Who's our tough guy?

If the M's get in a brawl, who is gonna whoop that ass this year?

I think the first guy would be Branyan, after that... geez... maybe Sweeney can kick a little ass?

I think third (or even second) in line for handing out the beatings might be Wakamatsu.

What do you guys and girls think?


Erik said...

Felix seems like he's spoilin' for a fight. He's got a little bit of a temper, although now that he's shed some pounds he's not gonna pack much of a punch. Also, we wouldn't want him hurting himself in a fight.

As for guys that are still fat, who I wouldn't mind getting hurt ... Carlos Silva might be able to do some damage.

But you're right nobody too great, which is why we need to fire whoever our bench coach is right now and hire Mark McLemore. Apparently if you fucked with one of his guys he was none too happy.

Mr. F said...


I saw him beat the snot out of Esteban Yan after he threw at outside of the batter's box. It was the weirdest thing ever But Yan was a big dude and McLemore pummeled him. Probably talked about it onhere before, but it's one of my favorite sports memories. A bench clearing brawl and we were only about 20 rows back behind home plate. Just behind Diamond Club.

Sidenote: Canseco jumped Rhodes from behind in that brawl and Rhodes got tossed cuz he kept going after Jose. So if you're gonna hate on Josey, don't hate him cuz he's a whistle blower... hate him cuz he's a wimp who picks fights and doesn't finish them.

Now that I think about it, a mid season deal for Arthur Lee would certainly establish some toughness as well.

Erik said...

Was it Rhodes or McLemore that one of the Baseball Tonight guys told a story about?

They were talking about who was the worst guy they ever got in a brawl with. And they said one of those guys was on top of them driving their face into the ground saying something like: "If you ever throw at one of my guys again I'll fucking kill you."

Mr. F said...

Oh yeah, I remember that. It was McLemore.

EP said...

I still like Beltre to throw down

jimi said...

this pains me greatly, but.........I would agree with finn. Wakamatsu looks like he could be a closet killer

Japeddo said...

I'm goin with Chris Jakubauskas...its a long run from the bullpen or Tacoma if he get sent down, but he's tall, rocks the straight bill on his hat and looks like someone who's had a crystal meth problem and knows how to be a scrappy fighter...he's tall and probably would bite you, and I like that

Bobby said...

Ken Griffey weighing at 6-3 230 seems like could pack a punch. And hes been injured so many times I dont think hes even that nervous about getting hurt again, its just sorta the status quo.

On a side note, and im sorry to change subjects, did anybody read Bill Simmons most recent column? Pure genius. Brilliant. We should make that guy a hero on our site.

Mr. F said...

"Our" site? You got a lot of nerve kid... I like that.

jimi said...

I'm not sure if i know you bobby, but i like your style.