Fun With Numbers

I thought that because everyone thinks top 5 lists are cool we could take a deeper look at the number 5.

I bet most of you are not aware of the difference in points allowed between our beloved Cougar football team and our even more beloved Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low Sweet 16 participant WSU basketball team. You probably guessed correctly, thanks to my huge hint at the top. 51 - 56, 5 fucking points. (that's for you La Quinta)


Mr. F said...

God bless Kyle weaver, derek low, and robbie cowgill.

And erik... 6 to 3 .... COUGS!!!! Yeah!!@¡

Fortune said...

I would have to argue with your logic eric, thanks for reading my post. It is all about how our D sucks. How on earth could you imagine the cougs only giving up a field goal. We scored 48 on Portland state so we are capable of scoring. I would imagine the final score being 100-99.