Top 10 Tag Team Finishing manuevers

Since the last list gave us record traffic, I thought we'd try tag-teams as well.

10. Spike Piledriver, Powers of Pain

To be honest, I can't remember if this was their finisher or not. But even if it wasn't this, I mean, it had to be something bad ass. Did you see these dudes!?!? They were HUGE!!! This list was hard to make.

9. M N M, Snapshot

This move wasn't great, it's just the latest and possibly last tag team I know of that actually had a finishing move.

8. The Hardy Boys, Twist of Fate / Swanton Bomb

Can't put em any higher 'cuz it's really just two comboed single moves.

7. The Eliminators, LegSweep /Roundhouse

THis move was cool, but I guess I never really saw them do it.

6. The Rockers, Tons of shit...

I'd love to put these guys higher, but let's face it... they didn't have a signature finishing move. They could beat opponents any number of ways.

5. Demolition, Second rope elbow drop onto opponent who's being held over a knee.

Always looked painful

4. Hart Foundation, The one where the Anvil hold him up and then Hitman clotheslines the hell out of him.

3. Power & Glory, Super-Plex/Top Rope Body Splash

The most underrated finisher (until now) of all time. When they hit this timing right it was AWESOME!

2. Legion of Doom, Doomsday Device

There was always a chance that these guys would kill someone every time they tried this move.

1. The Dudley Boys, 3-D

Perfect finisher. Uses both members, and they could hit it out of nowhere. Good shit.

Thoughts gang?

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Erik said...

Well, obviously the Bushwackers battering-ram maneuver deserves mention because of how terribly painful it looked. I mean, seeing Luke and Butch barrelling down at you in speeds that slightly exceeded normal walking pace must have struck fear in even Dr. Tom Pritchard's heart.

Also, what about the Nasty Boys' "Stick the Other Guy's Face in Our Armpit." It's gotta go on there. Either that or the "Megaphone Smash" oooh, sorry Pete.

How about anything by Men On a Mission, Tenryu and Kitao, or Two Dudes with Attitudes?

Other than that it's pretty good. I'm sure you're already considering it, but in the spirit of me spoiling your future ideas: how about a list of the top 10 Survivor Series teams of all time. Use whatever criteria you'd like, but I already know who should be number 1 (even though they lost).