Great Radio

I was driving home from Ivars with dinner for my family on Sunday Night (5 piece cajun and a small chow for me, bread bowl of chowder for the wifey) when I tuned my radio to the Dallas at Washington game. It was a 3rd and long for Washington and our beloved Dave Sims commented that Portis was on the sidelines and Shaun Alexader was in the game. Whoever was the color guy was started talking about how great of a blocker and pass catcher out of the backfield he is, a real asset for the Skins. Then there was about 3 seconds of silence before the play started where I hope Sims cut the feed of their mics and punched him in the face for being an idiot.


Pete said...

Like Dave Sims' stupid ass knew any better. Plus, the last time the color guy saw Alexander was probably in college and he did block and catch back then.

Mr. F said...

HEY! I thought Dave did a much better job last year.