B(ong). J(oint). Raji News

Apparently B.J. Raji failed a team's drug test conducted at the Combine. The drug has not been disclosed, but it has been reported that he tested positive for marijuana while at Boston College. Stay tuned to see if this hurts his draft status.


wanamaker said...

Didn't Ruskel draft Sapp after a positive weed test at the combine? Lightning can strike twice

Erik said...

Well, did we really expect that the Hawks would be taking Raji after the Peterson trade?

I think at this point we're gonna end up drafting one of the following four (meaning at least one of these will still be available):

Eugene Monroe
Matt Stafford
Michael Crabtree
Aaron Curry

I'd be happiest with Curry. I'd be most intrigued by Crabtree.

As for Stafford, I'm not sure I would like it, but it would be intriguing, whereas Monroe would be the exact opposite (not intriguing, but I would like it).

DraftMan Pete, whaddaya think?

Pervitron 3000 said...


I can't say that I like your analysis, but I am intrigued by it.

Mr. F said...

Bring on the OL!

jimi said...

Did anyone really think with a last name like Raji, that at some point this man was not going to test positive for weed? I bet with those little short arms its hard for him to get the bong lit. poor guy!!

Pete said...

There are more unconfirmed reports about positive tests. Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews supposedly tested positive fore steroids and marijuana. Vontae Davis and Percy Harvin also tested positive for marijuana.
On Path to the Draft today, Casserly said that the USC players would have been notified at this point if they did test positive. Pete Carroll claims they have not been. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

As for Erik's comments, I agree about the intriguing/happy tradeoffs with those 4 guys. I think we can make do with 2 awesome LBs and 1 decent one. Plus, we would have a ton of money tied up in LB if we drafted Curry.

Casserly had us taking Beanie Wells in his mock. That's kind of an intriguing pick. If he's the Adrian Peterson-type who is injured all the time, but then awesome in the pros, then this would be a good pick. I just think it's too risky at #4.

Another interesting note. Eugene Monroe is visiting the Eagles on Monday. Let's hope he wows them and they feel the need to trade the 21st and 28th pick to move up to #4 and draft him.