Mexico Staying Strong

Earlier this weekend, Friday to be exact, I was enjoying a hearty dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The TV in the establishment was tuned to a Mexican sports network that was airing soccer. At the bottom of the screen, scores from the NBA scrolled by. I was generally ignoring the scores, seeing as how they don't matter anymore, however, something caught my eye. The ticker listed an interesting game: Seattle @ New York.
A short burst of hope swelled in my soul, until I realized that they had just made a mistake, I then got very sad. Then I thought, no, Mexico didn't make a mistake, they were refusing to accept that the Sonics no longer existed. Mexico is standing strong against tyrants like David Stern and the government officials in the city of Seattle, who clearly cared less about the Sonics than the great people of Mexico.

Thank you Mexico, you're what the U.S. could've been.


Pete said...

Did you happen to catch the score of the Nordiques and Whalers game?

Fortune said...

This explains the text I recieved at 3AM, "Do the Expos really have enough money to pay Manny Ramirez?"

Mr. F said...

But it doesn't explain the text I received from you at 3:15AM: "I miss your scent"

What was that all about?