Party with the Party Hosts for the NFL draft!!!!

Your wildest dream just became a reality Mustacheers!!!!

This Saturday starting at 11:30AM I will be hosting a NFL Draft extravaganza at my "pad" in Interbay. Come one, come all! Just remember to bring your Seahawks fandom and leave all your bullshit baggage at the door CUZ WE DON'T NEED IT!!!!

Looking forward to seeing... some... of you there.

Oh... and did I forget to mention????

DRAFT GURU PETE will be on location signing autographs and taking questions live and in person between picks!!!!!

^^^^^ That's what the Draft Guru looked like after the 'Hawks selected Marcus Tubbs a few years back^^^^

If that isn't enough, we'll have a conference call (thank you Keith) going for most of the draft. Soooo... those of you who can't make the live event to end all live events can call in to be a part of the action! (details on conference call to follow, check back here the day of the draft, closer to draft time. Seriously. We're really doing this.)

BRING IT!!!!! (as in bring anything you want to eat or drink cuz nothing will be provided other than a TV, some dope knowledge being spit, and a comfy place to sit (comfy place to sit not guaranteed))




Bobby said...

Why attend a draft when there is an abundance of talent- Washington University Football- in your backyard?

Erik said...

Again, sorry about this guys.

Bobby, Washington University is in St. Louis. Nice almost-ride though.

Cute picture. I guess with the mascot eating all their sticks it's understandable that the Sharks wouldn't be able to convert on a power play.

NY Keith said...

Oh snap, Bobby just got served!