4th of July

4th of July is upon us. Why are you proud to be an American?



I know you've all been waiting like patient Mustacheers for us to weigh in on the World Cup. And we had this huge post with TEXTBOOK analysis... but there guys pretty much summed it up better than we ever could...

Now having said that... go USA.



In what HAS to be considered one of the greatest comebacks in the history of collegiate sports, the Washington State Cougars overcame a 42 point (almost 5 year) deficit to FINALLY emerge victorious over the might Trojans of USC!!!!


A win like this can really turn a program around!!!!

This gets me pumped for football!

Coming to Fruition

Well it looks like HCM's policy of pre-maturely breaking stories and worrying about the consequences later has come up roses again, much in the same way it did when we nailed the Pete Carroll story (in the comments section). Fortune's June 3rd report of the Pac-16 appears to be days away from being dead on. Colorado signed with the Pac-10 earlier today, and it looks like the other 5 schools could do the same by the end of the weekend. The only thing that could stop it now, apparently, is if Nebraska's impending deal with the Big 10 falls through. So congrats Fortune, this could finally mean the Pulitzer that you've waited years for!


So Close

Mr F and I are very familiar with the feeling of rushing the field after a monumental victory (see 2004 Apple Cup). Unbridled Jubilation! If there is one thing I would want my children to experience, it would be that. Some parents don't feel the same way:


Without much fanfare Kotchman broke a record last night. No it wasnt most consecutive plate appearances without a hit. He had his 2,003 straight errorless play. That is pretty incredible. But he still sucks, which is probably why a big deal wasnt made of it.

Crazy Sports Injuries

Due to Kendry Morales' awesome injury celebrating his walk-off salami against us, Calabro and Moore were discussing crazy injuries on their show the other day. One that I had not heard of was that of our beloved Hank Cotto. Apparently he was cleaning out his ear with a Q-Tip when Ken Griffey Sr bumped into him and he ruptured his ear drum. OUCH!

Arthur Lee

Anybody see the year this dude has been having?


Good for him!



I'm ashamed to admit that yesterday I stretched the truth with one of our posts. My Mom never taught Ken Griffey, Jr. how to play baseball. I guess I just felt compelled to produce content for this cutting edge sports blog and it had been a slow week on the site. I'm sorry. It probably won't happen again.

Coming to a TV near you

The PAC-16 Network!

My sources are telling me that the Pac-10 is inviting Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado to join Arizona and Arizona State in the South Division. The rest of our awesome league would be the North. This is going to be awesome!!


The events of the day

I was sitting down and watching the Blind Side, and I couldn't help but notice the similarities in the movie, and part of my own life. You see a few years back, my family was driving home from a super rich function (my Dad's a doctor) when we noticed a homeless kid walking home. Dad wanted to go to Taco Bell, but Mom made him pullover and take the kid home with us. He was real shy, but was a real solid individual. Mom taught him how to play baseball with her sass and wit (and little Erik taught him how to make friends). Anyway, long story short... that kid went on to great success in the game we know as baseball. That kid... was THE Kid... Ken Griffey Jr.

Mom never really got the credit she deserved for Griffey's success, but no worries, Sandra Bullock couldn't have handled that role. Lots of nuances and no crummy accent.

Griffey retired today. A year too late. But that doesn't change the fact that he is the greatest baseball player to ever play the game or at least since uhhh... 1970 or something. Anyway, you'll never see a better ball player, and he did it clean baby! Should be the first 100% first ballot Hall of Famer (but some dickhead writer won't do it). Anyway congrats Griff!

Thanks Griffey. Greatest of all time.