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As a sports-watching professional, I've been exposed to a lot of baseball lately. Some of it has been good, some of it has been bad, and some has been so bad it's good. Well, earlier today, I encountered the latter.


Oakland is up 1-0 and they have the bases loaded in the Top of the 6th with no outs. Former Mariner Eddie Guardado is summoned from the bullpen to clean this mess up. He proceeds to walk in a run on 4 straight pitches, which gets him pulled by manager Ron Washington. As he's leaving the mound he starts an animated argument with the ump, who promptly tosses him. Guardado then maniacally waves his cap over his head in some sort of pseudo-curtain-call.

After they went to the commercial break, I thought about what had just happened and started cracking up. Guardado walked in a run on 4 pitches and then got tossed after he'd already been taken out of the game. That has to be one of the worst pitching appearances of all time. When you throw in the hat-waving I'm not sure there's an argument.

So now, in honor of Guardado I will be be making a weekly (or bi-weekly, or semi-weekly, or whenever something terrible happens) post about the worst/best thing I saw in the many hours I spent watching baseball.

I've kicked around a few potential titles for these posts. They are:

-The Guardado Award
-Rough on the Diamond
-The Steve Bal-Boner Play of the Week
-Man ... You Are One Pathetic Loser

Let me know what you think of these titles, or if you have any suggestions of your own.



In an ESPN.com poll that asked which 1st round picks were most likely to become busts, Aaron Curry finished last out of all the 32 picks with 3.0%.

This guy's the best.


Draft Recap

The Draft has come and gone. And while I'm a bit disappointed in my performance as far as my mock goes, I am definitely pleased with the Hawks' results. I thought I would wrap up my 2009 Draft coverage with a brief look at each of the picks.

1 - Aaron Curry
I love this pick. We got arguably the best player in the draft and a player who can start immediately. It looks like this may force Leroy Hill out, which is the only negative thing I can find with this pick.
Grade: A

2 - Max Unger
Another great pick. I would have been happy if we had used our original 2nd round pick on Unger, but instead, we got Unger and a 1st round pick next year for our 2, 3 and 4 this year. Great move. As mentioned previously by Matt, the pick should be a Top 15 pick. Unger has the ability to start right away, but I'm not sure if he will. I think I'd rather have him in there at C or either G position over the guys that played there last year. If you need to know any more about Unger, just ask Bobby Bateman.
Grade: A (when considering the trades involved)

3 - Deon Butler
I don't know a ton about Butler, but I think it looks like a good pick. The Hawks must be sold on him since they traded back into the third round to take him. I wonder how he will fit into the rotation at receiver.
Grade: B

6 - Mike Teel
I'm pretty excited about this pick. I mentioned in my mailbag column that Hawks should make this pick. I think he's the perfect QB to have as a developmental player. He needs to work on his consistency and decision-making, but I think he could be a starter in 4 or 5 years. Plus, he was picked in the 4th round and came from a northeast college.
Grade: A (eventually you'll all agree)

7 - Courtney Greene
Scouts Inc says: "Greene is a tough, in-the-box safety. He flashes ability to deliver a big hit on occasion. However, he is inconsistent tackling in the open field and his ability on the back end is suspect."
Sounds like a Seahawks safety to me.
Grade: B-

7 - Nick Reed
Not sure how he'll fit in on the roster, but maybe he can play on special teams. He's a bit undersized. Two Oregon players in one draft. I would have rather had them take Rashad Jennings (RB, Liberty), but figured Ruskell wouldn't take a guy from from a small school like that.
Grade: C

7 - Cameron Morrah
I think this was a good value pick this late in the draft. He's an athletic tight end and might make the team as another pass catching threat to complement Carlson. It sounds like he needs to work on his blocking though.
Grade: B-

Overall Grade: A
I think this draft sets the Hawks up for a Super Bowl run and likely win this year.

In closing, let me say that I've enjoyed my time as a poster on HCM. Thanks to the founders for bringing me on to provide draft coverage to the Mustacheers. I'll see you all next January.

Draft Analysis?

I'm sure the Draft Guru will have some grades to hand out later, but I thought this was PURE GENIUS:


So whatever yahoo wrote this for Yahoo! Sports thinks we had a significant drop off in talent after our first three picks. Apparently those 6th and 7th rounders just don't hold up talent wise when compared to 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders.

You learn something new every day.

(or maybe this dude just knows there are gems in roudn 6 like MH! If that's the case, then it is warranted criticism)



3:21 - This draft just got interesting

- Petti-P-U

- "I'm on top of my game"

- Ed Werder is assumed to be in Dallas pretending to be in Denver - Pete

- Berman finally got one right. UW sucks - Pete, Erik and Arne

- The guru is on a streak

- Draft Guru Pete's mock draft is officially being mocked - Finn

- Finn thinks Erin Andrews is a man - Wanamaker

2:05 - Ladies and Gentleman, welcome Brian Fortune to the party

1:49 -
Draft Guru Pete is a little caught up at the moment

- "That was a gift from Kansas City" - Dirty Dave Guinn

- Best pick made

- McShay is way more comfortable on the touch screen than Smith - Wanamaker

- Finn say's now things get interesting

- Finn say's now things get interesting

- Finn say's now things get interesting

- Finn say's now things get interesting

- The gang is wondering what's up with Curry's pin

1:12 -
Conference call was a disaster - Wanamaker

- Finn thinks Matthew Stafford's mom has had multiple strokes - Wanamaker

1:05 - Sean found the worst chips in the world. Finn thinks they taste like Body Odor - Wanamaker

We'll keep updating this single post, so you can just check here for all your draft needs.

Here is the conference call information:

Phone Number: 309-946-4603

Access Code: 165-926-474


Final First Round Mock and PPTW

I have made some changes to my first round mock. No updates will be made to rounds 2 - 7.

1. Stafford
2. Jason Smith (could also be Monroe or Sanch)
3. Aaron Curry (could be Tyson Jackson)
4. Michael Crabtree (could be Curry, Monroe, Jason Smith or Sanch)
5. Brian Orakpo (could be Crabtree or Raji)
6. Eugene Monroe (could be Andre Smith)
7. Jeremy Maclin (could be Heyward-Bey, cuz he ran the best 40 time)
8. Mark Sanchez (not sure if it will be the Jags making this pick)
9. Tyson Jackson (could be Raji or Andre Smith)
10. Andre Smith
11. Aaron Maybin
12. B.J. Raji
13. Michael Oher
14. Malcolm Jenkins
15. Brian Cushing
16. Rey Maualuga
17. Heyward-Bey
18. Everrette Brown
19. Josh Freeman
20. Robert Ayers
21. Eben Britton
22. Percy Harvin
23. Clay Matthews
24. Vontae Davis
25. Knowshon Moreno
26. Brandon Pettigrew
27. Beanie Wells
28. William Beatty
29. Kenny Britt
30. Peria Jerry
31. Donald Brown
32. Darius Butler

After round 1, Pete's Players To Watch include:
QB: Pat White, Stephen McGee, Mike Teel, Graham Harrell, Mike Reilly, Rhett Bomar, Nate Davis, Chase Daniel

RB: Mike Goodson, Ian Johnson, Rashad Jennings

WR: Brian Robiskie, Johnny Knox, Ramses Barden, Brandon Gibson, Quan Cosby, Patrick Turner, Austin Collie

TE: Richard Quinn, Chase Coffman, Jared Bronsen

G: Herman Johnson (he weighed 15lbs 14oz when he was born; biggest baby ever in Louisiana)

C: A.Q. Shipley

DL: Jarron Gilbert, Fili Moala, Vaughn Martin, Lawrence Sidbury, Michael Johnson

LB: Jasper Brinkley, Stanley Arnoux, Kaiuka Maiava, Clint Sintim, Nic Harris, Zach Follett, Kevin Ellison

DB: Sean Smith, Victor Harris, Ladarrius Webb, William Moore, Patrick Chung, Chip Vaughn, Derek Pegues

I Wanna Mock

In the words of Adam Fard: you want it, you got it! Here is my mock draft for rounds 2 - 7.

I will have some updates for Round 1 as well as Pete's Players to Watch in the next few hours leading up to the draft. But for now, enjoy the full mock.

Round 2
1 (33) Lions - Beatty, William OT 6'6" 307 Connecticut
2 (34) Patriots - Smith, Alphonso CB 5'9" 193 Wake
3 (35) Rams - Laurinaitis, James ILB 6'2" 244 Ohio State
4 (36) Browns - Nicks, Hakeem WR 6'1" 212 UNC
5 (37) Seahawks - Brown, Donald RB 5'10" 210 Conn
If he’s still here I think he would be too good of a value for the Hawks to not take him. Although I'm not sure if Ruskell considers UConn a big enough school for him to draft one of their players.
6 (38) Bengals - Mack, Alex C 6'4" 311 Cal
7 (39) Jaguars - Robiskie, Brian WR 6'3" 209 Ohio State
8 (40) Raiders - Loadholt, Phil OT 6’7” 332 Oklahoma
9 (41) Packers - English, Larry DE 6'2" 274 Northern Ill
Will probably go in the first round
10 (42) Bills - Cook, Jared TE 6'5" 246 South Carolina
11 (43) 49ers - Barwin, Connor DE 6'4" 256 Cincinnati
12 (44) Dolphins - Smith, Sean CB 6'4" 214 Utah
13 (45) Giants - McCoy, LeSean RB 5'10" 198 Pitt
14 (46) Texans - Chung, Patrick SS 5'11" 212 Oregon
15 (47) Patriots - Delmas, Louis S 6'0" 202 W Mich
16 (48) Broncos - Brace, Ron DT 6'3" 330 Boston College
17 (49) Bears - Massaquoi, Mohamed WR 6'2" 210 Georgia
18 (50) Browns - Sintim, Clint OLB 6'3" 256 Virginia
19 (51) Cowboys - Moore, William S 6'0" 221 Missouri
20 (52) Jets - Johnson, Michael DE 6'7" 266 G Tech
21 (53) Eagles - Nelson, Shawn TE 6'5" 240 So Miss
22 (54) Vikings - Wood, Eric C 6'4" 310 Louisville
23 (55) Falcons - Johnson, Rashad S 5'11" 203 Alabama
24 (56) Dolphins - Gilbert, Jarron DE 6'5" 288 SJ State
25 (57) Ravens - Williams, Derrick WR 6'0" 194 Penn State
26 (58) Patriots - Brown, Andre RB 6'0" 224 NC State
27 (59) Panthers - Kruger, Paul DE 6'4" 263 Utah
28 (60) Giants - Meredith, Jamon OT 6'5" 304 So Car
29 (61) Colts - Moore, D.J. CB 5'9" 192 Vanderbilt
30 (62) Titans - Brinkley, Jasper ILB 6'2" 252 So Car
31 (63) Cardinals - McKenzie, Tyrone OLB 6'2" 243 S Fla
32 (64) Steelers - Moala, Fili DT 6'4" 305 So Cal

Round 3
1 (65) Lions - Sidbury, Lawrence DE 6'2" 266 Richmond
2 (66) Rams - Allen, Asher CB 5'10" 194 Georgia
3 (67) Chiefs - Greene, Shonn RB 5'11" 227 Iowa
4 (68) Seahawks - Freeman, Marcus OLB 6'0" 239 Ohio State
5 (69) Cowboys - Brown, Cody DE/OLB 6'2" 244 UConn
6 (70) Bengals - Tate, Brandon WR 6'0" 183 UNC
7 (71) Raiders - Robinson, Duke OG 6'5" 329 Oklahoma
8 (72) Jaguars - Veikune, David DE 6'2" 257 Hawaii
9 (73) Packers - Martin, Sherrod FS 6'1" 198 Troy
10 (74) 49ers - Kropog, Troy OT 6'6" 309 Tulane
11 (75) Bills - Coffee, Glen RB 6'0" 209 Alabama
12 (76) Jets - White, Pat QB 6'0" 197 West Virginia
13 (77) Texans - Marks, Sen'Derrick DT 6'2" 306 Auburn
14 (78) Chargers - Peerman, Cedric RB 5'10" 216 Virginia
15 (79) Broncos - Levitre, Andy OG 6’2” 305 Oregon St
16 (80) Redskins - Phillips, Jason ILB 6'1" 239 TCU
17 (81) Buccaneers - Washington, Donald CB 6'0" 197 Ohio St
18 (82) Lions - Byrd, Jairus CB/S 5'10" 207 Oregon
19 (83) Packers - Casey, James TE 6'3" 246 Rice
20 (84) Broncos - Goodson, Mike RB 6'0" 208 Texas A&M
21 (85) Eagles - Foster, Brooks WR 6'1" 211 UNC
22 (86) Vikings - Moore, Kyle DE 6'5" 272 Southern Cal
23 (87) Dolphins - Jean-Francois, Ricky DT 6'3" 295 LSU
24 (88) Ravens - Coffman, Chase TE 6'6" 244 Missouri
25 (89) Patriots - Ingram, Cornelius TE 6'4" 245 Florida
26 (90) Falcons - Bennett, Michael DE 6'4" 274 Texas A&M
27 (91) Giants - Vaughn, Chip S 6'1" 221 Wake
28 (92) Colts - Murphy, Louis WR 6'2" 203 Florida
29 (93) Panthers - Vollmer, Sebastian OT 6’7” 314 Houston
30 (94) Titans - Thomas, Mike WR 5'8" 195 Arizona
31 (95) Cardinals - Green, Tyronne OG 6'2" 309 Auburn
32 (96) Steelers - Maiava, Kaluka ILB 5'11" 229 USC
33 (97) Patriots (Compensatory selection)
Hoyer, Brian QB 6'2" 215 Michigan State
34 (98) Bengals (Compensatory selection)
Irvin, Corvey DT 6'3" 301 Georgia
35 (99) Bears (Compensatory selection)
Cadogan, Gerald OT 6’5” 309 Penn State
36 (100) Giants (Compensatory selection)
Magee, Alex DT 6'3" 298 Purdue

Round 4
1 (101) Cowboys - Dillard, Jarett WR 5'10" 191 Rice
2 (102) Chiefs - Beckum, Travis TE 6'3" 243 Wisconsin
3 (103) Rams - Bomar, Rhett QB 6'2" 225 Sam Houston St
4 (104) Browns - Francies, Coye CB 6'0" 185 San Jose St
5 (105) Seahawks - Harris, Victor CB 5'11" 187 Va Tech
6 (106) Bengals - Clemons, Chris FS 6'0" 208 Clemson
7 (107) Jaguars - Johnson, Jeremiah RB 5'9" 209 Oregon
8 (108) Dolphins - Johnson, Herman OG 6'7" 364 LSU
9 (109) Packers - Urbik, Kraig OG 6'5" 328 Wisconsin
10 (110) Bills - Barnes, Kevin CB 6'0" 187 Maryland
11 (111) 49ers - Quinn, Richard TE 6'4" 264 UNC
12 (112) Texans - Ringer, Javon RB 5'9" 205 Michigan State
13 (113) Chargers - Caldwell, Antoine C 6'3" 309 Alabama
14 (114) Broncos - McGee, Stephen QB 6'3" 225 Texas A&M
15 (115) Jets - Beckwith, Darry ILB 6'1" 234 LSU
16 (116) Saints - Harris, Cary CB 5'11" 187 Southern Cal
17 (117) Cowboys - Fulton, Xavier OT 6'4" 302 Illinois
18 (118) Saints - Jennings, Rashad RB 6'1" 231 Liberty
19 (119) Bears - McBath, Darcel CB/S 6'0" 198 Texas Tech
20 (120) Buccaneers - Williams, Brandon DE 6'5" 252 TT
21 (121) Bills - Murtha, Lydon OT 6'7" 306 Nebraska
22 (122) Texans - McKinley, Kenny WR 6'0" 189 So Car
23 (123) Ravens - Taylor, Terrance DT 6'0" 306 Michigan
24 (124) Patriots - Lang, T.J. OT 6'4" 316 E Mich
25 (125) Falcons - McKillop, Scott ILB 6'1" 244 Pittsburgh
26 (126) Raiders - Knox, Johnny WR 6'0" 185 Abilene Ch
27 (127) Colts - Tupou, Fenuki OT 6'5" 314 Oregon
28 (128) Panthers - Munnerlyn, Captain CB 5'9" 182 S Car
29 (129) Giants - Casillas, Jonathan OLB 6'1" 228 Wisconsin
30 (130) Titans - Gibson, Brandon WR 6'1" 206 WSU
31 (131) Cardinals - Morrah, Cameron TE 6'3" 244 Cal
32 (132) Steelers - Hill, Sammie Lee DT 6'4" 329 Stillman
33 (133) Chargers (Compensatory selection)
Iglesias, Juaquin WR 6'1" 210 Oklahoma
34 (134) Chargers (Compensatory selection)
King, Mitch DE 6'2" 280 Iowa
35 (135) Titans (Compensatory selection)
Scott, Dorell DT 6'3" 312 Clemson
36 (136) Colts (Compensatory selection)
Mickens, Mike CB 6'0" 186 Cincinnati

Round 5
1 (137) Seahawks - Vasquez, Louis OG 6'5" 333 Texas Tech
2 (138) Falcons - Cook, Emanuel FS 5'9" 197 S Car
3 (139) Chiefs - Powers, Jerraud CB 5'9" 188 Auburn
4 (140) Bears - Luigs, Jonathan C 6'4" 301 Arkansas
5 (141) Eagles - Follett, Zack OLB 6'2" 236 California
6 (142) Bengals - Sheets, Kory RB 5'11" 208 Purdue
7 (143) Falcons - Parrish, Augustus OT 6'4" 303 Kent St
8 (144) Jaguars - Lewis, Keenan CB 6'0" 208 Oregon St
9 (145) Packers - Spillman, C.J. FS 6'0" 197 Marshall
10 (146) 49ers - Miller, Roy DT 6'1" 310 Texas
11 (147) Bills - Boone, Alex OT 6'7" 328 Ohio State
12 (148) Chargers - Hamlin, Michael FS 6'2" 214 Clemson
13 (149) Broncos - Harris, Nic OLB 6'2" 234 Oklahoma
14 (150) Redskins - Davis, James RB 5'11" 218 Clemson
15 (151) Giants - Davis, Nate QB 6'1" 226 Ball State
16 (152) Texans - Ellerbe, Dannell LB 6'1" 236 Georgia
17 (153) Eagles - Lewis, Cornelius OG 6'4" 332 Tenn St
18 (154) Bears - Watkins, Jason OT 6'6" 318 Florida
19 (155) Buccaneers - Foster, Arian RB 6'1" 215 Tennessee
20 (156) Cowboys - Butler, Victor DE/OLB 6'2" 248 Ore St
21 (157) Eagles - Robinson, Lee OLB 6'2" 249 Alcorn St
22 (158) Vikings - Byrd, Demetrius WR 6'0" 199 LSU
23 (159) Eagles - Phillips, John TE 6'5" 251 Virginia
24 (160) Rams - Barden, Ramses WR 6'6" 229 Cal Poly
25 (161) Dolphins - Canfield, Trevor OG 6'5" 307 Cincinnati
26 (162) Ravens - Pryor, Myron DT 6'0" 319 Kentucky
27 (163) Panthers - Collie, Austin WR 6'1" 200 BYU
28 (164) Giants - Pascoe, Bear TE 6'5" 251 Fresno State
29 (165) Colts - Levy, DeAndre OLB 6'2" 236 Wisconsin
30 (166) Cowboys - Underwood, Brandon CB 6'1" 198 Cin
31 (167) Cardinals - Greene, Courtney SS 6'0" 212 Rutgers
32 (168) Steelers - Cantwell, Hunter QB 6'4" 235 Louisville
33 (169) Steelers (Compensatory selection)
Stroughter, Sammie WR 5'9" 189 Oregon State
34 (170) Patriots (Compensatory selection)
Shaughnessy, Matt DE 6'5" 266 Wisconsin
35 (171) 49ers (Compensatory selection)
Ellison, Kevin S 6'1" 227 Southern Cal
36 (172) Cowboys (Compensatory selection)
Isdaner, Greg OG 6'4" 325 West Virginia
37 (173) Titans (Compensatory selection)
Egboh, Pannel DE 6'6" 276 Stanford

Round 6
1 (174) Lions - Gardner, Andrew OT 6'7" 304 GT
2 (175) Chiefs - Baker, Chris DL 6'2" 326 Hampton
3 (176) Falcons - Hill, Anthony TE 6'5" 262 NC State
4 (177) Browns - Wallace, Mike WR 6'0" 199 Mississippi
5 (178) Seahawks - Taylor, Curtis FS 6'2" 209 LSU
6 (179) Bengals - Kemp, Andy OT 6'5" 313 Wisconsin
7 (180) Jaguars - Mitchell, Khalif DL 6'5" 318 East Car
8 (181) Dolphins - Williams, Worrell OLB 5'11" 240 California
9 (182) Packers - Brown, Aaron RB 6'1" 196 TCU
10 (183) Bills - Southerland, Brannan FB 6'0" 242 Georgia
11 (184) 49ers - McAfee, Pat K 6'0" 228 West Virginia
12 (185) Broncos - Bruton, David FS 6'2" 219 ND
13 (186) Redskins - Palmer, Ashlee DB 6'2" 223 Mississippi
14 (187) Packers - Bell, Joel OT 6'7" 315 Furman
15 (188) Texans - Webb, Lardarius CB 5'10" 179 Nicholls St
16 (189) Chargers - Wilson, John Parker QB 6'2" 219 Bama
17 (190) Bears - Butler, Deon WR 5'10" 182 Penn State
18 (191) Buccaneers - Walker, Vance DT 6'2" 304 GT
19 (192) Lions - Mouton, Ryan CB 5'9" 187 Hawaii
20 (193) Jets - Fiammetta, Tony FB 6'0" 245 Syracuse
21 (194) Eagles - Quin, Glover CB 5'11" 204 New Mexico
22 (195) Eagles - Nolan, Troy S 6'1" 207 Arizona State
23 (196) Rams - Ingram, Jake LS 6'3" 232 Hawaii
24 (197) Cowboys - Brandstater, Tom QB 6'5" 220 Fresno St
25 (198) Ravens - Crum, Jr., Maurice OLB 6'0" 235 ND
26 (199) Patriots - Reynolds, Garrett OT 6'8" 309 NC
27 (200) Giants - Davis, Will DE 6'2" 261 Illinois
28 (201) Colts - Harrell, Graham QB 6'2" 223 Texas Tech
29 (202) Panthers - Gronkowski, Dan TE 6'6" 255 Maryland
30 (203) Titans - Slauson, Matt OG 6'5" 316 Nebraska
31 (204) Cardinals - Johnson, Domonique DB 6'1" 197 J St
32 (205) Steelers - McRath, Gerald OLB 6'2" 231 So Miss
33 (206) Titans (Compensatory selection)
Bolden, Demonte' DT 6'3" 282 Tennessee
34 (207) Patriots (Compensatory selection)
Brewster, Robert OT 6'4" 325 Ball State
35 (208) Cowboys (Compensatory selection)
Appleby, Antonio ILB 6'4" 243 Virginia
36 (209) Bengals (Compensatory selection)
Carey, Don CB 5'11" 192 Norfolk State

Round 7
1 (210) Cowboys - Daniel, Chase QB 6'0" 218 Missouri
2 (211) Rams - Underwood, Tiquan WR 6'1" 184 Rutgers
3 (212) Chiefs - Huber, Kevin P 6'1" 220 Cincinnati
4 (213) Seahawks - Shipley, A.Q. C 6'1" 304 Penn State
5 (214) Dolphins - Ogletree, Kevin WR 6'1" 196 Virginia
6 (215) Bengals - Favorite, Marlon DT 6'1" 314 LSU
7 (216) Raiders - Mauga, Josh LB 6'1" 243 Nevada
8 (217) Buccaneers - Palmer, Ryan CB 5'8" 190 Texas
9 (218) Packers - Knighton, Terrance DT 6'3" 321 Temple
10 (219) 49ers - Olsen, Seth OG 6'5" 306 Iowa
11 (220) Bills - Mitchell, Marko WR 6'4" 218 Nevada
12 (221) Vikings - Hartline, Brian WR 6'2" 195 Ohio State
13 (222) Saints - Hughes, BrandonCB 5'10" 182 Oregon State
14 (223) Texans - Owens, Christopher CB 5'10" 181 SJ St
15 (224) Chargers - Dockery, Cedric OG 6'3" 314 Texas
16 (225) Broncos – Matthew Stafford
17 (226) Steelers – Bill Levy
18 (227) Cowboys - Martin, Vaughn DT 6'3" 331 Western Ontario
19 (228) Jets - Lankster, Ellis DB 5'9" 191 West Virginia
20 (229) Buccaneers – Bo Jackson
21 (230) Eagles – Cheesesteak (Andy Reid will be pretty hungry)
22 (231) Vikings - Hodge, Stephen SS 6'0" 234 TCU
23 (232) Jaguars - Fokou, Moise OLB 6'1" 233 Maryland
24 (233) Buccaneers - Allen, Roger OG 6'3" 326 Mizz Western
25 (234) Patriots - Bronson, Jared TE 6'4" 253 C Wash
26 (235) Broncos - Passmore, Darius WR 6'0" 188 Marshall
27 (236) Colts - Cosby, Quan WR 5'9" 196 Texas
28 (237) Dolphins - Valdez, Jose OT 6'4" 315 Arkansas
29 (238) Giants – O’Hanlon, Sean QB 6’0” 185 Miami
30 (239) Titans - Campbell, Ian DE 6'4" 265 Kansas State
31 (240) Cardinals - Ivy, Mortty OLB 6'1" 248 West Virginia
32 (241) Steelers - Trent, Morgan CB 6'1" 193 Michigan
33 (242) Titans (Compensatory selection)
Reilly, Mike QB 6'3" 214 Central Washington
34 (243) Redskins (Compensatory selection)
Throwing Bear QB 6’8” 285
35 (244) 49ers (Compensatory selection)
Turner, Patrick WR 6'5" 223 Southern Cal
36 (245) Seahawks (Compensatory selection)
Teel, Mike QB 6'3" 225 Rutgers
37 (246) Bears (Compensatory selection)
Davis, C.J. OG 6'2" 308 Pittsburgh
38 (247) Seahawks (Compensatory selection)
Pegues, Derek DB 5'10" 199 Mississippi State
39 (248) Seahawks (Compensatory selection)
Arnoux, Stanley ILB 6'0" 232 Wake Forest
40 (249) Bengals (Compensatory selection)
McDonald, Clinton DE 6'2" 289 Memphis
41 (250) Bateman – Clue, A Fucking
41 (250) Jaguars (Compensatory selection)
Hill, P.J. RB 5'10" 222 Wisconsin
42 (251) Bears (Compensatory selection)
Johnson, Quinn FB 6'1" 246 LSU
43 (252) Bengals (Compensatory selection)
Kane, Joe QB 5’7” 165 ESU
44 (253) Jaguars (Compensatory selection)
Means, Andrew WR 6'1" 214 Indiana
45 (254) Cardinals (Compensatory selection)
Francois, Robert OLB 6'2" 244 Boston College
46 (255) Lions (Compensatory selection)
Smith, DeAngelo CB 5'11" 194 Cincinnati
47 (256) Chiefs (Compensatory selection)
Sanford, Jamarca FS 5'10" 214 Mississippi


Stafford Signs with Lions

It's being reported that the Lions and Matthew Stafford have agreed to a deal. According to ESPN.com, "Stafford will receive a six-year, $41.7 million deal that could be worth $78 million if he achieves all of his playing incentives."

Stay tuned for a Mock of rounds 2 - 7.


Who's our tough guy?

If the M's get in a brawl, who is gonna whoop that ass this year?

I think the first guy would be Branyan, after that... geez... maybe Sweeney can kick a little ass?

I think third (or even second) in line for handing out the beatings might be Wakamatsu.

What do you guys and girls think?


Mock Me Like A Hurricane

Updated Mock Draft. I'll have the final update Saturday morning before the Draft begins.

1. Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia)

2. St. Louis Rams – Eugene Monroe (T, Virginia)
It’s probably going to be J. Smith over Monroe, but I want to stick with my original pick

3. KC Chiefs – Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest)

4. Seattle Seahawks – Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech)
I still want this pick to happen.

5. Cleveland Browns – Brian Orakpo (DE/OLB, Texas)

6. Cincinnati Bengals – Jason Smith (T, Baylor)

7. Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin (WR, Mizzou)

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – B.J. Raji (DT, BC)
Might trade out of this spot.

9. Green Bay Packers – Andre Smith (T, Alabama)

10. San Francisco 49ers – Mark Sanchez (QB, USC)

11. Buffalo Bills – Aaron Maybin (DE/OLB, Penn St)

12. Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU)

13. Washington Redskins – Michael Oher (T, Ole Miss)

14. New Orleans Saints – Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio State)

15. Houston Texans – Brian Cushing (OLB, USC)

16. San Diego Chargers – Rey Maualuga (ILB, USC)

17. New York Jets – Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, Maryland)

18. Denver Broncos – Everette Brown (DE/OLB, FSU)

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Freeman (QB, KSU)

20. Detroit Lions – Robert Ayers (DE, Tennessee)

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)

22. Minnesota Vikings – Eben Britton (T, Arizona)

23. New England Patriots – Clay Matthews (OLB, USC)

24. Atlanta Falcons – Brandon Pettigrew (TE, Oklahoma St)

25. Miami Dolphins – Percy Harvin (WR, Florida)

26. Baltimore Ravens – Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois)

27. Indianapolis Colts – Peria Jerry (DT, Ole Miss)

28. Buffalo Bills – Max Unger (C, Oregon)

29. New York Giants – Kenny Britt (WR, Rutgers)

30. Tennessee Titans – Evander Hood (DT, Missouri)

31. Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells (RB, Ohio State)
I don’t think he’ll drop this far, but I couldn’t find any other spot for him.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Darius Butler (CB, UConn)

Kind of Glad This Guy's Not With the Hawks Anymore

This picture is can only be described as disappointing.

On that note, I'm posting it here so that everyone can provide their own caption in the "comments" section.


NFL Draft Mailbag (or See Me, Teel Me)

So I got some great questions from my fellow Mustacheers about the upcoming draft. I was able to use all but two questions (one because it didn't make any sense and one because it was tasteless). Enjoy!

Hey Pete-o how's it hangin' bro? Just wondering, if we really are throwing up "smoke screens" to try and lure a team to trade with us what can we expect for that 4th pick?
I mean I know the Broncos want a QB and they have the 12th and 18th pick, I'm doubting we could get both, but what do you think?

-Erik (Culver City, Ca)

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the smoke screen would benefit the Chiefs. If people think we’re going for Sanch, then they would need to get ahead of us. I don’t think the Broncos will want to give up their first rounders. They’re switching to the 3-4 and could really use a couple of guys on defense to help the transition. Raji might slip to them at 12 and then they could get a rush LB like Larry English or Everrette Brown (if he slips a bit) at 18. I’ve heard the Redskins mentioned as a team that might try and trade up. Apparently Jason Campbell isn’t the player they thought he’d be. The Skins don’t have a 2nd round pick, so I’m not sure they have what it takes to move up to #4. The trade up will most likely happen at #8 if Sanch is still available.

I've heard rumors of a list created in the past... the PPTW list? Will this list be made available to the Mustacheers before the draft?
Finn, Seattle

Yes, Pete’s Players To Watch is always completed very close to Draft Day if not the morning of the Draft. I will try and have it posted by Thursday. The list usually includes players that I am interested in following and guys I’d like to see the Hawks take.

Hey Guru,
Here are some questions:

What players with Northwest ties will make an impact in the league?
Will John Brockman be a good tight end?
Do the Seahawks need to draft a lineman that high with a switch to zone blocking?

Sent from Everett, Washington, United States

Please note that the following answers were not directly copied from any websites. For Northwest players, Max Unger (C) and Patrick Chung (S) from Oregon should come off the board in the early second round. Unger should have an immediate impact because of his versatility. He can play almost any spot on the line. Brandon Gibson is the best product from a Washington college this year. I read somewhere that Jeff Fischer loves him, so maybe look for him to go to the Titans at the end of Round 3 or 4. He could compete for playing time since they don’t have a great set of receivers. A few Central Washington guys could get picked late, Mike Reilly (QB) and Jared Bronsen (TE).

Brockman seems like he could be a good tight end, but I think he’s transferring to Michigan to compete for the QB job.

I think even with the switch to zone blocking, having a talented tackle is always good. But you’re right, they might be able to grab some guys in later rounds who can fit into the new scheme (I’ll try and get some names together and probably have them in the previously mentioned PPTWs).

I'm no jerk. I realize Hasselbeck is getting up there in age (even though I think he's got a few more good years in him). So it does seem like drafting a QB sooner than later would make sense. However, I'm not really sold on either of the top two ranked dudes. Who are some QB's we might take a look at in the later rounds that could be diamonds in the rough? (ala Tom Brady, Aladdin, or most importantly Matt Hasselbeck)

Thanks Draft Guru Pete... love the work!
Finn, Seattle

-Sup Big man? Yo, I've been thinking, it seems like a lot of great QBs end up being drafted in the 3rd round or later. Who do you think could be a sleeper prospect in this year's draft?

Andy (Westlake Village, Ca)

Looks like a couple guys on the same wave length here. Good to see the support from Andy out in Westlake Village. I definitely agree that Matthew some quality years. Some potential later round guys are Brian Hoyer (Mich St), John Parker Wilson (Alabama), and Stephen McGee (Texas A&M). Charles Davis on NFL Network especially likes JPW. A guy that I haven’t been hearing much about is Mike Teel from Rutgers. A knock on him is that he was pretty inconsistent this year. He finished pretty strong though. I took a look at his numbers compared to Wonderboy Stafford and they’re almost identical.

Teel: 243/396 3418 yds 61.4% 25 TD 13 INT
Staff: 235/383 3459 yds 61.4% 25 TD 10 INT

Granted, one guys plays in the Big East and one plays in the SEC, so the competition level is a bit different. But those are pretty decent numbers put up by Teel. Luckily, I still had the Papajohns.com Bowl saved on my DVR so I could watch some tape on Teel. I liked what I saw. He showed pretty decent arm strength, although not great accuracy on throws deep and to the sidelines. His only interception was on a tipped ball (although not a great throw to begin with). I was very impressed with his accuracy on throws over the middle in the 10 – 20 yard range, because he was finding the soft spots in the zone. He handled pressure pretty well during the game by getting rid of the ball and even completing a pass when getting drilled on a blitz. Shaun King (color commentator for the game) said the thing that impressed him most was his command of the offense. He was making some changes at the line; he lined up under center more often than not; and he might be going bald. Also, Rutgers won the game. He led them to a late go-ahead score and played better in the 2nd half. I came away from it thinking that Teel would be a great pick for the Hawks in the 6th or 7th round. Scouts Inc gave him a 30 rating. He should not be rated that poorly and should not be rated lower than Graham Harrell. Harrell has a weak little arm, Teel does not. Stick Teel on the bench as our #3 and let him develop. Maybe he sucks, maybe he develops into Hasselbeck.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Finn, Seattle

I think I'd be a pretty big jerk if I missed the draft party (details posted below).

See everyone there. Updated Mock should be out tomorrow night.

Party with the Party Hosts for the NFL draft!!!!

Your wildest dream just became a reality Mustacheers!!!!

This Saturday starting at 11:30AM I will be hosting a NFL Draft extravaganza at my "pad" in Interbay. Come one, come all! Just remember to bring your Seahawks fandom and leave all your bullshit baggage at the door CUZ WE DON'T NEED IT!!!!

Looking forward to seeing... some... of you there.

Oh... and did I forget to mention????

DRAFT GURU PETE will be on location signing autographs and taking questions live and in person between picks!!!!!

^^^^^ That's what the Draft Guru looked like after the 'Hawks selected Marcus Tubbs a few years back^^^^

If that isn't enough, we'll have a conference call (thank you Keith) going for most of the draft. Soooo... those of you who can't make the live event to end all live events can call in to be a part of the action! (details on conference call to follow, check back here the day of the draft, closer to draft time. Seriously. We're really doing this.)

BRING IT!!!!! (as in bring anything you want to eat or drink cuz nothing will be provided other than a TV, some dope knowledge being spit, and a comfy place to sit (comfy place to sit not guaranteed))




New Yankee Stadium

Right field is a joke. I can't imagine they can keep the wall at 314. They shouldn't have been allowed to do so in the first place, put pop flys are carrying out - even way more than the old stadium. ARod's stats are now officially tainted.

Draft Mailbag

I would like to do a draft mailbag. Please send me any questions you have regarding the upcoming NFL Draft.


Contact Us

It should be pretty obvious which ones to use for each host. If you feel you deserve a HCM email address, please submit a comment justifying why you deserve one.

Sanch a Hawk?

Todd McShay has updated his mock draft and has the Seahawks taking Mark Sanchez. Does he have inside sources? Maybe so. But I'm hoping the Hawks are just throwing up some smoke screens to generate some trade interest. Sanch has been shooting up draft boards, so maybe someone who wants him would try and go all the way up to 4.

I guess I would feel OK with us taking Sanch. If he's as good as people think he is, and could be a franchise QB, then we should take him. Chances are we won't be picking this high again for a long time. This would be the one chance we have to take a "franchise" QB. I'm just not convinced he will be as good as advertised.

I would love to hear how my fellow Mustacheers feel about this potential situation.


Another UPDATE:

We're Still in first ... by 3 games. We also have the best record in the American League.

Alright, let's just admit that this is a little unreal. Although we all predicted us to win the division, I don't think we expected this quick of a start.

Honestly though, I like the way that it just seems like a team effort this year. It kind of reminds me of 2001. No, I don't think we'll win 116 games, but I feel like everybody in the line-up has a role and is actually eager to get to the plate and contribute. I also like the fact that Wakamatsu is not afraid to use different closers (even though I have Morrow in Fantasy), I mean why does one guy have to close every game? If the situation is better for someone else then he should be used (Maddon did this last year with the Rays).

On the other hand, the bullpen does concern me, No lefties? Morrow's control? Miguel Batista's existence?

Overall though, no one expected us to do anything, so if nothing else this fast start has given us a little bit of hope. Maybe it will be crushed in the next couple of weeks, or maybe we'll keep it going for a while. Bottom line: I've had more fun watching the M's this first week (plus) than I thought I would all year.

P.S. I literally stood up when Junior hit that homer. I was sitting in my bedroom, it didn't matter, it was awesome.


Opening Day

Mr F. excitedly and patiently awaits player introductions
In case you didn't know, Ken Griffey Jr. is back.

What does the future hold?

The future is so bright, I need to buy sunglasses!!!!

This team has got what it takes.

I think Magic said it best: "Defense makes you champions!"

He's right. Our solid D, and lights out pitching from studs like Silva have us on the fast track to immortality.


See you all there Friday night!


Seahawks 2009 Schedule

So in case you haven't seen it yet, (which is stupid to say, because being the Superfans you all are, you've already checked it out) here is the Seahawks schedule for next year:

Week 1: St. Louis
Week 2: @ San Francisco
Week 3: Chicago
Week 4: @ Indianapolis 10:00 AM
Week 5: Jacksonville
Week 6: Arizona
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: @ Dallas 10:00 AM
Week 9: Detroit
Week 10 @ Arizona
Week 11: @ Minnesota 10:00 AM
Week 12 @ St. Louis 10:00 AM
Week 13: San Francisco
Week 14 @ Houston 10:00 AM
Week 15: Tampa Bay
Week 16: @ Green Bay 10:00 AM
Week 17: Tennessee

I highlighted the 10 AM games because we always lose them and there are 6 OF THEM this year. Thanks a pantload Rodge! (I am assuming that Goodell makes the schedule all by himself with a spare pencil tucked behind his ear and his tongue out of the side of his mouth) It's especially curious that they scheduled the Dallas game for 10:00 AM. Dallas has 6 home games this year that are not during primetime, 3 of them are 1:00 PM start times. Those games are against the Chargers, the Raiders, and the Falcons. Why would the Falcons game be a 1:00 PM game and not ours? My explanation is that everybody hates us and wants us to lose.

Here's another problem: our road schedule consists of teams that went 28-12 at home last year, including the Texans who went 6-2! WHAT!? Did anyone else realize this? Also, they completely blew their home game against the Colts when Sage Rosenfels tried to leap into the end zone from his own 45. So they realistically could have been 7-1 at home. This is a tailor-made "lay an egg" game for us, but since we'll be going 16-0 this season, we probably won't lose it.

Something else that's interesting (and by interesting I mean fucking bullshit) is that we have 3 straight road games in November. In past seasons I would be more concerned, but if you remember what I mentioned last paragraph you shouldn't be too worried. Also, I'm pretty sure that Crabtree will wait for that San Francisco game in week 13 to break the TD record. The most troubling part of this will be for those of you who sit in the Hawks' Nest who won't get to hear Marcus's theories about football for 27 days.

That's about all I had to say. What do you guys think?


2009 Baseball Preview

Playoff Teams in BOLD. The only really bold prediction would be Fortune picking Toronto to do so poorly that they do not even make the standings.

ErikMr. F.FortunePeteWanamaker

NL EastNew York MetsPhilladelphia PhilliesNew York MetsNew York MetsNew York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies (WC)New York Mets (WC)Philladelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies

Florida MarlinsAtlanta BravesAtlanta BravesFlorida MarlinsFlorida Marlins

Atlanta BravesFlorida MarlinsFlorida MarlinsAtlanta BravesAtlanta Braves

Washington NationalsWashington NationalsWashington NationalsWashington NationalsWashington Nationals

NL CentralChicago CubsChicago CubsChicago CubsChicago CubsChicago Cubs

St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee BrewersSt. Louis Cardinals

Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee BrewersHouston AstrosSt. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee Brewers

Cincinati RedsHouston AstrosMilwaukee BrewersHouston AstrosHouston Astros

Houston AstrosPittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh PiratesCincinati RedsCincinatti Reds

Pittsburgh PiratesCincinati RedsCincinati RedsPittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates

NL WestLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers

Arizona DiamondbacksArizona DiamondbacksArizona DiamondbacksNinersArizona Diamondbacks (WC)

San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco GiantsColorado RockiesArizona DiamondbacksColorado Rockies

Colorado RockiesColorado RockiesSan Francisco GiantsSan Diego PadresSan Francisco Giants

San Diego PadresSan Diego PadresSan Diego PadresColorado RockiesSan Diego Padres

MVPAlbert PujolsAlbert PujolsDerrick LeeManny RamirezManny Ramirez

Cy YoungJohan SantanaRicky NolascoCarlos ZambranoJohan SantanaRich Harden

AL EastBoston Red SoxNew York YankeesTampa Bay RaysTampa Bay RaysBoston Red Sox

New York Yankees (WC)Boston Red Sox (WC)Boston Red SoxNew York YankeesNew York Yankees (WC)

Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay RaysNew York YankeesToronto Blue JaysTampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue JaysBaltimore OriolesBaltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles

Baltimore OriolesBaltimore OriolesBoston Red SoxToronto Blue Jays

AL CentralCleveland IndiansCleveland IndiansCleveland IndiansMinnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins

Detroit TigersMinnesota TwinsDetroit TigersCleveland IndiansCleveland Indians

Chicago White SoxChicago White SoxChicago White SoxChicago White SoxDetroit Tigers

Minnesota TwinsKansas City RoyalsKansas City RoyalsKansas City RoyalsReal Kansas City
Kansas City RoyalsDetroit TigersMinnesota TwinsDetroit TigersChicago White Sox

AL WestSeattle MarinersSeattle MarinersSeattle MarinersSeattle MarinersSeattle Mariners

Oakland A'sCalifornia AngelsCalifornia AngelsOakland A'sLos Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Located in Orange County, just off the I-5Texas RangersTexas RangersTexas RangersTexas Rangers

Texas RangersOakland A'sOakland A'sCalifornia AngelsOakland A's

MVPAdrian BeltreAdrian BeltreAdrian BeltreBobby CrosbyAdrian Beltre Ichiro

Cy YoungFelix HernandezFelix HernandezFelix HernandezFelix HernandezFelix Hernandez

Edgar Martinez, Seattle Sports March Madness Champion

Ladies and Gentleman, your 2009 Seattle Sports March Madness Champion...

Edgar Martinez

Sing his praises Mustacheers. A deserving and mighty champion! He took down some strong competition in Koren Robinson, Randy Johnson, Shawn Kemp, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Jay Buhner... oh wait... that was Hasselbeck... but 'Gar still knocked off Jeremy Stevens, Paul Allen, Alvin Davis, Sweet Lou, Gary Payton and MH himself.

Good work everyone. hope you found this entertaining.


and go M's.



I'd never been jealous of Grady Sizemore until this very moment. He probably has a pretty good chance of acquiring one of these free giveaways at an upcoming Indians game:


This is the coolest fracking thing I've ever seen.


If Morrow was born to close

like he says he now was, he would've found a way out of that jam. Hey Wakamatsu, it's the 2nd game of the season. He's not going to feel any better about himself if Batista comes in and cleans up his mess. Let him do his job.

Weight Loss Challenge, One month later

In an effort to give you the strongest reporting on the internet... we've followed up with the two competitors, Blue Dot and Red Dot.

Blue Dot clearly motivated by his CRUSHING defeat has gone on to improve his physique even more:

Red Dot... got a little over confident:

Mustacheers... never stop trying to be your very best. Much like Matt Hasselbeck who led us to a championship game (or Gary Payton for that matter). What does this all mean? I don't think it means anything.

Big Sports Day Yesterday!

Huge day for HCM!

Cougars name a new head coach!

M's start a new season full of promise!

Griffey jacks one!

But I think the big topic everyone wants to weigh in on is this...

What in the HELL was that opening music video form the M's game!?!?!?!?



Seattle March Madness Finals

I'll have a more fitting post laster tonight, but we have the final pairing.

Matt Hasselbeck vs. Edgar Martinez

I'll open the polls tonight, and since we're better than the OTHER March Madness, ours will last longer. I'll keep the polls open through Sunday night.

Actually, I'll post the poll right now...


Tim Floyd

I always like (college) Coach Floyd for some reason that I couldn't really put my finger on. (Peter has a reason, I'll let him explain if he likes) But now I definitely have a reason:


Kudos Tim Floyd. A Decent guy.

Seriously. This is cool.


B(ong). J(oint). Raji News

Apparently B.J. Raji failed a team's drug test conducted at the Combine. The drug has not been disclosed, but it has been reported that he tested positive for marijuana while at Boston College. Stay tuned to see if this hurts his draft status.

New Seahawks Alternte Uniforms

What does everyone think of the new Seahawk alternate uniforms? I think we were all waiting for this:
This is courtesy of http://www.greenartmag.com/HawksUnis.html


Clean Sanchez Impresses at Pro Day

Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Trojan draft hopefuls put on a show for the scouts today at USC's Pro Day. From what I've heard Sanchez had an amazing showing. He looked good with his footwork, drops, accuracy, and arm strength. He also showed some poise when the Lions' coaching staff hijacked the end of his workout and asked him to throw some more routes. Apparently he nailed all of those throws too. Most are saying his Pro Day was more impressive than Stafford's. Mike Mayock noted that, although Sanch doesn't have the arm strength of Stafford or Josh Freeman, his arm strength is comparable to Matt Ryan's. Mayock went on to say that he thinks Sanch is the safest pick of the 3 QBs, which is odd considering he has the least starting experience.

We'll see if this generates more buzz in the coming weeks, but it looks like the #1 QB race could, in the words of NBA Jam, be heating up.

Personally, I would rather have Sanch than Stafford. If for no other reason than the fact that I would get to keep using the nickname "Sanch."

Final Four... (poor showing by me)

Sorry, I've been busy... but I wanted to get the polls open.

Jay vs Matt

Egdar vs Gary