Really thought we had 'em there. That was 3 great quarters and one stinker.

Sort of bugs me that the press is talking about the "gutsy" performance from teh injury depleted Patriots. We played one starting O-lineman and he was out of position. Oh well...

Good news is, I've acquired the services of a special guest poster that will be taking a look at the NFL draft over the next couple of months. This guy is legit. If you need more proof just take a look at this picture at the bottom of this site. That's him.

Also, would like to welcome our newest Mustacheer, named Fu. Looks like a dude I went to highschool with. I'm guessing that profile pic is him standing outside the window of the room you're in right now. Whatever it is... come on in... it looks cold outside. Maybe try a post or two. We're having a soopar time.


How'd everyone else's weekend go?


Erik said...

Does Seneca not know any audibles? Or is he just not allowed to call any? Two times yesterday their defense shifted into what looked like the same blitz package, and Seneca immediately called a timeout both times. Couple that with the 3rd timeout taken by the defense when there were 12 men on the field and I'd say it was a pretty tight ship we ran yesterday.
Also, I thought I'd seen this one a few times before. The Seahawks, down by a score have a chance to tie or win the game and they turn the ball over within the first 3 plays.
Lastly, the refs did a pretty bad job. The Patriots had 1 penalty all game, I spotted at least another 3. Randy Moss is the worst. He holds the defender the whole route if he thinks he can't get the ball, then he complains to the ref that he was being held. The thing is, it usually works. Just look at that PI call he got on Trufant in the endzone, it was terrible.

Mr. F said...

Yeah, apparently it was that same blitz that he called hte two timeouts on before. This isn't meant as a huge knock on Seneca, but even if he didnt have an audible out of that play and he knew he was gonna get creamed on the blitz... just hold onto the ball and take your hit.

I'd forgotten about the refs in that game, but you're right... there were a couple of pretty terrible no-calls, and calls against us. Although they did let that Branch play stand, which I thought would get turned.

Christina said...

9 and 4 baby!!!


And enough from the East Coast.

Erik said...

Totally unrelated, but I was checking out the new comments and the word verification word was "dignen." I realize it's the wrong spelling but I thought it deserved a mention.