Another UPDATE:

We're Still in first ... by 3 games. We also have the best record in the American League.

Alright, let's just admit that this is a little unreal. Although we all predicted us to win the division, I don't think we expected this quick of a start.

Honestly though, I like the way that it just seems like a team effort this year. It kind of reminds me of 2001. No, I don't think we'll win 116 games, but I feel like everybody in the line-up has a role and is actually eager to get to the plate and contribute. I also like the fact that Wakamatsu is not afraid to use different closers (even though I have Morrow in Fantasy), I mean why does one guy have to close every game? If the situation is better for someone else then he should be used (Maddon did this last year with the Rays).

On the other hand, the bullpen does concern me, No lefties? Morrow's control? Miguel Batista's existence?

Overall though, no one expected us to do anything, so if nothing else this fast start has given us a little bit of hope. Maybe it will be crushed in the next couple of weeks, or maybe we'll keep it going for a while. Bottom line: I've had more fun watching the M's this first week (plus) than I thought I would all year.

P.S. I literally stood up when Junior hit that homer. I was sitting in my bedroom, it didn't matter, it was awesome.


Mr. F said...

I'm predicting a Superbowl win for the Mariners. And I'm the first to do it!

jimi said...

i was bartending last night and have seen quite a few sporting events there over the past year. nothing like when Griff went yard. When junior hit his homerun you could literally hear about 20 guys saying "no way, no way, no way" and then the entire restaurant erupted. It was awesome. People lost there minds. crazy energy for April

Erik said...
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Erik said...

Ok, I jinxed us. Forget I mentioned it. If we lose tomorrow I'm just gonna delete the whole article.