NFL Draft Mailbag (or See Me, Teel Me)

So I got some great questions from my fellow Mustacheers about the upcoming draft. I was able to use all but two questions (one because it didn't make any sense and one because it was tasteless). Enjoy!

Hey Pete-o how's it hangin' bro? Just wondering, if we really are throwing up "smoke screens" to try and lure a team to trade with us what can we expect for that 4th pick?
I mean I know the Broncos want a QB and they have the 12th and 18th pick, I'm doubting we could get both, but what do you think?

-Erik (Culver City, Ca)

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the smoke screen would benefit the Chiefs. If people think we’re going for Sanch, then they would need to get ahead of us. I don’t think the Broncos will want to give up their first rounders. They’re switching to the 3-4 and could really use a couple of guys on defense to help the transition. Raji might slip to them at 12 and then they could get a rush LB like Larry English or Everrette Brown (if he slips a bit) at 18. I’ve heard the Redskins mentioned as a team that might try and trade up. Apparently Jason Campbell isn’t the player they thought he’d be. The Skins don’t have a 2nd round pick, so I’m not sure they have what it takes to move up to #4. The trade up will most likely happen at #8 if Sanch is still available.

I've heard rumors of a list created in the past... the PPTW list? Will this list be made available to the Mustacheers before the draft?
Finn, Seattle

Yes, Pete’s Players To Watch is always completed very close to Draft Day if not the morning of the Draft. I will try and have it posted by Thursday. The list usually includes players that I am interested in following and guys I’d like to see the Hawks take.

Hey Guru,
Here are some questions:

What players with Northwest ties will make an impact in the league?
Will John Brockman be a good tight end?
Do the Seahawks need to draft a lineman that high with a switch to zone blocking?

Sent from Everett, Washington, United States

Please note that the following answers were not directly copied from any websites. For Northwest players, Max Unger (C) and Patrick Chung (S) from Oregon should come off the board in the early second round. Unger should have an immediate impact because of his versatility. He can play almost any spot on the line. Brandon Gibson is the best product from a Washington college this year. I read somewhere that Jeff Fischer loves him, so maybe look for him to go to the Titans at the end of Round 3 or 4. He could compete for playing time since they don’t have a great set of receivers. A few Central Washington guys could get picked late, Mike Reilly (QB) and Jared Bronsen (TE).

Brockman seems like he could be a good tight end, but I think he’s transferring to Michigan to compete for the QB job.

I think even with the switch to zone blocking, having a talented tackle is always good. But you’re right, they might be able to grab some guys in later rounds who can fit into the new scheme (I’ll try and get some names together and probably have them in the previously mentioned PPTWs).

I'm no jerk. I realize Hasselbeck is getting up there in age (even though I think he's got a few more good years in him). So it does seem like drafting a QB sooner than later would make sense. However, I'm not really sold on either of the top two ranked dudes. Who are some QB's we might take a look at in the later rounds that could be diamonds in the rough? (ala Tom Brady, Aladdin, or most importantly Matt Hasselbeck)

Thanks Draft Guru Pete... love the work!
Finn, Seattle

-Sup Big man? Yo, I've been thinking, it seems like a lot of great QBs end up being drafted in the 3rd round or later. Who do you think could be a sleeper prospect in this year's draft?

Andy (Westlake Village, Ca)

Looks like a couple guys on the same wave length here. Good to see the support from Andy out in Westlake Village. I definitely agree that Matthew some quality years. Some potential later round guys are Brian Hoyer (Mich St), John Parker Wilson (Alabama), and Stephen McGee (Texas A&M). Charles Davis on NFL Network especially likes JPW. A guy that I haven’t been hearing much about is Mike Teel from Rutgers. A knock on him is that he was pretty inconsistent this year. He finished pretty strong though. I took a look at his numbers compared to Wonderboy Stafford and they’re almost identical.

Teel: 243/396 3418 yds 61.4% 25 TD 13 INT
Staff: 235/383 3459 yds 61.4% 25 TD 10 INT

Granted, one guys plays in the Big East and one plays in the SEC, so the competition level is a bit different. But those are pretty decent numbers put up by Teel. Luckily, I still had the Papajohns.com Bowl saved on my DVR so I could watch some tape on Teel. I liked what I saw. He showed pretty decent arm strength, although not great accuracy on throws deep and to the sidelines. His only interception was on a tipped ball (although not a great throw to begin with). I was very impressed with his accuracy on throws over the middle in the 10 – 20 yard range, because he was finding the soft spots in the zone. He handled pressure pretty well during the game by getting rid of the ball and even completing a pass when getting drilled on a blitz. Shaun King (color commentator for the game) said the thing that impressed him most was his command of the offense. He was making some changes at the line; he lined up under center more often than not; and he might be going bald. Also, Rutgers won the game. He led them to a late go-ahead score and played better in the 2nd half. I came away from it thinking that Teel would be a great pick for the Hawks in the 6th or 7th round. Scouts Inc gave him a 30 rating. He should not be rated that poorly and should not be rated lower than Graham Harrell. Harrell has a weak little arm, Teel does not. Stick Teel on the bench as our #3 and let him develop. Maybe he sucks, maybe he develops into Hasselbeck.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Finn, Seattle

I think I'd be a pretty big jerk if I missed the draft party (details posted below).

See everyone there. Updated Mock should be out tomorrow night.


Erik said...

Aren't John Parker Wilson's "Bama Bangs" a concern for downfield vision?

Pete said...

Yes, but reports are that he is kind of like Samson in that his Bama Bangs are what gives him the ability to succeed on the football field.

jimi said...

and bill simmons isn't one of our heroes huh?!

Mr. F said...

Please... are we claiming that Bill Simmons CREATED the idea of answering reader questions?!?!?

Look... for the last time... I love The Sports Guy's work (expect the NBA stuff, cuz that league is dead to me). The guy jsut gets plenty of love as it is. He doesn't need to be represented on the Heroes section.

Although, I am touched that the Heroes section does mean that much to some of you.

(oh, also, no disrespect EP... but I forgot I still had you on there, so I gotta take you down)

And Griffey also falls under the too much love stuff, and Museberger has had his stay. Both awesome... just cleaning up the list.

If any of the other PArty Hosts has a problem with that they can shake my hand and fight me like a man at the Draft party.


Fortune said...

youre tasteless

Mr. F said...


Fortune said...

Because draftguru didnt post my question. Doesnt he know who runs this blog?

EP said...

So Mr. F- would you say you are a bandwagon hero follower....?

Mr. F said...

No. Wait... Yes?

I honestly don't follow you.

I do feel that our new list of heroes is much more streamlined. Not everyone can be a hero.

And if by bandwagon, you mean only the most popular people in the world are my heroes, then yes. Clearly Im a bandwagon hero follower, as the three men listed are hte most popular in America.

Pete said...

Yep, these are my readers

jimi said...

You took griff off? Oh yeah finn..............you throw like a girl!!!!!!!

wanamaker said...

You took griff off? Oh yeah finn..............you throw like a girl!!!!!!!

wanamaker said...

and bill simmons isn't one of our heroes huh?!

wanamaker said...

So Mr. F- would you say you are a bandwagon hero follower....?