Clean Sanchez Impresses at Pro Day

Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Trojan draft hopefuls put on a show for the scouts today at USC's Pro Day. From what I've heard Sanchez had an amazing showing. He looked good with his footwork, drops, accuracy, and arm strength. He also showed some poise when the Lions' coaching staff hijacked the end of his workout and asked him to throw some more routes. Apparently he nailed all of those throws too. Most are saying his Pro Day was more impressive than Stafford's. Mike Mayock noted that, although Sanch doesn't have the arm strength of Stafford or Josh Freeman, his arm strength is comparable to Matt Ryan's. Mayock went on to say that he thinks Sanch is the safest pick of the 3 QBs, which is odd considering he has the least starting experience.

We'll see if this generates more buzz in the coming weeks, but it looks like the #1 QB race could, in the words of NBA Jam, be heating up.

Personally, I would rather have Sanch than Stafford. If for no other reason than the fact that I would get to keep using the nickname "Sanch."


EP said...

Now that Wally Szczerbiak is not in Seattle, would Sanch be the one we should worry about? You know, stealing our women?

Erik said...

According to a lot of non-HCM certified draft experts, if Stafford falls to #4 the Hawks will take him. Do you think that if the Lions take Stafford we'd be considering Sanchez?

Fortune said...

I thought Detroit hijacked the end of the day by dumping a bucket of muddy water on him to see how he looked dirty

Pete said...

I don't think the Hawks would consider Sanch at 4. Maybe we'll hear more about their interest as we get closer to the Draft, but I think they go Crabtree, Monroe, or Jason Smith.

And Sean, I heard that as well. I also heard that a team assistant from Montreal was standing next to Sanch, but somehow didn't get a drop of mud on him. A nearby scout exclaimed: "You got dirty, Sanchez, but you're pretty lucky, Pierre."