Terrible news

I don't know why I keep checking NBA pages... I guess I hope to see something about how the Sonics are coming back. Anyway, I just saw Sam Presti's latest move, and it left me feeling physically ill:


OKC Acquires Weaver

Sam Presti has added another building block to his roster. The Oklahoma City general manager on Monday acquired Kyle Weaver from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for a 2009 second-round draft pick. -- The Oklahoman

from ESPN Insider NBA Rumors page


This sucks so fucking much.


Fortune said...

Why on earth would Weaver sign an NBA contract without a no trade to OKC clause!?! He ought to be ashamed of himself.

Erik said...

They just got Desmond Mason back too. What's next? Bringing Kemp out of retirement? Hiring Scheffler to sit on the end of the bench in a jumpsuit and cheer the whole time? If Alphonso Ford were still alive I wouldn't have been shocked to see him get a 10 day contract.

Mr. F said...

Erik, you are right. I wouldn't put anything past these vengeful dickheads. They are clearly out to ruin our lives. I heard Vincent Askew is coming on as an assistant coach.

PS. Sweet 'stache man.