He's Heating Up!

After getting off to a slow start Bauer's been getting down to business lately. 4 kills last night and 6 in the last 2 weeks. This brings him to 9 for the day, which is now 1/3 of the way done. That puts him on track for 27 kills for the day, which would be a little under our consensus. So, even with his ramped up efforts of late, he could still use a warehouse full of terrorists here or there. (5,8 & 0. There, now I've used all the number keys in this post.)


Mr. F said...

Actually... he killed 5 last night. 1 - the torturer 2 - stabbing victim 3&4- through the door shooting 5 - diving machine gun shooting.

I promise I'm right. Go back and watch your Dvr'd cop... oh... oh my... I'm... I'm so sorry.

It was 5 though.

jimi said...

its still early, i'm tired, and my brain is not working well, so............jack bauer is gay.

Erik said...

Finn, were you trying to ride me for not having DVR? Because I do. Remember, when you were flying down here you had me DVR Glee for you?

Mr. F said...

No. It was a shot at Sean.

But thanks for your unprovoked attack.

Erik said...