Pro Bowl

I just read the fan votes for the Pro Bowl so far, and not surprisingly, there isn't a Seahawk listed in the the top 5 for any position. Ryan Plackemeir however is currently second in fan voting for NFC punters. So that was a nice kick in the junk.

Raises an interesting question though... will we even have a Pro Bowler this year? Do we even deserve one?

Without doing any (ZERO) research, I'm having a tough time coming up with someone.

Special Teams:

Mare? I think he'd need to have at least 1 high profile kick this year to get any conisderation. Too many great return men for Wilson to get a look, and I don't even know who they'd name as our "Special Teams" player.


No one even comes close. Well, maybe Carlson. But there are some pretty high profile TE's in the NFC so I doubt he makes it. Future though! RB's have been decent but splitting time doesn't help. Weaver's been hurt too much, and every one else has pretty much eaten it.


I still say Trufant is an elite DB, but the INT's aren't there this year to pump his rep up. The LB's have all played down and LeeeeeeeeRoy Hill still doesn't get respect.

I think we're gonna get shut out.

Any thoughts Mustacheers?

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