Anything happenin' with sports?


Mr. F said...

Pac 12?

USA got screwed?

We jsut hooked up a SEGA Genesis with College Football's National Championship AAAAND Greatest Heavyweights (we're coming for you TJ SHARKEY!!!!.

played a series on College... stopped them on three plays and then took the punt to the house. I wonder if all games that old are that easy now?

Erik said...

Wow, two of the great quotable games of all-time:

From GH:
-C'mon hit me right here!
-Si-ssy. Momma's boy!
-I'm unbeatable.
-Iiiiit's hammertime!

From CFNC:
-Uh-oh, what a mistake!
-Shanked it! (30 seconds after missing a FG)

As for the US, yeah that was awful. Luckily we'll still move on with a win, just need to take care of business. Maybe we should call Jimmy Dworski (definitely had to look it up).