Monday. Reports have the ball traveling as far as 575 feet. However, it is unclear whether this record shot will be recognized due to the contest’s auspicious ending. The game was unceremoniously and abruptly called off in the Bottom of the 9th inning just as a would-be 2 run walk-off home run off the bat of Yankees 1B I. Horse was sailing over the fences.
The Yankees were trailing 9-8 at the time in what had been a wild game to say the least. The Mariners picked up their first 8 runs in the 2nd inning with a string of bases-loaded squeeze plays. The Yankees defense seemed powerless to stop the small ball techniques. "I kept thinking I could make the out at home," lamented Yankees starting pitcher W. Ford, "But every time they slid in just under the tag, and by then it was too late to get the guy at first. But M. (Thurmon) kept trying anyway."
The Yankees chipped away until the 7th inning when Hutt extended the lead with his "Noheartian" blast. "Man that thing got out of here in a hurry." Remarked Mariners 2B H. Lincoln. "It just kept on going until it was finally out of the stadium. And right when it went out it kind of bounced off the air or something. I know it sounds weird, but I guess the wind caught it."
To compound all of the peculiarities, technical difficulties in the stadium’s P.A. system caused a simple, repetitive musical tune to be played throughout the game. "It was kind of a jazzy tune, but with a little bit of a zing to it," said Ken Griffey Jr., "Sort of like, ‘Bum ba da bum bum bum bum ba da ba da bum bum. Bum ba da bum bum ting ting.’" Rumors before the game suggested that Griffey may not be in the line-up, however, these plans were called off when Seattle’s faceless manager realized he could do no such thing. "Yeah I thought about sitting Griffey," said Seattle Manager, "But then this little voice in my head kept saying, ‘Eggghhh! Eggghhh!’ so I thought better of it."
Apparently the music didn’t bother the fans, who stood and waived their arms maniacally throughout the game. At the end of the day, however, thousands were sent home befuddled and unsatisfied. "This is bull shit," said Yankees right fielder Y. Clipper, "Every time we think we’ve got these guys beat the game gets cancelled for some reason. It’s like they get a do-over, a reset if you will."


Our new Henry Cotto insider had this to say:

"El Marko said...
Well, I just spoke to Henry and I have good news and bad news.

The good news is: I told him about this site and he laughed heartily and asked for the link.

The bad news is: he is no longer a Seattle Mariner. He just signed on to be a roving instructor with the Giants. Actually that makes us in Connecticut very happy as it means he will be visiting Norwich, Ct in the Eastern League.

Anyway, I hope you don't change the site name because of this...he still spent the bulk of his playing days in Seattle."

(Of course, El Marko could just be playing a practical joke on all of us here at HCM, it wouldn't be the first time our dedicated news staff had been fooled. I however, choose to believe El Marko... call it blind faith, call it "Hey this dude has a website and everything!", call it what you will. I buy it!)

This is certainly dissapointing news that Mr. Cotto has once again left our beloved Seattle Mariner organization. However, it does nothing to tarnish our respect for the man, the player, and the mustache.

We wish Henry the best of luck with his new position and can only hope that he returns to the organization in a few short weeks as the Manager.




Get used to that picture, because there's gonna be another photoshoot in January.

How many TDs on Sunday? 10? 12?


Finn's Attempt

"I don't think I can eat 5 so I will try 4 and hide behind these shades so you can't see my fear"

"I will take this last bite but since I just threw up does it still count?"

Hawks game: live diary

we pick things up at halftime after some deviant fantasies...

1st half thoughts:

Finn: brian russell did a great job of keeping trufant from making a play on that td. Defense overall looks pretty good

Sean: speechless

Peter: (is pooping).

More later....


Visual Evidence That Proves Babies Have Inferior Taste Buds

One little bite and he threw it on the ground. Lucky for me because I ate it and can add it to my total.


Sports Stereotypes

Last night at bowling, our opponent made the comment that Seneca Wallace was too stupid to play quarterback and Charlie Frye was not talented enough. I feel this guy can go straight to the networks with this incredible insight. Especially after he tricked Fortune into believing he ate 6 McRibs.


Finn isn't the only one lightin' up ESPN chats

I can waste my day away with the best of them

Sean (Edmonds, WA): Since the Apple Cup this year is gaining steam as possibly the worst matchup in the history of college football, you think Gameday crew will want to be on location to witness it first hand?

Ted Miller: (3:04 PM ET ) you may have to settle for second place... or 102nd place... me.. I'm hoping to hook up with some of the old gang and head to the Coug.

Looks like Teddy hasnt realized the gang is gone

The State of College Football

As we all know the entire state of Washington is suffering through a futile football season rarely matched throughout the annals of history. The culmination of which will arrive on November 22nd with the Apple Cup. We've been discussing how terrible this game will be for weeks, and here's Ted Miller's take, if you haven't already seen it: http://myespn.go.com/blogs/pac10/0-4-28/A-date-that-will-live-in-infamy--Apple-Cup-2008.html
This article was a featured link under the "NCAA" section on the front page of espn.com, so it seems the whole nation is taking notice.

Also, the weekly Bottom 10 poll from ESPN ranks the Huskies #1 and the Cougs #2. (whole article can be found here: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?page=bottom100810).
Now, I know both teams are just awful, however, after watching both perform, I would have to disagree with ESPN and say that the Cougars are slightly worse at this point. I know they have one win, but that's only because they played Portland St. What do you guys think? Who is honestly the worst team in college football? (besides Portland St.)


The McBarrasment

For those of you who had faith in me, thank you. For those I let down, my sincerest apologies. I started off so strong!




Join the HCM McRib Eating contest and post each time you enjoy one of this world's most delicious of treats.

** A shout out to Ricker for bringing this to my attention yesterday when he brought 3 of them into the studio with with him **

Seahawks Fan Survey

I just received one of the Seahawks surveys they send out to season ticket holders... Here's how I filled out one page:

Just click on the picture to load the full version

Any thoughts? Who'd I leave out?


Koren Robinson Pulled Over in End Zone After Weaving Down the Field

SEATTLE – After an exhilarating 90 – yard touchdown reception in Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles Koren Robinson was stopped for questioning by two police officers. "He was all over the place out there," said Greg Garland of the Seattle Police Department, "He was really putting all of the players on the field in danger. It was pretty obvious that he was under the influence. Someone could have got hurt."
Robinson seemed confused by the sudden questioning. "I don’t know what that was all about. I was completely fine to play. The only reason I was weaving at all was because I was trying to avoid defenders." The wide receiver continued to elaborate on what he saw as a non-issue. "Besides, I had to get to the end zone one way or another. And don’t give me this crap about another player driving us to the end zone, I know how to get to there, I’ve made that run before, there’s nothing to worry about, it wasn’t a big deal."
The S.P.D. did not accept Robinson’s excuses as legitimate. "He kept telling us how this was his home stadium, and that his bench was only ‘about 100 feet away’" Garber explained, "That may be, but most alcohol-related football collisions take place within 50 yards of one’s bench."
Robinson remains dumbfounded by the claims. "Look, there’s no way I was intoxicated out there on that field, I’ve learned my lessons. Sure I snorted a few lines before the game, but if cocaine’s illegal you can arrest me." Robinson was apprehended shortly after making this comment.


Chicks dig HCM

If our followers are any indication, we have a fanbase that is comprised of 50% females. We are breaking down all stereotypes concerning sports and entertainment blogs. Congrats to us all on being such a revolutionary site!


Hats off to you, Dan Harmon

Who is he? He is the man with $150,000 lying around to donate to the Cougar Basketball Excellence Fund. Now our boys will be flying charter style on the road this season like they deserve.


Not everyone happy about Willingham losing his job

Upset UW Student


1st Weekly Hate Post Towards The NBA

I love how everyone thinks this home court advantage for OKC is sooooo awesome! Guess what, when our owners weren’t moving the team, we packed the Key and it was one of the toughest, if not THE toughest places to play.

Congrats OKC, you were a great home crowd for the half a season of the Hornets game two years ago. Big F'n deal!!! Try it for a couple of years and have a losing teams on your hands, and watch how many free agents you can attract to your po-dunk town. Losers.

Phew... sorry about that. It’s too bad cuz I want to root for Durant and Green, but I cant wait for this franchise to become the joke of the NBA. They're well on their way with the unis and colors. Screw you Bennet.


State of Cougar Football

I just bought NCAA Football 09 for my PS3 (I think it just came out on Tuesday) and was shocked to see how not accurate the WSu roster was. Having completed rosters in the past, I know that only the insignificant schools tend to have the least accurate rosters. I think the best example of how far we have fallen is that they didn't bother to place a kicker on the roster. Thanks EA.


Henry Cotto on Facebook

So I searched Henry Cotto on a search engine website called google.com. Our website appears on the second page of listings, however, I found some other interesting info. There was a listing for a Henry Cotto on Facebook. Now the picture is very small, so I could not be sure if it was THE Henry Cotto, but perhaps one of you could make the positive ID.


If this is actually him I would assume that we should all "friend" him instantly. Let me know what you guys think.

This has to be discussed


Can you imagine the business this palce would do?!?

Nothing gets you over a big loss like a lap dance until you mess your jeans. What better way to cap of a sweep of the Oakland A's than a lap dance until you mess your jeans! The Seahawks just won another division title? How about a lap dance until you mess your jeans?

Great news for all of us! What do you think gang?


An oldie but a goody

Emmitt Smith put Vince Young into perspective

On ESPN Monday Night Countdown, Emmitt Smith really did a good job of explaining why it was good for Vince Young to be the Titan's backup QB right now. "Vince's first 3 years were a transitional year," said Emmitt as he pointed out that Young was starting to learn an NFL offense. It looks like Vince is on his way to being a real student of the game.

Hello world...

My name is Leonard...



Biggest Disappointments in the NFL

Don't worry about the state of the Seahawks as apparently we were not supposed to be very good. The always informative crew on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown just had a discussion on the biggest disappointment this year. They discussed the Cowboys, Chargers and Colts. They al;l said Dallas was the obvious choice. It's nice to know that we don't even get a mention as being disappointed - clearly we were expected to be a horrible team this year by ESPN. This probably also explains why there are no Monday Night football games.


Request for HCM Nation

Loyal readers (we need to come up with a name for the gang... I suggest HCM hairs, but that's just off the top of my head), I remind you FOLLOW (YES!) Jake's lead, and sign up as a follower of this blog. If for nothing else, than to stroke our enormous egos.

Thank you HCM Hairs!!!


College Football Game Features 116 TD-Saving Tackles

EAST LANSING, MI – According to play-by-play announcer Brad Nessler, last Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Michigan State had a grand total of 116 touchdown-saving tackles. "There was a whole lotta green in front of him on that one." Nessler said over 100 times during the broadcast. "If he doesn’t get tripped up there he might still be running."
After a 3rd quarter run by Michigan St. RB Javon Ringer, Nessler remarked, "Whoa boy, he almost broke that one for 6." Ringer was gang tackled on the play after a 4-yard gain. It was unclear at the time, however, if Nessler had meant 6 yards or 6 points. He later cleared things up by saying that he did, in fact, mean 6 points.
A very peculiar play occurred in the 4th Quarter, on which Nessler commented, "Well I’ll tell ya. If they didn’t line up in that formation and snap the ball to the kneeling Quarterback, who then held it for the Kicker to kick through the uprights, they may have had a touchdown on that play."
In fact, in Nessler’s view there were only 7 plays that did not feature a touchdown-saving tackle; each play resulted in a touchdown.



Culpepper should sign with the hawks


looks like he wants to come back, it would be the best chance for him to play and win.


New M's GM is big news...

But I think this is bigger:

Finn (Seattle, WA): Is Loaded playing around here anytime soon?

Duff McKagan: (3:26 PM ET ) Yes, we are playing the KSRW Christmas Show on Dec. 12.

How many of you can say you chatted with a rock god on ESPN.com? Three or four of you tops!

Mariners New GM

Free season tickets for whoever can pronounce his name.

Jack Zduriencik



Nice Form (Forearm)

Im sure many of you have already seen this but I had to put it on here, for Jake.

This week's number.....


as in our beloved Cougar football team is now 118th out of 119 teams in both points scored per game (13.9) and points against per game (48.1). A special thanks to Wyoming and North Texas for keeping us out of dead last respectively.



Thanks Jake

For becoming our first follower (or mustacheer). Our blog is dedicated to the likes of you and Hugh. I doubt "mark" would ever become a follower.

SportsCenter anchor Cindy Brunson chimes in on the Cougs chances this weekend

Quick update on my ESPN chat dealings, this time with WAZZU Alumni Cindy Brunson:

Finn (Seattle, WA): 43 pt. spread for the Cougs this week. Think we can beat it?

Cindy Brunson: (12:12 PM ET ) Finn -- that game will likely go down as the WORST loss for WAZZU in school history (for a 2nd time this season!)

She doesn't like our chances. At least she responded... unlike some female anchors. I'm looking at you Michelle Bonner.


Black DE Has Non-Stop Motor

BRISTOL, CT – Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski recently made an interesting discovery in the ESPN tape library. "While watching film in preparation for this Monday’s Broncos – Patriots game I spent a great deal of time focused on Defensive End Tim Crowder. To my surprise Mr. Crowder has a non-stop motor. I had expected him to be more of a raw, natural athlete, but he proved me wrong on multiple occasions."
Non-stop motors have long been a quality held solely by Caucasian football players, however, with this monumental discovery, that racial barrier has been broken. "This is a huge day for African-American athletes," said ESPN studio analyst Tom Jackson, "When I came into the league I had to be a natural athlete just to have a chance. But after hearing that Tim Crowder has a non-stop motor, the doors are now open for a new generation of black football players."
Those open doors are exactly what local African-American man Gerald Washington is hoping to walk through. "Coming out of college, I didn’t get drafted, I couldn’t even get signed. My agent kept telling all the scouts, ‘This kid’s got a non-stop motor! Check him out.’ But they wouldn’t listen, they said to call back when I was a raw athlete." Now, however, the 27 year-old Washington sees a light at the end of the tunnel. "After hearing about Tim Crowder, I’m ready to give the NFL another shot. I mean if he can do it, so can I. Before I’m through the world is gonna know the name Gerald Washington!"

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer of this article could not recall the interviewee’s actual name. The alias "Gerald Washington" was substituted)

The impact of the Crowder news remains to be seen, however, one analyst certainly expects big changes. "The revelation that is the non-stop motor of Tim Crowder," said Jaworski, "will forever alter the way we look at the sport of football." As of press time Crowder had 0 tackles through 6 games.

Fun With Numbers

I thought that because everyone thinks top 5 lists are cool we could take a deeper look at the number 5.

I bet most of you are not aware of the difference in points allowed between our beloved Cougar football team and our even more beloved Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low Sweet 16 participant WSU basketball team. You probably guessed correctly, thanks to my huge hint at the top. 51 - 56, 5 fucking points. (that's for you La Quinta)


A Tough Call

So my buddy from Seattle who lives down here asked me if I wanted to go to the first Thunder-Clippers game this season. Like you, my first response was, "Of course not, that would be torture." Then we thought about it and we came up with an interesting plan. What if we went decked out in Sonics gear and just booed constantly, generally creating an unpleasant experience for everyone around us. We would also bring in inflammatory signs that attacked Bennett, Schultz and Stern, maybe Nickels as well. Of course, they would probably try to confiscate these signs at the door, which is why would use the classic trick of leaving one side blank and sneaking in a marker.

However, the more I think about it, maybe I don't even want to bother giving the NBA money at this point.

So I'm looking to all of you for advice. What do you think, what would you do in my position?

Jim Zorn loves ex-Seahawks


I wish we had him coaching us next year.

top 5 eighties pop songs

bizarre love triangle | new order
take on me | a-ha
tainted love | soft cell
how soon is now? | the smiths
i melt with you | modern english

top 5 lists

As sports have gained popularity and moved off the posters that adorn to the walls of young, young boys' room to the front pages of the new york times, so too has henry's stache grown in popularity enough to truly enter the world of pop culture (thanks for the post Hugh). To embark into the uncharted territory that is sports entertainment, we will be posting top 5 lists that show a clear definitive rank on very specialized pop culture topics. These lists will be ranked from best to almost best and will spark the lively debate that our sports topics regularly generate. My apologies in advance to fortune as this will all but eliminate his ability to participate.


Sports Rule!

I really don't have anything to say. Just thought we could all use a place to bitch and moan. Basically thank god for Kyle Weaver and our trip to the sweet 16 otherwise I think I'd have lost all faith in... whatever. What did we do to deserve this?!?


Brett Favre: "I Hate Football."

NEW YORK – In a stunning turn of events, Jets Quarterback Brett Favre revealed at a press conference Friday that he, in fact, hates football. "It’s just not fun," Favre announced to a throng of shocked reporters, "I can see why some people might like it, but it’s just not for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong it’s a decent job, and it pays well. But the hours aren’t that great, and working Sundays kind of blows."
The comments came as a surprise to say the least. "I always thought Brett just loved the game," said a choked up Chris Berman, "He looked like a kid out there, celebrating and running around. It always seemed like he had a peaceful, easy feeling, and that he really knew how to take it easy." Berman went on to quote the titles of 8 more songs by The Eagles. When questioned about his on-field antics Favre responded with the following. "What you mean like throwing snowballs at my teammates? I did that because I actually wanted to start a snowball fight. I was hoping other guys would join in and we could maybe stop the game for a while, I was getting pretty bored."
Some in the crowd wondered why Favre would come out of retirement if he indeed despised playing as much as he says. "I needed the cash. We’re building a new pool at my house with a waterslide and I was a little strapped, so I figured I could use a couple extra mill. It's gonna be a pretty big waterslide."