Finn's Attempt

"I don't think I can eat 5 so I will try 4 and hide behind these shades so you can't see my fear"

"I will take this last bite but since I just threw up does it still count?"


Mr. F said...

Thanks for trying to ruin what could possibly be the greatest moment of my life Sean.

I guess jealousy is a dish best served cold. Cold like the remaining McRibs you purchase and typically can't finish.

This McRib eating monthly contest is a marathon... not a sprint (although I probably fooled you a bit by how quickly I put down those 4 with ease). Why should I eat more than 4, when so far, no one's even come close to touching that mark.

My only regret (and you can see it on my face in the second picture) is wasting a trip to McDonald's. I could have used some fries to go along with those tasty MCribs.

My total for the month is at 7 now. 4 in one QUICK sitting. If anyone dares to challenge my record I will have ZERO problem putting down 5. You better go for 6.

Christina said...

Wait wait wait wait... the McRib is back???

Where the hell have I been?

kidding... I took down 5 on Sunday. During the Ravens half time.

You West Coasters think you have the McRib cornered. Pisshaaa