A Christmas Miracle

Let me tell you the story of a disillusioned gentleman who during the holiday season had been horribly burned by a couple of "friends", to the tune of being lied to, forced to stand in the freezing snow, and miss a quarter of football (not to mention the 12th Man Flag raising), all the while this disillusioned gentleman's "friends" sat comfortably in their car drinking spirits and beers... probably laughing at the disillusioned gentleman's poor fortune (pun intended).

Needless to say this disillusioned gentleman felt betrayed, disrespected, and most importantly hurt. He had lost most of his faith in humanity not to mention friendship.

And then... a Christmas miracle... he was bestowed a Christmas gift by one of these "friends", the likes of which could only be dreamed (or dreamt (or whatever)):

The pain is still there. Who knows if it will ever go away... but now the healing process can begin.

Merry Christmas... EVERYONE!!!


Fortune said...

I heard that autographed card came with a certificate of authenticity, maybe Henry can just tell us if he remembers signing it

Japeddo said...

Are you kidding? A legend like the HC could never remember each of the millions of items that he placed his lovely name to - it would be like asking Shawn Kemp to name all of his kids...not gonna happen

H. Cotto said...

Well I'm glad the magic of a baseball card could brighten your otherwise cold and depressing day. It must be terrible to consider certain people "friends" only to find that they value alcohol and loose women over the commraderie of a true buddie. I've signed so many 1984 Cubs pieces over the years that my hands are now horribly racked by arthritis. Grasping my childs hand as we cross the street is no easy task and the pain is debilitating. However, I will continue to sign these simple pieces of cardboard, these reminders of a more innocent time when we all felt compassion for our fellow man...in the hopes that one day people like you friend can be fortune-ate enough to see the light.

You truly are a Gentelman in my eyes sir.

bvick said...

It was all S Fortunes fault...no one but him. Thats why he got you the card

wanamaker said...

It was all S Fortunes fault...no one but him. Thats why he got you the card