Brent Musburger: What a Man

Last night during the end of the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game, the following exchange took place (not verbatim):

Brent Musburger: Well it looks like a lot of fans are leaving. Hey speaking of leaving, did you see what happened to my friend P.J. Carlesimo?

Kirk Herbstreit: Ha ha, yeah he's outta there.

BM: Yeah it's too bad. Well Oklahoma City's got that aggressive new owner that brought the team .... actually, I'm sorry, stole the team from Seattle.

After hearing this I was thrilled. I've always been a Musburger fan anyway (great call on Edgar's double) , but now he's easily my favorite national broadcaster. Then I though about the situation a little bit more. Musburger was announcing the end of an Oklahoma game that's score was 65-14 at the time. Who's watching that game at that point? Pretty much only people that live in Oklahoma. Musburger didn't care though, he stuck it right to them. I know there's a list of our heroes on the side of this page, well here's my vote for adding the man pictured above to that list.

P.S. Herbstreit actually was laughing about the Carlesimo firing, which I found hilarious.

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